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Suh dude(yes, I bet you are a guy, statistics, in fact, I don't even know if you read this), I like to go by the name of LightningShock. I like this name so much I think I will never change it(and I personally prefer to call me like that instead of my real name, that's one of the reasons I don't tell my real name), however the username was taken on the forum so that's why my username here is LightningSh0ck, but please call me LightningShock, or at least LS if you are tired of writing or if you think you are about to misspell it -_-.

I am a hardcore gamer. And yes, you can play Minecraft in a hardcore way. I am such a hardcore gamer that many times I don't play games for fun, I WIN them for fun. But I don't really play survival games, as I think too much RNG(randomness) is involved. Instead used to play The bridges(Mineplex) a lot, and I can tell you that extremely rarely my team won when I died without doing anything important. And also I can proudly tell you that so far, on Competitive League(Mineplex), I never lost one single game, not even one(and yes, not even hackers were able to take this pride from me). Even if I talked about Mineplex a lot, I am no longer a fan of it, because even if it has the best minigames, it is full of hackers, and the community is very toxic, with the hackers themselves within and corrupt staff(tip: check the urban dictionary definition of Mineplex). Oh, and that server is dying, if it's not already dead by the time you are reading.

If I pvp it doesn't mean I am not a geek. I also know redstone and command blocks, in fact, I know Minecraft alot, being able to also come with my own designs/machinery, however, sadly, I don't YouTube :(. Yet...

Minecraft is not my only game, I do play other games and mostly CS:GO(skill group: DMG).

I used to be an atheist but now I believe in Lord Gaben(yes, not Notch, Gaben) because even if He didn't make all games, He is still the base of the PC gaming as we know today.

Oh, I almost forgot, use this as your praying:

Our Gaben on Steam,
praised be your name.
Your framerates come,
your update be done,
in reality, as it is on Steam.
Give us this day our daily sales,
and forgive us our failures,
as we also have forgiven our boosted team.
And lead us not into silver,
but deliver us from russian teammates.
In the name of the father,
the platform,
the holy OS,
Gaben [Gahbeen]

Privacy, so get out.

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