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    posted a message on Really Strange Modded Server Problem

    Still having this issue, not sure if anyone has any ideas but I could really use some!

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    I thought the same thing, myself. One of the first things I did was to hop on his account (he's a good friend of mine) to see if I'd get lag. I thought maybe it was a corrupted chunk or something wrong with his player data but even when he's having this issue, I have no problem whatsoever. It's the strangest thing...

    Thank you for the thought though, I appreciate it!

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    posted a message on Really Strange Modded Server Problem

    I'm hoping somewhere on these forums can help me with this super confusing issue. I've been googling and testing and re-testing and running different instances of this custom modpack to no avail. Here's the issue:

    I am running a server with a custom modpack for me and some friends. One of my friends is having this issue every single day between somewhat varying times (usually between 6pm and 11pm Mountain Standard Time) where he experiences crippling lag and the server starts to leak memory as long as he is online. When he's offline, it starts to go back to normal. This issue happens for NOBODY else and we have about 6 people playing.

    The server throws out no errors and outside of that time frame, everything works fine, his connection is fine, and the server is fine. I suspected maybe it was his connection, we tried to troubleshoot a lot of stuff (disabling wireless, hardwiring, etc) but it doesn't seem to be that, he has no issue with any other program and something is happening that affects the server. We also have a second server for testing and USING THE VERY SAME MODPACK he can connect and experience no lag. Keep in mind we used this same modpack ON THAT SERVER before we got the new one and he was having the same exact problem!

    I am at my wit's end trying to solve this issue, I really don't know what's going on and I'm wondering if anyone might have ANY idea at all about what could be happening. I don't have error logs, as there are no unusual errors when this happens.

    We are using Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10. The mod list is as follows, I'm wondering if anyone knows if any of these mods might cause something like this. I actually went through one by one with him and didn't really have any luck figuring it out myself. We thought we'd solved it at one point but it turned out we were just outside that "window of death". Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!


    Damage Indicators

    Ars Magica 2

    Battlegear 2

    Animation API

    Apple Core

    Appied Energistics

    Artifacts Automagy

    Better Foliage

    Better Storage


    Big Reactors

    Binnie Mods

    Biomes o Plenty


    Cave Control Code

    Chicken Core (client only)



    Custom Mob Spawner

    Deadly World


    Mo Creatures

    Enchiridion 2





    Fancy Fluid Storage




    Hardcore Darkness

    Hardcore Ender Expansion

    Hunger Overhaul

    Iguana Tinker Tweaks

    Iron Chest


    Lantern mod

    Magic Bees



    Metallurgy Core

    Minefactory Reloaded

    Mob Properties

    NEI Addons

    NEI Integration

    Nether Ores


    Open Computers


    Pam's Harvestcraft

    Project Red


    Roguelike Dungeons

    Special AI

    Special Mobs

    Storage Drawers

    Tinker's Construct


    TiC Tooltips

    Tinker's Mechworks


    Traveller's Gear

    Twilight Forest

    Utility Worlds


    WAILA Harvestability


    Witching Gadgets

    Zombie Awareness

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    I haven't messed with Mystcraft yet, but I've tried a bunch of mods that add custom dimensions, tried changing whitelisting & blacklisting settings, tried a mod that allows you to customize your own dimensions (set it up without caves or ravines) and even THAT didn't work. I'm pretty sure there's something broken with it :<

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    Hey Greymurk, first off great mod! Been using it for a long time and I love it! I just wanted to bring a couple of issues to your attention.

    As others have said, there is a problem with caves and ravines intersecting dungeons and causing a lot of issues, which is a bummer. I've tried to find a workaround by creating an alternate custom dimension using different mods and whitelisting those dimensions for Roguelike dungeons. After a TON of testing, it seems like RLD does not want to work in any dimension except ID 0. It's a bit strange! Not sure if there's some workaround that I don't know about, but if you've got any information, I'd appreciate it!

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] CLOCKWORK RPG - MODS | PLUGINS | MMORPG
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Clockwork RPG [Open Beta] - Mods | Plugins | Unique Experience!
    Added a ton of new guide information, some new mods to the mod pack, a quest system (with more quests to come!), and set up unique mob spawning behavior! Now all we need is more players to join the adventure! :)
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    posted a message on Just Another Spawner (JAS) v0.14
    Despite being a bit hard to get used to, this mod is pretty damned fantastic! Thanks for making it!

    I have a question though: Is there a way to completely overwrite a vanilla creature type's usual spawning behavior with tags? I tried using {!modspawn} at the end, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I used it wrong? My main issue is that I have a world with custom terrain and the land height is higher than normal. Squids don't seem to like to spawn in the ocean when the seafloor is higher up for whatever reason and I just haven't been able to figure out how to get them spawning properly in my world. If i set them to spawn in land environments, I find them spawning in tiny bits of water underground all the time.

    Any help would be awesome! :)
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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls
    Quote from Svetek

    You can change the oog files in the sound folder of the mod with the Steve damage sounds.

    Only rename the files with: hurt1, hurt2, hurt3

    also you can use the little maid mob sounds

    Nah, I understand how to add sound effects, but they end up applying to most of the new mobs, and I'm wondering if I can set sounds for individual mobs, ie - setting one set of sounds for the Siren and another set for the Ninetails.
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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls
    Is there a way to add sound files for individual mobs or do most of them just hook into the default sound effects?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Team CoFH Mods - Thermal Expansion
    I'm using TE and Thaumcraft 4 and there seems to be some kind of conflict. When I take out TE, everything works fine, put it back in with Thaumcraft 4, the game crashes on startup. There's no crashlog, the game just hangs at "Shutting down internal server" and the process has to be ended in Task Manager!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Clockwork RPG [Open Beta] - Mods | Plugins | Unique Experience!
    We've moved to a brand new server recently and pushed a massive update that adds a ton of cool features! Come check us out!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Recipear 2.3.1 - Make recipes vanish [IC2/Thaumcraft4 support][ServerMod]
    Just letting you know there's currently a bug with the latest builds of IC2. I haven't been able to track down exactly where it begins, but having IC2 + Recipear causes some conflict that crashes MC on startup!

    Keep up the good work on this super ridiculously importantly useful mod! :D Thanks for your work!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Clockwork RPG [Open Beta] - Mods | Plugins | Unique Experience!
    Quote from SuarSuar

    Alright so, I downloaded the Launcher and the ClockWork ModPack; but it freezes at the Mojang sign.

    Handled this in PMs. For those wondering, there's a limitation I hadn't realized where you probably need a 64 bit operating system and a 64 bit version of java in order to play due to the mods. Otherwise, you cannot allocate enough memory to play. I'll try to see if I can find a workaround for this.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Clockwork RPG [Open Beta] - Mods | Plugins | Unique Experience!


    Do you love the basic mechanics of Minecraft (mining, exploring, building, fighting mobs) but find them a little stale or simple? Do you love the feel of MC but yearn for greater challenges and new, more difficult content? Then you may have found your new home!

    Clockwork MC is a new server that uses both mods and plugins in tandem to deliver a brand new, never before seen Minecraft experience! With our customized mod pack and plugins, we've endeavored to create a Sandbox MMORPG in our favorite game!

    Does that sound interesting? Read on for more information about Clockwork MC!

    • Simple Installation- Think installing a mod pack would be a pain? Think again! Clockwork MC uses the Technic Launcher Platform which makes installing a mod pack safe, secure, and simple. With only a few clicks & pasting a link, the launcher will download and install the client in a snap! And whenever we make an updated, you get it automatically, hassle free! Did I mention it doesn't interfere with other modpacks or your vanilla client?
    • WhiteListing - We do use a whitelist on Clockwork MC to help protect ourselves and our players from from griefs and hackers but getting whitelisted is as simple as reading the rules and agreeing to follow them! Your application will be approved by the admin quickly.
    • RPG Classes and Skills – Clockwork MC grants every player the ability to choose from different RPG classes with their own unique skills. Each class gains exp through fighting mobs and, as they level up, gain skill points to spend on their abilities. There are currently 5 tier 1 classes each with 2 passive skills and 5 active skills to choose from. By leveling skills up, players customize their character and increase the power of individual abilities! We'll be adding two secondary classes for each tier 1 class in the future as well!
    • Technology – Our customized mod pack includes some of the best tech mods in the MC community. IC2, Forestry, Extra Bees, Tinker's Construct & Gregtech challenge your exploration skills as well as your mind if you want to harness the power of technology to increase your supplies or automate your base! With this blend of tech mods, you'll have hours and hours of new stuff to learn and use!
    • Magic – Thaumcraft 4's latest updates bring a wealth of new and exciting magical content to our world. Research forgotten magics, battle the spread of the corruption, harness the amazing power of aura nodes, and get your wizard on by creating golems to do your bidding!
    • Farming & Hunger – Like farming but get bored by only having 3 or 4 crops to mess around with? Like the idea of creating food but find yourself just cooking steaks for convenience’s sake? Start growing a ton of new crops with Pam's Harvestcraft. Make a meal that offers extra regen and keeps your character satisfied longer! Thanks to the Hunger Overhaul mod, hunger actually matters and thanks to Harvestcraft, there's a massive amount of new recipes and meals to make for yourself or your friends!
    • Trade & Towns – With so much new content, it's hard to tackle it all alone. Maybe you like magic but find it hard to grasp the workings of complicated technology. In the world of Clockwork, you can trade with other players through our easy to use shop system or team up to create a town using the Towny plugin! There's safety and convenience in numbers after all!
    • A Customized World – The Clockwork world has been crafted over many months using the Terrain Control plugin and custom trees and other objects. It has 20+ unique biomes with breathtaking landscapes that is tons of fun to explore!
    • New Creatures & Breeding – Clockwork MC uses the Mo Creatures mod to add variety to the world. Tame an elephant, breed horses, watch out for lions in the Savanna! Mo Creatures allows you to tame all kinds of new creatures and breed horses into faster and more awesome breeds. If you're lucky enough to obtain a magical heart, you can even breed your own flying mounts!
    • Dungeons & World Bosses – Clockwork is currently working on some custom dungeons (built, but boss and mob stuff is still in the works!) and we already have randomly spawning world bosses with special loot drops! Fight a Zombie Champion and acquire a unique enchanted sword!
    • No Overpowered Donation Items – Tired of jumping into a server and receiving ten stacks of diamonds? Sick of playing for months to get your resources while someone else simply throws money at the server to win? Our server shop offers players small perks for helping support us financially, perks that will NEVER affect player power or offer special items to donators. Example rewards include: special chat titles and 1-2 /home warps (on a 30 minute cooldown & with a cast time!). Balanced and fair rewards for people that can afford to help us out!
    • PvP – The wilderness is a dangerous place and anyone at anytime can be raided or killed if they're not careful. You'd better watch your step when you're not in a town! Clockwork MC aims to bring balanced RPG PvP combat to the table. We've just opened our doors so we're working on balance but we'd like to make sure that higher level players can never just completely maim newbies! PvP should be brutal and fun, never imbalanced and frustrating!
    • A New Experience – We've just opened our doors so come on and join us! Be one of the first to explore a new world and these exciting.

    To see complete albums of the world, please visit our imgur albums. Visit here for shots with shaders or check out this albumfor shots without shaders.



    Like what you see? Want to learn more or join the server? Visit us at http://clockworkmc.enjin.com

    What does Open Beta Mean?
    As you can imagine something of this magnitude is very difficult to maintain, balance, and update. There will be some bugs, there may be some balance issues, but everything is now stable enough where there will not be world rollbacks!
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