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    alwaysfsx, take a chill pill bro. Your raging wont stop people from asking for sonic to movie faster its gonna happen anyway.

    So your just stoking a fire you cant put out. Let people whine all they want, I'm sure sonic has put up with all this before it shouldn't effect him.
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    ok so far its only nappa haha but im gonna do more soon

    here is nappa OVER 9000!!!!


    Updated to include scouter for helmet
    and here is the Armor to match it. i have this armor set for iron since i wear that most. enjoy
    remember one is hat/body/shoes and the other is pants. they are two separate files to be put in the .jar file under armor folder


    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green:

    my version of piccolo:


    :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo:

    more to come soon
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