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    posted a message on Problem with giving random item
    public boolean onBlockActivated(World world, int i, int j, int k, EntityPlayer entity, int l, float m, float n, float o) 
         double r = Math.random();
         if (r < 0.20)
              entity.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(Artefakt.itemKrewKamien, 1));
         else if (r < 0.40)
              entity.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(Artefakt.itemKrysztal, 1));
         else if (r < 0.75)
              entity.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(Artefakt.itemBlyskotka, 1));
         else if (r < 0.99)
              entity.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(Artefakt.itemKolobok, 1));
              entity.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(Artefakt.itemMeduza, 1));
         world.setBlockToAir(i, j, k);
         return true;

    I went ahead and cleaned up your code to do the same thing. You don't need to do ((EntityPlayer)entity) because the parameter you passed in was already of type EntityPlayer. You also don't need to do world.setBlockToAir after each addItemStackToInventory because there is no case listed where you don't want it to be set to air.

    Also, to understand why it wasn't working before, it is because you were setting the Block to air before giving yourself any items. This deleted the block, and thus the instance where this function was running no longer existed, so it didn't have a function to continue running.

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    posted a message on Trying to learn how to code, looking for advice, tips and tricks

    Well, I agree that the people here shouldn't have to teach you java, but I disagree with the idea that you can't or shouldn't learn it by coding mods for Minecraft... Maybe I just got lucky and really had a knack for programming, but I started programming in java (my FIRST language) by coding Minecraft mods. Nothing releasable, but something. I slowly got better and started understanding how it worked. Yes, it took me from freshman year of high school until senior year to really understand logic behind coding, but let me tell you this: I was miles ahead of most freshman CSC majors going into college this year. Don't let people tell you not to start with Minecraft, but if you run into a JAVA problem, don't ask it here.

    Do I know Java better than everyone on here? No, not even close. Do I know enough to get by and do what I want to get done and accomplish things? Yes.

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    posted a message on Metadata doesn't appear to be saving

    I took the liberty to re-work some of your Tile Entity functions to remove the saving of metadata which is done by the block and to tidy up the code kinda so it was easier to look for errors.

    I found some small things in the reading and writing that could have been causing it, check this pastebin for a comparison between the rewritten and your old function. http://pastebin.com/M6dN3CVQ

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    posted a message on Metadata doesn't appear to be saving
    Hmm, I see some slight differences still with your updateBlockState from your lastest spoiler containing it from mine. I'll try to show where you have something versus where I have something. I think it COULD be because of this but I still doubt it.
    public static void updateBlockState(boolean bool, World world, int x, int y, int z)
    		int l = world.getBlockMetadata(x, y, z);
    		TileEntity tileentity = world.getTileEntity(x, y, z);
    		isBurning = true;
    		if (bool)
    			world.setBlock(x, y, z, Construct.machineCarbonCondenserActive);
                            <span style="color: #ff0000;">// You placed it here and...</span>
    			world.setBlock(x, y, z, Construct.machineCarbonCondenser);
                            <span style="color: #ff0000;">// here.</span>
    		isBurning = false;
                   <span style="color: #ff0000;"> // I placed it here. Shouldn't matter thought because you get metadata set either way.</span>
    		world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, l, 2);
    		if (tileentity != null)
    			world.setTileEntity(x, y, z, (TileEntityCarbonCondenser) tileentity);
                                                          <span style="color: #ff0000;">// TRY CASTING THE T.E. and see if that helps</span>

    I still doubt it is the casting doing it, at most that would be the reason the T.E. isn't saving inventory. Hmm, perhaps post your BLOCK class and your up to date TILEENTITY class, subtracting any specialized methods for your specific Autoclave functionality. I'm more just interested in the inherited methods so I can kinda read through it more carefully instead of bits and pieces. If you aren't comfortable with posting it online, maybe send me a link to a private pastebin? Sorry I haven't been more of a help.
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    posted a message on Metadata doesn't appear to be saving

    For the changing direction issue, assuming you are still coding in 1.7.10 like the post suggests, you need 2 functions. Pretty straight forward if you understand the code, so I don't feel bad just handing this over. Pretty much taken straight from original furnace, it's from my machine but I don't think I changed anything.

    public void onBlockPlacedBy(World world, int x, int y, int z, EntityLivingBase entity, ItemStack p_149689_6_)
    	int l = MathHelper.floor_double((double) (entity.rotationYaw * 4.0F / 360.0F) + 0.5D) & 3;
    	if (l == 0)
    		world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, 2, 2);
    	if (l == 1)
    		world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, 5, 2);
    	if (l == 2)
    		world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, 3, 2);
    	if (l == 3)
    		world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, 4, 2);

    And the other:

    private void func_149930_e(World world, int x, int y, int z)
    if (!world.isRemote)
    Block block = world.getBlock(x, y, z - 1);
    Block block1 = world.getBlock(x, y, z + 1);
    Block block2 = world.getBlock(x - 1, y, z);
    Block block3 = world.getBlock(x + 1, y, z);
    byte b0 = 3;
    if (block.func_149730_j() && !block1.func_149730_j())
    b0 = 3;
    if (block1.func_149730_j() && !block.func_149730_j())
    b0 = 2;
    if (block2.func_149730_j() && !block3.func_149730_j())
    b0 = 5;
    if (block3.func_149730_j() && !block2.func_149730_j())
    b0 = 4;
    world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, b0, 2);

    Also, off the top of my head, it doesn't look like you are calling markDirty() inside of getStackInSlotOnClosing() which would be a problem, I don't know if there is more than that though for why it doesn't save the slots.

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    posted a message on LimpLungs' Mods - LimpCore, LimpCraft2, InventoryCalculator

    Special thanks to diesieben07, Choonster and KingLemming for helping me get my sided textures rendering problem solved!

    Requirements and Downloads

    1.7.10 Forge minimum of

    1.8.9 Forge minimum of .

    • LimpCore:

    • LimpCraft2
      • Requires LimpCore. The correct version can be found here: http://limplungs.weebly.com/limpcraft.html
      • or just match the middle and last number of the coremod to the mod. (i.e. 1.0.10 for 2.0.10!)
      • NEI Support, version minimum

    • InventoryCalculator
    For an unfinished 1.7.10 version, check out the curseforge page.

    For current and legacy builds hosted on MediaFire, head over to the download page on my website to get this mod! Earliest version is MC1.4.7!

    Remember, LimpCore is required for LimpCraft2 along with Forge for MC1.7.10+ builds and Forge for all of them!

    Overview / Features

    (Many features listed here are NOT in the mod yet or were temporarily removed.)

    (Those features that lack pictures but are not specified as [Not Released Yet] or [Removed Temporarily] will have pictures and are in the mod. I reference the URL's off of my website which has low quality picture rendering and hasn't been updated in a while. This is why some pictures don't even exist :P)



    • LimpCore is the coremod for LimpCraft2 and potentially future addons. For documentation visit the more information section and link over to my website!



    • LimpCraft is a mod that focuses on carbon manipulation.
      • Types of Carbon Manipulation:
        • Blacksmithing - [NOT RELEASED YET]
        • Condensing - implemented!
          • Burning - implemented!
        • Melting - [NOT RELEASED YET]
        • Molding - [NOT RELEASED YET]
      • Machines (and Multiblocks) in LimpCraft2 will be able to automate each type of Carbon Manipulation. They can be upgraded with different modules. Doing so will allow you to better define what each machine can do. (i.e. importing and exporting, locking input slots to specific metadata item, etc).
        • Smithing Forge - Blacksmithing: [NOT RELEASED YET]
          • The Smithing Forge uses the lowest tier manipulation called Blacksmithing. Able to be done relatively quickly, the player must just mix a BUCKET OF LAVA with a BUCKET OF SLAG to make SLAGMA!
          • Smithing Forges are multiblock structures created or found already set up in the world. No, I do not add any world generation with this. That is right, the Smithing Forge multiblock comes standard in every Blacksmith's in villages!
            • After placing Slagma in the Smithing Forge, the player can then toss in Iron and Iron Weapons / Tools to create a heated form of them. This provides them with a burn on hit with against mobs and burns/damages players holding them.
            • These heated tools can be hammered away at and can then be given the sharpness enchantment, or unbreaking enchantment, depending what you add to them.
            • Steel variants are to also come sometime down the line.
        • Carbon Condenser - Condensing:
          • The Carbon Condenser is the second tier manipulation called Condensing. You can use this to condense the various forms of carbon, but for a price. It takes burning of other carbon forms to run the machine and condense them.
          • The carbon condenser also builds up slag, or waste from condensing non-pure carbon sources. This slag will eventually fill up the machine and stop it from being able to condense any more. Scoop it out with a bucket to gain a bucket of slag.
          • The Carbon Condenser is upgradeable further past the basic machine modules. You can turn the simple machine into a multiblock structure, fully capable of burning away the slag.
          • Slag Burner - Condensing:
            • This is an extension of the Carbon Condenser. It takes the buckets and automatically outputs them through the back if there is an export circuit installed in the circuit board. It will only export the bucket if the proper multiblock is created.
            • PICTURE TO COME SOON!
            • The slag can then be burned by right clicking with FLINT AND STEEL which will then refine it into more minerals lost in the initial condensing process.
            • You can also pour the BUCKET OF SLAG onto a pile of gravel which will allow the slag to settle into the gravel, settling out into various resources.
          • NEI Recipes! Recipes in game don't show INPUT STACKSIZE, but they still show in the machine GUI.
        • Carbon Melter: [NOT RELEASED YET]
          • Liquefies forms of carbon making it easily used in the Carbon Molder.
        • Carbon Molder: [NOT RELEASED YET]
          • Molds liquid carbon into various forms, using different amounts of liquid carbon.
      • Modules: can be installed in any order and at your leisure with SHIFT + RCLICK. Here is the Carbon Condenser with each module type installed! Some modules are as follow:
        • Circuit Board: The circuit board allows installation of the various circuits in the mod to the sides of the machine block. If you put a import circuit into the left side of the circuit board, the left of the machine will be able to have items imported into it.
        • The Circuit Board can be used to fasten in place import and export circuits. These allow for automated import and export through various sides.
          • Import Circuit: This circuit imports items via hoppers, Access Blocks, and pipes from other mods!
          • Export Circuit: This circuit exports to TileEntities like chests, AccessBlocks, and pipes from other mods!
        • Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism allows the player to lock automatic importing (i.e. hopper or another mod's pipes) of each import slot (blue outlined) to a specific item.
        • [NOT RELEASED YET] Internal Storage: Some machines are capable to be upgraded so they can hold up to 4 inventory slots worth of storage (upgrade-able).
        • [REMOVED TEMPORARILY] Speed Circuits: Speed circuits used to be implemented, but were very buggy. They have since been removed entirely and will be rebuilt from the ground up.
          • x4, x16, x64 variants for speed.
      • Access Blocks:
        • Access Blocks currently area single item transport system used to pipe items around in the mod. Eventually they will be upgradeable to handle bigger stacks of items, and have an interface to manually pull items out of the block.
      • Upcoming Features:
        • Locking mechanism makes a ghost copy of item instead of using an item.
        • Blacksmithing, Melting, and Molding
        • Speed and Storage Modules
        • Access Blocks upgrades and terminal.


    InventoryCalculator: CURRENTLY IT IS JUST A GUI :/

      • InventoryCalculator adds an in-game handheld modular calculator.
      • Modules:
        • Power
        • Battery
        • Solar
        • Clock
        • Mirror

      • Upcoming Features:
        • NBT Saving correctly LOL
        • Actual Calculator Functionality
        • All the Modules working.

    Videos (outdated!)

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    More Information (usually outdated wiki):

    You can get a more information and development posts at my website.


    There are also some mirror links available at my website:


    If you follow me on twitter @LoganSievers you might catch some information about the next release or development as well. However, I do tend to forget that twitter exists, forewarned.


    If you really would like to donate, you have two options.

    • Paypal, gotta get the button to work... head to the curseforge page and it has a donate button for paypal for
    • Patreon

    Terms and Conditions:

    In short, you can use this for modpacks and non-commercial uses provided you provide me with credit for the original. Just don't be a jerk, basically.

    Creative Commons License
    LimpCore by Logan Sievers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    Creative Commons License
    LimpCraft2 by Logan Sievers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    Creative Commons License

    InventoryCalculator by Logan Sievers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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    posted a message on Could somebody link me on a good tutorial on how to install and mod with an api
    Quote from Hunter6013MC»

    I know how to mod but not how to install an api.

    There are indeed a bunch of different ways to install depending on the API. I am not sure on Botania specifically, but here is how to get CCC and NEI into your instance, if you want it. I know it helps out a bunch and will allow you to create a custom NEI recipes thing in the future if you have custom crafting, etc. I mean, the method MIGHT work with Botania, I'm not sure.

    EDIT: Lol I forgot the link!

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    posted a message on Looking for small tekkit server for me to make youtube videos on
    if my server works (i need a tester to see if they can join, cuz i just tried port forwarding it to get out of hamachi) then you could make videos on it. Will it be 24/7? Sadly, it will be up when I can, details about that here:
    • I will leave it up and start it whenever I'm home/ on computer
    • It has autosave every 5 mins, I can make it every 2 mins or something if i'm going to sleep etc,
    • I can't avoid when my dad randomly walks into my room and shuts my computer off, so it might not be 24/7
    • Weekends will be on almost all day for sure
    • weekdays, if it gets shut off, i wont be able to turn it back on until i get home from school (3:30-3:45 Central Time Zone)
    Will i be willing to do youtube videos, sure, if the server works :)

    It's whitelisted as of now so please put your IGN in reply or pm me

    Once again, I still need you to test to see if i port forwarded right...
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    posted a message on just bought the game
    Quote from allnightmare

    so i just bought minecraft and im a lil worried if this is a rip off. it said i had to wait an hour than i would get an email saying its done updating. so when do i know when this is done

    Ummm minecraft isnt a rip off if that what you are worried about. in the last 24 hours 11900 bought the game and 56218 registered so it probably will take a while for you to get the email....it could take up to 24 hours. hope you get it soon because minecraft is an awesome game :biggrin.gif:
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