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    Quote from wechy

    Why do people say "its so awesome"? I dont get why people like it. All your doing is killing people. I prefer survival over pvp. Also, whenever I ask for a survival server, People give me a PVP. I dont mind PVP arena, those are actually quite fun. But whole servers arent.
    I'll go on one if you guys can prove a valid point of why they are better then survival server.

    PS: Minecraft was NOT meant to be PVP! It is a SURVIVAL/CREATIVE game! NOT PVP.

    That's wonderful. I do like PvP, and you're not such much more important or better than me that you have divine authority to say I'm wrong for playing on PvP servers. You have your side of the fence, I have mine. I'm not forcing you to play PvP servers, you shouldn't be trying to force me NOT to play PvP servers. To be honest I think vanilla survival is boring as hell and I can't understand why you enjoy it so much. Where's the excitement? Where's the risk? Where's the competition?

    And Minecraft was meant to be whatever we make out of it. You don't get to say what it is and isn't supposed to be, sorry pal.
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    The story behind the challenge? Amazing.

    The challenge itself? Well... Meh. Not very difficult...
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    Quote from InfoTeddy

    hurr durr miencrawft dunt need no new bossez l0l
    Now I dare you to find me.

    Anyways, I support. This adds variety instead of the normal “bash bash, bashbashbash” chipping away. It makes the Enderdragon boss more fun than tedious. Same thing for the Wither, though I think it needs to be tweaked down a little, the Wither is kinda already threatening with its Wither effect.

    Make sure you got the cops on speed dial.
    Quote from Badprenup

    I just needed to know if it was Easy.

    I do agree with Stealthman917 about the lifting up and dropping thing. While incredibly cool sounding on paper, I'm not a fan of possible instant deaths at full health, except in very specific situations (like special enemies in Resident Evil, story based deaths, etc).

    I will say this. I am not liking that the Ender Dragon is all about fire and explosions with this idea, or at least has some major explosion based attacks. I think you are missing a lot of opportunities to utilize the teleportation features of Ender Creatures. Here is an example based on your carry and drop attack.

    Instead of it picking you in the air and dropping you, it shoots a projectile that teleports you into the air, at a semi-random location and height. However, to keep it fair, it will not drop you over Obsidian, Ender Crystals, or Bedrock (to prevent perching someone super high on an Obsidian Spire far from the fight), and it will take your difficulty and current health into consideration:
    • Easy: You will at maximum fall 5 blocks, enough for 2 Damage. The annoyance factor of being moved away from the boss and pointing a different direction is the main point at this difficulty.
    • Normal: The maximum highest in the air you will be teleported is enough to damage 50% of your current health. However you are more likely to be dropped somewhere to damage you 25-33% of your current health.
    • Hard: The maximum height is enough to do 75% of your current health, but it is more likely to be enough to do 50-66% of your current health
    • If you ever get under 20% health, it will only teleport you away, with a small chance of being high enough for you to be damaged, regardless of difficulty.
    As for Zide's comment on the tail length (and to a lesser extent thewriterbenny's comment on animations), maybe the tail attack could be a line based Area of Effect (AoE) attack. Instead of it turning to smack a player, it curls its tail downward and flies in a straight line, just high enough above the ground where its main body goes over you but the tail does not. Anyone who is hit by the tail is knocked to the side and takes damage. This would make people avoid fighting clumped together.

    Those are just a few ideas. I am a fan of the concept, but not all the implementation.

    Wow, there's a lot here. I'll think about this. I can see how the dropping attack might be a bit difficult not only to implement but to deal with.

    I'll make his new abilities scale with difficulty level as well, I knew I was forgetting something.

    Thanks for the support, guys!
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    Sounds more like an idea for a mod to me. Sorry, but no support.
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    posted a message on Nether Villages (Detailed post!) + 90% support this! Pictures coming soon...

    yes. support

    and yes limitsoflife, my youtube channel does kind of suck. Cauz iz only have one subscriber

    At least you don't advertise it in your signature. ;)
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    posted a message on Nether Villages (Detailed post!) + 90% support this! Pictures coming soon...
    Wasn't there a huge thread about this last year? I wonder where that went?

    Anyways, support. I'll try and come up with some screenshots later.
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    Yeah, that might be a good idea. Before I do that I'm wondering if there's a fourth option I'm missing.

    I think entities on beaches and seafloor plus fishing loot works though.

    1. As an entity on the seafloor
    2. As loot from fishing
    3. As a drop from a new block
    4. Other (please post)
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    So these are all the methods of adding shells to the game that I can think of:

    1) As entities on the bottom of the ocean and on beaches. As entities they could be placed underwater without producing an air pocket. That also has the advantage of letting players place shells elsewhere.

    2) As occasional fishing loot in ocean biomes.

    3) Make a block drop it. There could be a new block, perhaps something something like "sea dirt", that looks like algae overgrown soil, that could drop a normal dirt block when mined, as well as a chance of a shell.

    Which of these do people prefer? And can you think of any other ideas for how it could be added?

    Make a poll.
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    Is Dingo still active? He hasn't posted here in a while.
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    Quote from MineBrick12

    I was going to say support, but all this arguing is confusing...

    No support at the moment

    Unfortunately, when you have a tendency to make troll suggestions, your actually decent suggestions usually get crapped on without anyone actually reading them.

    Anyways, I'm changing my mind, I actually support this IF the dimension gets a bit smaller. 16x16 is a bit too much, maybe 5x5 at the most. And I'm still a bit meh about the instant sailing mechanics.
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    Nice mod, profiled. Can't wait for 1.6.2 update.
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    posted a message on Cool and weird mod idea

    Try harder next time.
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    posted a message on Arrow: Packed Ice Head - Get Frozen Creeper Statue(s)
    Or you could just shoot the ghast and collect a ghast tear that way? You can already use fishing rods to pull them from above lava lakes.

    I do like the idea of decorating my house with frozen monsters, however, I just feel like this isn't an expensive enough way to go about doing that. The recipe needs to be more expensive but I can't think of how.
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    The big problem I have is that a lot of Mo Creature's mobs have skins and models that just look horribly out of place next to the cute, derpy vanilla models and skins.

    Also, certain mobs need a bit of a nerf when it comes to raw destructive ability, and the Scorpion Armour just needs to be removed, too overpowered.
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