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    Hello everybody, lilhurk here. It has been a while, but I FINALY have everything in order! The MCPE Podcast is live on iTunes! As well as on my website: lilhurkgamer.com/podcasts

    I have weekly guests ranging from Youtubers like TyeDyeVideos, and ICanFlyJake.
    To map Makers like Furminator and Serperior.

    This is the last time I will update this forum post, all ft. Episodes will be live on iTunes and my website. Enjoy!
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    Hello Everybody, lilhurk here. Today I have decided to make a Topic to showcase all of my WRC Creations, Future and Past.
    If you are Wondering what WRCs are: WRC Stands for Weekly Redstone Challanges, and are Redstone Creations I make from Challanges that the community gives me.

    How do you Submit a Challange?
    It's easy REALY, Just make a post saying "WRC:" and then give me the challange, and I'll let you know if I'll do it.

    Challanges I've Completed

    Working Fan

    Map Download: http://adf.ly/Rqdhl


    Map Download: http://adf.ly/ROsFK

    3 Life System

    Map Download: http://adf.ly/RJADn


    Map download: http://adf.ly/QnFS7

    Alter of Johan (a moving face)
    Map download: http://adf.ly/Qkcyx

    Working Shower
    Map Download: http://adf.ly/P2bG2

    Working Tap/Faucet

    Map Download: http://adf.ly/OkKCm

    Working Toilet

    Map Download: http://adf.ly/Ojikt

    Working Elevator

    Map Download: http://adf.ly/OjjuJ

    Challanges I've Accepted

    ✔Make a Fan
    ✔Make a Toilet
    ✔Make a Tap (faucet)
    ✔Make a Shower
    ✔Make an Elivator
    -Make a Mario Game
    -Make a Computor
    -Make a Vending Machine
    ✔Make a face that moves (Temple of Johan)
    -Make a Redstone Boss Battle
    -Make a TnT Cannon
    ✔Make a Anvil
    ✔Make a Volcano
    ✔Make a 3 Life System

    Extra Info
    I will be making at least one WRC per week. WRCs are strictly for MCPE.

    It takes ALOT of time and effort to make these Maps, if you use them on a map or in a Youtube Video, please give me credit, and let me know if you do, I like to hear when my stuff is being used
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    posted a message on New! Improved AND gate! PE Redstone 101 by lilhurkgamer
    Hello everybody, Lilhurk here. I have decided to do a Redstone Tutorial Seris for MCPE, it will cover every redstone function that is in mcpe. Enjoy!

    Redstone Tutorials
    The Basics:

    1 •What are block updates, and what causes them•

    2 •Redstone Wiring: Positive &Negative•

    3 •Logic Gates in Pocket Edition•

    4 •Specific BUDs and how to make a functional drawbridge•

    Redstone Mechanics:

    1 •Redstone Locks•

    2 •Invisible Signs•

    3•Improved And Gate•

    Download map: http://adf.ly/QnFv8
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    Quote from Temena

    I'll take that name switch as a no? (Because of new thread) I think you should make tutorials because you're AMAZING. I saw this and is this a new thread? I thought it was but I'm not sure. :/ Can you please add your first WRC? (My contraption)

    Yes, this is a seaperate thread, I though WRCs and my PE Redstone 101 series where different enough to have seaperate threads, also, of course I'll put the washing machine vid up, I just didn't do it cause I hadn't gotten permiton from you till now
    Quote from TheOddgamer98

    Thats nice!

    Thank you
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    posted a message on Question for Johan about 7.0 realms testing- Updated qs
    Quote from MrEnderPerson

    LoL, my dad never wants to buy video games for me :( so I have no choice but to use a cracked version.

    Well then your out of luck, getting the cracked version of the game without paying isnt just illegal, it's wrong.
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    posted a message on Christian Themed Textures. (please)
    Quote from Shieldpotato54y

    you are telling me to read rules yet you dont tell the taunter anything.
    he was the one who brought up the uprising.

    i made this topic for strong natured Christians who believe in god enough they put him first in everything they do as taught in the bible.
    i didnt ask people who oppose christianity their opinion.

    Actually the "taunter" was staying focused on the post, he was talking about how he would like to see the texture pack. aslo you don't have the proper authority to dictate who comments on this post and who Dosn't, that is up to the moderators.
    It Dosn't matter if you asked there opinion or not, they are allowed and entitled to give it.

    Back to the topic on hand, I would love to try my hand at a "Christian texture pack" but I'm not promising anything
    Quote from DestinyGrey

    I'm sorry if I offended you Shieldpotato. But I honestly like the look of Christian architecture and art, and armor. I just don't like the religion. So I build monuments to my own lack of religion. I'm really sorry I agree that a texture pack like this would be amazing.

    Hey, it's not you, you where obviously joking around, and I thought it was funny, SheildPatato just was a bit over zealous
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    posted a message on Do u want u map for iOS on YouTube maybe a mod/unlock for ios just post and I'll get back to you
    Quote from RedstoneWireTech

    Lets see if you are legit, make the wool crafting recipe make water

    Ummm, buddy, he reviews mods, he Dosn't make them...
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    posted a message on Parkour Dimension Hopper PE! 100% COMPLETE! Pics and Download Available!
    Quote from llombardo007

    The link is up!!!! Feedback much appreciated!!!!

    I was in the Notable Mentions! Thank you!
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    posted a message on Kivifreaks Mods [0.8.0 is a mess]
    Quote from Serperior

    triple block jump mod= all mobs triple jump... MUAHAHHA

    That's terrifying!
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    posted a message on Clash of Keepers, a map made by Chimeratech
    Part 2 of LP finally loaded:
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