About Me
Hey guys, Welcome to my profile. My real name is Greg if you prefer to call my name. Calling me Linkdempsey is fine as well. So where to began.

I'm an age 18 as of today and I'm currently going to college at University of Michigan -- Flint. My major at college will be computer science so I could be a programmer and make my own game someday.

I had went in to some competition gaming last August and I don't have anything to compete because mobile tournament is now outdated. I supposed I'll jump in to PC gaming for competition this spring. I can't sure if I would be good at a game someday or not, but all it takes is serious hours of practice and some good sportsmanship. Maybe it might show me a way.

I also have a disability disorder called "Autism". I tend to be shy to most people in the form and I'm very silent most people all the time.I also have ADHD is a disorder where I struggle learning in school and college.

I been playing some gaming when I was a little kid since I had my Nintendo 64. So I been playing variety of game for ages as of today. I find it funny that Video games are a lot better than a TV show or movies nowadays.

Here the games I love for general gaming: Supper Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Grant Theft Auto, Wolfenstine 3-D, Doom, Minecraft, Halo, Call of Duty,
and Skyrim.

I don't tend to use the PM that much because I'm a bit nervous of Moderators who might post an"Infraction" in the forms. So I'm pretty cautious of what I type in the forms unless it appropriate.

Take care.