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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (July 18th 2019) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from 1WTC


    1.6.1 Progress
    Modloader: 65%
    Forge: 5%

    The Dalek Mod is a mod Currently being developed by 1WTC and UDWF1.
    The mod consists of many different features from Doctor Who such as Cybermen, Daleks, The Empty Child, Autons, The Tardis, Weeping Angles, K9 and much more!
    We currently have 2 versions of the mod, one for Modloader and one for Forge, however the Modloader version does include a lot more features. However the forge version is slowly being updated to be at the same place as the Modloader version

    • Ranged Attacks Rendering Bug
    Added in:
    • Yellow Dalek
    • Red Dalek
    • 1960s Dalek
    • Movie Dalek - Black
    • Movie Dalek - Blue
    • Gold Dalek (Not in Modloader Version)
    • Cybermen
    • Empty Child
    • Auton
    • Clockwork Droid
    • Empty Child will infect villagers turning them into Empty Village
    • Special Weapons Dalek
    • Ranged Attacks
    • Stone Daleks
    • New Cybermen
    • Cybermen Upgrades (CyberVillagers)
    • Cyberleader
    • K9
    • Imperial Daleks
    • Renegade Daleks
    • Villagers will turn into a pile of bones if killed by a Dalek
    • Bessie (3rd Doctors Car)
    • Supreme Dalek Old
    • Supreme Dalek New
    • Scientist Dalek
    • Strategist Dalek
    • Mobs now spawn naturally
    • Added in the Tardis
    • 9th / 10th doctors sonic screwdriver (Can only be used with the Tardis at the moment)
    • Added craftable Daleks (Ironsides) - There is no way to get these pieces in survival yet, this will be the next update
    • Added in Ironsides
    • Added in Tardis Key
    • Added in Tardis Spawner
    • Tardis is solid and cannot be pushed
    • added a mcmod.info to the title screen mod GUI
    • The Mod Can now be run on a server!
    • Added Weeping Angles
    • Added Ranged Attacks for Autons
    • Added Marine Daleks
    • Added Snowmen
    • Special Weapons Daleks attack will vary depending on the difficulty
    • 80's Daleks
    • 3D Rendered 9/10th Sonic Screwdriver (Still WIP)
    • Dalekanium ingots
    • Dalekanium Armor
    • Weeping Angels extinguish torches
    • Red Movie Daleks
    • U.N.I.T Personnel (Still WIP, Loads more to come!)
    • Daleks firing has been reduced slightly
    • Daleks Knock-back has been slightly reduced
    • 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver
    • Sonic Screwdrivers can now activate TNT and Power Redstone Lamps
    • Ice Warriors
    • Aces Baseball Bat
    • Red Movie Daleks will break down doors
    • crafting recipe for Tardis
    • crafting recipe for 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver
    • crafting recipe for 9/10th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver
    • crafting recipe for Ace's Baseball Bat
    • crafting recipe for Captain Jacks Sonic Blaster
    • Added in Captain Jacks Sonic Blaster
    • Cybermens speed has been increased so they stand a chance against the Daleks
    • Weeping Angels speed has been increased slightly
    • Sounds have been fixed - They will now automatically be downloaded and installed when minecraft is launched
    • Nether Dalek
    • Nether Special Weapons Dalek
    • Ender Dalek
    • Ender Special Weapons Dalek
    • Empty NPC's
    • Adipose
    • Special Weapons Dalek's lasers will now explode on contact with anything
    • Daleks are now immune to fire
    • Daleks no longer de-spawn
    • Only Nether Daleks will spawn in the Nether
    • Only Ender Daleks will spawn in the End
    • Added Dalek Mod Capes - The capes are optional, however to use the capes you will have to download the Cape files, and these will have to be placed into your "minecraft.jar", else your cape will not work
    New -------------------------------------------
    • New better Model for the 9/10th Sonic Screwdriver
    • Fixed Blue Movie Dalek Bug
    • Added sounds for Cybermen walking
    • The Sonic Screwdriver can now be used to power Redstone Wire! (Just right click on it and it will send a pulse down the wire)

    [url="http://adf.ly/OTbgQ"]Download 1.5.2 Dalek Mod For Forge[/url]
    [url="http://adf.ly/Qboxz"]Download Dalek Mod Cape Files[/url]

    • Download the zip folder from above.
    • Next go to your .minecraft folder and find a folder called "mods"
    • Next put the zip folder your downloaded into your "mods" folder.
    • Next launch up the game, (Using forge) and The mod should work
    If you do not see a folder called mods make one, if this still does not work make sure you have forge installed correctly.

    -DALEKS (Fire lasers, float when falling like Chickens, fight Cybermen and Villagers, drop Dalekanium and Rotten Flesh, varied textures and attack strengths)

    Drone Dalek
    Eternal Dalek
    80s Dalek
    60s Dalek
    Special Weapons Dalek (shoots explosive lasers that scatter fire, drops SWD Statue)
    Ender Dalek (Spawns in the End, teleports)
    Ender Special Weapons Dalek (spawns in the End, teleports)
    Gold Dalek
    Movie Dalek Black
    Movie Dalek Blue
    Movie Dalek Red (cut down doors)
    Imperial Dalek (fights Renegade Dalek)
    Ironside Dalek (can be crafted and tamed, will defend you)
    Marine Dalek (spawns in water, swims)
    Nether Dalek (spawns in Nether)
    Nether Special Weapons Dalek (spawns in Nether)
    Renegade Dalek (fights Imperial Dalek)
    Scientist Dalek
    Stone Dalek (slower fire rate)
    Strategist Dalek
    Supreme Dalek White
    Supreme Dalek Red

    -CYBERMEN (fight Daleks, drop Iron and Rotten Flesh, upgrade Villagers)

    80s Cyberman
    Cybus Cyberman
    Cybus Cyberleader
    Cyberiad Cybermen (Coming soon, faster speed, can teleport behind player)

    -EMPTY MOBS (attack and infect Villagers, drop Iron and Rotten Flesh)

    Empty Child
    Empty NPC
    Empty Villager (spawns when an Empty Child/NPC kills a Villager)

    -DAVROS (drops Iron and Rotten Flesh)
    -AUTON (2 variants)
    -K9 (tamable with right-click, will defend and follow you)
    -WEEPING ANGELS (don't move while you look at them, extinguish Torches, only killable with a Pickaxe on hard mode, drops Cobblestone)
    -ICE WARRIORS (hostile when attacked)
    -CLARA (follows you, has 5 different variants)


    -BESSIE (Drivable, spawns in dungeon chests)
    -RIVER'S DIARY (Right click, Allows you to regenerate into any Doctor, spawns in Dungeon Chests)
    -VORTEX MANIPULATOR (right click, enter co-ordinates to teleport to them, requires rift energy)
    -RIFT SLAB (gives you rift energy when standing on top of it, spawns in the world randomly)
    -DALEKANIUM (drops from Daleks, craftable into armour)
    -TARDIS (craftable, open with TARDIS Key, right-click with Sonic Screwdriver to go to the End)
    -SONIC SCREWDRIVER (two variants, opens Iron Doors, activates Redstone Lamps, TNT and Redstone Wire, more coming soon)
    -SONIC BLASTER (removes blocks)

    -STORY MODE (allows you to play as the Doctor and play through episodes from the TV series! Coming soon)
    -SKARO WORLD TYPE (Generate a new world filled with Skaro Sand and black water)

    The sonic screwdrivers can be used at the moment for lighting TNT, lighting up a Redstone Lamp And also open Iron Doors, I am also looking into making it so that you can use the sonic screwdriver to inter-fear with redstone current as well as mobs

    Each Dalek has a health of 30 where as Davros has a Health of 40, all the Daleks will follow Davros if nearby. If you attack the Empty Child It Will Start Saying "Mummy, Are you my Mummy" and "Mummy" this will be changed in a later updated so it starts talking when it gets within say 4 or 5 blocks from you.

    [url="http://adf.ly/Obj3G"]Download Dalek Mod 1.5[/url].2
    If your game freezes or your sounds do not work you will need to download the backup sound files from [url="http://adf.ly/QyubE"]here[/url]and place the folder into your sound3 folder located in resources in .minecraft

    To get a cape for your player, first you need to goto my site [url="http://fongames.comuf.com"]here[/url] and register for an account (This is required to that you can assign the cape to your player) next you will need to [url="http://fongames.comuf.com/login.php"]login[/url], once you have logged in you can then goto the [url="http://fongames.comuf.com/capes.php"]Dalek Mod Capes[/url] page and select a cape you wish to use (More will be added), once you have selected a cape, you should be returned to the home page and a message should appear saying "Your cape has been Updated". Next you will have to open minecraft, then if you have done everything correctly you should see you cape!

    Remember when you register you make sure that your Minecraft Username is correct, and that it is all in the same case, else the cape may not work.

    If you have any problems with the new capes just message me and I can see about fixing it, or if you have set your username wrong, I would add an option to change the username, however I don't want people sticking in peoples usernames and changing their capes.

    if you are using forge you will need to download the cape files from[url="http://adf.ly/Qboxz"] [/url][url="http://adf.ly/Qboxz"]here[/url], and place them into your minecraft.jar else they will not work

    I am sorry if not everything is included on the main post, it messed up and I am working on re writing it, everything will be back on here in a bit! - 1WTC

    Can you please on the 1.6 update make the tardis bigger actually on the inside instead of it just being a picture well if its possible
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    Happy Independence Day Everyone!
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