About Me

An educated chemist, currently studying physics and mathematics, hoping to perhaps one day become this generations Carl Sagan, though likely to end up as a teacher of said subjects.

Impossibly scatter-brained and forgetful, periodically over-enthusiastic, and carefree to the core.

I spend far too much time on the computer for my own good, mostly tinkering with Minecraft related subjects, browsing the interwebs for hilarities, or watching Anime. I occasionally grow bored enough to fire up my Xbox, but this is happening increasingly rarely, at least until I can get my claws on Kinect and Child of Eden, or Mass Effect 3 is released.

Instead of ranting for the hours I could be on anime, I'll instead link my Anime- Planet profile, and let you laugh or cry as you please. I call dibs on Horo for marriage, however. Seriously, if I ever meet a girl like her, I'll buy the engagement ring the same day.

When not glued in front of a screen, I'm often glued in the books. Brandon Sanderson is currently my favorite author, his Mistborn trilogy is worth the read by any fantasy enthusiast. Unfortunately I have already read every single book he has released so far, so I'm currently chewing through Robert Jordan's most enjoyable Wheel of Time series.
Interests Games, Fantasy Books, Anime, Kiting and hobby Astronomy.

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