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    MineCraft Name: :Pig: LilyBilly :Pig:
    Age: 23
    Location: East Coast
    Interests: Friends, crafts, quilting (like an old lady), and gaming!
    I was introduced to minecraft a few weeks ago and I'm already completely hooked. I enjoy building and being creative. I haven't had much time to truly create the things I've wanted to...and issues with people destroying work has been an problem on other servers...so I think it'd be really nice to join a server that has nice people with the goal of building, helping one another, and creating really awesome things. Thanks!

    At least 2 links to pictures of your best work.

    What Does OTK Stand For?: Order of the Key
    What is the Secret Answer?: NINJA!
    Thanks so much! :Sheep: :Pig: :Sheep:
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