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    THE BANHAMMER (Ultimate protection against trouble making players)

    The Banhammer has spoken!
    Hello! You are most likely here for one of two reasons

    Reason 1:
    You own a server, or play on one, that has had problems with pesky players. Whether they are griefing, pvp-ing where they aren't supposed to, or annoying players VERY badly, we can put an end to it. If you need to figure out who the trouble maker is, you can first, send one of the staff members a private message. Then we will dispatch a small group within our clan to log onto your server, acting merely as an innocent player lurking about, when we are really persistently searching for the criminal you asked us to find in your message. Once we find this criminal, we report it to any staff member we can get in touch with. Then it is up to you, do to with them what you please. My hope, is that you let justice be served, and let The Banhammer strike.

    Reason 2:
    You want to join the clan, and stop those pesky griefers and straight out annoying players. Whether your reason is; this has happened to you and you want revenge or you seek the thrill of joining an adrenaline rushing squad. Whatever your reason may be, this is the clan for you. This clan believes that the point of Minecraft is not destroying other people's things and doing anything possible to make someone elses game experience much less enjoyable. We believe the game's point is to have fun, play with friends, and explore the enormous randomly generated lands of Minecraftia. To get in, you must share this belief. However, this is not a place where merely anyone can join. Before you are able to join us, we have a few questions that you must answer. (Please fill out the application HONESTLY)

    Note that before you spam this topic with comments like, "Pffff who needs you! I have all of these awesome plugins that can protect against any of these things!" please consider that these plugins don't always get the job done how they are supposed to. Not only that but some people know how to get around those plugins. I know that I have been working on projects before, log out, and then log back in to find my project a flaming mess. I could do nothing to stop it, but neither could the 50 billion protection plugins.

    Application for acceptance into The Banhammer
    Minecraft IGN:
    Age(Not required):
    Have you ever been banned?(Answer with Yes or No):
    Why were you banned?(Leave blank if your last answer was no):
    Reason for joining the clan(Must be pretty long. Not just one sentence that says, "Cuz me awesome."):
    Reason why we should accept you:
    Would you be a member that goes undercover, or someone helping out behind the scenes?:
    Do you swear that you will not only be dedicated, but also not do anything that will make other players angry or sad? (ex. Griefing, name calling, etc.):

    If you have any experience with making plugins or if you are very good at programming, please private message me with a description of what plugins you have made, and what kind of things you are best at. (We are looking for someone to be the leader of the Progamming/Plugins Department of the clan.)


    CURRENT BANNERS (Will be updated frequently):
    COPY BEGGINNING OF NEXT LINE TO THE [/url] below the picture! P.S. Copy the Picture with it!


    (Made smaller to fit)
    Thanks for your time!
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