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    So i recently made a server it haves a some wat active player base so ye the ip is: survivemc.xyz it is super flat armies server!

    hacking is allowed

    griefing is allowed

    you can try to swear but we have anti spam and swear plugin lel

    so yeah.




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    hi i resently created a server with my friend we are puttin=g tons of effort in and are trying to grow our player base

    the server is up %99 of the tine it reboots daily though to stop lag so yeah our store is here https://survivemc.tebex.io/

    i dont care if you play daily or not just you can poke your head in to say hello!

    there are sometimes people online but yeah its i rlly new server i we just want a small community to play with

    the server ip is survivemc.my.pebble.host it is a towny server

    thanks for reading hope to see you soon

    sorry for the messy writing i was typing fast!

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