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    Minecraft Username: LilFlash

    Age: 15

    What Team You Would Like To Join? Administrative Team

    Amount Of Time You Can Dedicate: 5+ hours a day on weekdays and 7+ on weekends.

    Timezone, http://www.worldtimezone.com/ : Pacific Standard Time

    Skype, Kik, Or Discord (#) Username:

    How Would You Rate Your Maturity (1-10): 10
    SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (4-12 Sentences)

    Previous Experience: Previously, I have worked as developer on many upcoming MCPE Servers. I have also worked as a Customer Support Specialist for LEET Servers. Including multiple past experiences as administrator on some of the most popular servers. Like PigRaid and HeroesPE. I have also had the privilege of owning my own server for a year aswell.

    About Yourself: My name is Devon and I am currently 15 years of age turning 16 in a couple days. I live in Chicago and some of my hobbies include playing basketball and airsofting. I have been playing Minecraft for a couple years and I have enjoyed it since the day I started playing. I also can code a few programming languages aswell such as: Java,Lua,CSS,HTML and PHP.

    Why Should You Be Accepted: I believe I should be accepted because of my prior experiences and knowledge of the game Minecraft. I enjoy helping players and im good at it. I have played Minecraft for a couple years and have stuck with it through all of its patches and changes. I can answer and assist anyone with a question whether its regaurding the server or minecraft itself. I think I can make a difference being apart of your staff and I know I can help your server grow and build it to be one really great user friendly server.
    SCENARIO QUESTIONS (3-8 Sentences)

    How Would You Deal With A Spammer? I would simply give him a warning asking him politely to stop and if he continues to not take action towards his warning I would mute him and/or kick him from the server.

    How Would You Deal With Abuse By A Member/Guest Of The Server? I would figure out the problem and try to solve it myself and if needed tell a higher staff member.

    How Would You Deal With Abuse By A Staff Member Of The Server? Immediately tell a high staff member and let him handle the situation.

    How Would You Deal With A Hacking Situation? I believe hacking would be an instant ban from the server.

    What Permissions Do You Believe Your Position Should Have? I believe we should have a limited version of OP limiting us from doing unneeded actions such as stopping the server or anything that could be taken advantage of to use to damage or cause destruction to the server. Those type of permissions should only be allowed to those you can trust and know wont do anything to hurt your server.
    AGREEMENT - I understand that if I have lied or have not used enough information in my application that it is subject to instant denial? Yes, I agree completely.
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