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    I really can't wait to see how 1.8 will change everything up! I'm also looking forward to the Xbox version. It really should be epic.
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    I'll try to highlight what I can, and explain why some of the items can't or probably won't be done.
    Quote from Trippledot
    At least so we can see some improvement in the general forum layout, since it has hardly changed since this software was introduced (as far as I can tell)

    The reason for this is pretty simple: Curse has grown exponentially since they took us on. Not only are we an extremely high-trafficed site, but we're not their only one. I think they also host the main Terraria forums, if I'm not mistaken. They're extremely busy right now and keeping this place online trumps making improvements. If your house has a leaky roof, do you put up new wallpaper? It's one of the reasons they're looking for more employees. Improvements will happen around here eventually, but first they're going to make sure the roof isn't going to collapse. :smile.gif:

    -No advanced search button, have to clear the search area then press "search" to bring it up

    -Limited search options, sorts by topic popularity rather than last post
    -Minor forum graphical improvements, duller headers, fixing the box around the search e.g..
    -No "save as draft" option for posts?
    -With limited internet speeds/reliability, forums become unusable, needs a lite theme or something.

    There are a lot of details like this that they are aware of. Added to this, is like how when you click the Quick Reply box, it expands but doesn't place the cursor in it.

    -Overly complicated Profile/User settings, can be quite difficult for new users to find what/where to go

    This is really a function of the IPB software we're in. I'm not sure that it can be made any more simple.

    -Horrid signature restrictions, not too bad, but some people like having a little freedom.

    Horrid, but not too bad? :wink.gif: These are always being considered. Granted, if they're relaxed they won't be relaxed very much.

    -Limit accessibility to new users, preventing spam-bots (new users) from using links, images, videos, signatures.

    We're always looking at ways to limit the spammers, and the current restrictions have been very effective so far in that effort. We don't want to overly-restrict valid new users, however, so limiting stuff like links, images, videos, and sigs will only be done if they have to be.

    -Community representative? someone hired by the community to be a PR rep. tell the mods what we want, and give us what is and isn't possible.

    This probably won't happen more than is already in place. This subforum, the Help subforum, and the Moderators and Admins themselves are really very open, and even if we don't respond to everything, everything is read, particularly in this forum. If something wouldn't be feasible without a PR rep, it wouldn't be any easier with one. PR reps are typically for those companies that need to be careful with what they say, and we are about as open as we can be. If something changes that everyone needs to know about, Sach or WedTM will put it up on the main page. Feedback provided in these subforums are read and considered, and action is taken if possible.

    -Add a "report disruptive advertising" button?

    This should be a rare occurrence. Disruptive, meaning pop-ups, are not supposed to happen, and should be so rare that we don't need a button for it. IF you do find one of these occurrences, please snap a screenshot and PM it to citricsquid and he will take care of it.
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    Oh for the love of God....

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    As muuurgh said, both.

    The Forum Rules are the global rules that apply everywhere. Users are expected to be on their best behavior at all times.

    The Section-specific Rules, where applicable, are additional rules that apply to that particular section. These are less behavioral rules, and more operational, but are no less important to follow.

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    ^That assumes that the user will be part of the community and have their signature seen in the course of normal discussion, and not just trying to advertise their server here.

    This is the problem with a forum-based server list. No, you're not allowed to bump. Every thread gets equal rights to exposure, just as in the rest of the forum, so we do not allow attempts to put your server above others. Those found will be Warned, and may have their threads removed, as stated here: http://www.minecraft...n-beta-servers/

    As mentioned, put a link in your signature. That is the amount of exposure you are limited to outside of a normal forum-thread discussion.

    There are other sites out there that have non-forum lists that can help with exposure.

    The main point, I suppose, is that our forums are NOT set up to be free advertising for your server, merely a place where you can have a discussion about the servers.
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    I'm not really sure what you are asking for. You are explosionmaker, and that account is not banned, since you are able to post.
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    As said above, it helps the modders. And every once in a while a good, well-thought-out idea can gain notoriety. That happens less and less these days, though.

    The truth of the matter is that the Suggestions Forum is what is known as a "sink." Mechanical or electrical components may have "heat sinks" to draw heat off them, lest the heat damage them. Like so: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_sink

    So the Suggestions Forum is really nothing more than a "Suggestions Sink." We know Mojang doesn't look at these forums. But if we didn't have a place that would draw in and contain the suggestions, they'd be spilling out everywhere like in General Discussion and Beta.

    We can't disallow suggestions. That wouldn't work, and we wouldn't want to try. People have the right to speak their mind, within the Rules and within reason.

    Short answer: Because we need a place to put them.
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    Closed pending investigation.
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    Notch does not own or run this site. Any revenue earned from the ads here goes to Curse towards running and maintaining the servers that keep the site online and in good condition.

    This thread will not be closed or removed, as it is not breaking any rules.
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    Use of textures, even as a starting point, is a no-no unless you have full permission from the user you started from AND give them credit where it is due. This thread will be closed and your links removed from the OP. Do not do this again.
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    Closed at OP Request.
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    Rps belong in Forum Games. If you don't want to stay there for a while, then don't. We're not a Rp forum, so we're not going to be catering to Off-Topic any more than we already are.
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    Redstone is sufficient for now. We already have too many subforums, and adding more would just muddy the waters further.
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    Quote from ail_t

    There used to be a bump topic button. Yeah, I miss that.

    Not here, nor on the old software. It didn't exist here.

    Even for server threads, bumping is a no-no. I don't care how much exposure you want your server to have, everyone has equal rights to be seen, so bumping is not allowed. I'm with Sach that I'd rather see Whitelist applications be done by PM.

    My preferred alternative for servers is to move them off the boards completely and onto a system akin to this, that is sortable and filterable, so bumping is irrelevant and people can easily find (for example) which servers are looking for players, which servers have pvp, which servers have won awards, etc. But that would take some custom software to be written and wouldn't happen anytime soon, if at all.
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