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    posted a message on Conquest_ [WIP there is always more to come]
    This is my new favorite pack. Equal to Misa's in my opinion. It's unique, but not annoyingly so. Love the use of CTM, and can't wait to see more!Just two suggestions, as you move forward. They're not critical, just minor things I've noticed:1) The glowstone doesn't quite look natural outside the Nether. It's very close to the Redstone Lamp texture. I see where you were going, to give the Lamp look without needing a power source, but those really aren't hard to do. Just a recommendation. Maybe a less Nethery "compressed dust" block?2) More importantly, in my eyes, are the bookshelves. Very well done, but could really use a lot more color variation and many more CTM alternates. Blue and Green, mostly, with maybe come leaning, some stacked on their sides, knickknacks sitting in them? Those would be wonderful for large libraries.I don't know if these have been suggest before, I haven't gone through all 73 pages, but if so, feel free to ignore me. You're welcome to do so anyways. Best of luck!
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    posted a message on Minecon Tickets Announced!
    Quote from Plutarch

    Awesome. I might be going. Just have to purchase the tickets on either the 3rd or 1st day. Those will be the best since the 3rd starts at 12:00 AM in the morning when all the little kids are asleep and on the 1st, I won't have to stress over it on the 3rd day. Also, doesn't the MCF team get in for free like in 2012 or was that only last year?

    It's really not the little kids that you have to worry about....they don't have $150 in any case. It's the losers buying all the batches they can to resell them at a premium on Stub Hub that you need to watch for.

    Thankfully the batch limit of 6 tickets should slow them down, but I highly recommend making your purchase as soon as they're made available.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.20.1+ UPDATED 1 AUG 2023!

    First, thank you so much for your dedication to this pack. I can't really imagine the amount of time and effort you must spend on this, but I CAN tell that it's a good deal more than almost every other pack creator out there. It shows! Any time I hear of a good pack, I'll test it out and see what I like or don't. And while there may be some good textures used, there is almost always some problem with it, like cobble not looking like it could have come from the smooth stone, or lighting artifacts when they try to do torch flicker....something almost always is apparent that is of lower quality. When a creator says "eh, it's good enough like this," you really can tell. And I don't see that with you. I love ALL your textures in game, and your lighting is immaculate. Your use of CTM is very well done, noticeable and enhancing, but subtle enough to not break the scene.

    If I could make a recommendation, though, the glass effect on the thin Glass Panes is less than I prefer. I actually love the look through the Blocks, since that multiplies the effect, or so it seems. A stronger effect would make the Panes "pop" some more. Maybe an option for your Alternatives WIP?

    My only lament is that for whatever reason, MCPatcher crashes my computer HARD, a flash freeze so powerful that it resets my MC statistics. I keep trying MCP with each new release, but until one works I will have to *sniff* stay with Optifine. But that is on me; I think there might be a conflict with my computer. I certainly want to get back on MCP asap.

    So needless to say, your pack is the ONLY one I use, and I pimp it on my server whenever I can. This thread is TinyURL'd and bookmarked so I can easily give it out.

    Some of these were back before I stopped using MCP, as can be seen by the glass.....I so miss that glass.

    I completely agree with your view on horses, except that I'm sure that even if the model doesn't change, yours will STILL look the best around.

    Anyways, my one question is in regard to the carpets, and what ideas you might have for them? In the black and white tile pic, it looks like you have some use that are more textured versions of their wool colors. Will that be what they all shall look like? Or might some of them have CTM support and look more like fancy rugs with the primary color based on the wool used?

    Again, thank you for your effort with this pack; you've made Minecraft so much more enjoyable for so many of us.

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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Just so you know, Norton removed the file upon finding a "WS_Reputation" virus. That was from the adfly link.
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    posted a message on VeteranCraft - iConomy, Residence, MCMMO, No Whitelist - For Mature Players
    I came upon this server last night, somehow missing it until now, and I think for the FIRST time since I started playing Minecraft that this is a public server I want to be a part of. iConomy and Residence alone are done so well, and the setup is perfect for those like myself who enjoy playing with others....but who don't want to deal with "little Timmy." I hope to get a lot of good use out of Veterancraft, thanks!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Turns 3 Years Old Today
    Happy Birthday, MC! Many happy returns!
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    posted a message on My age may restrict it......
    It's good to keep in mind that there are not hard and fast rules to the process.

    Does post count matter? No. Quality does matter, but it's more than just quality. There have been some exceptionally educated and well-spoken members that frankly I would never want to see as a mod. It's evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Myself, when looking at posting habits, I look at whether a member is a part of the community. Are they concerned with the well-being of the community, or are they just looking for something to do? Are they looking for an e-peen, or are they here for the long-haul. And most importantly, would they still be a respectful and contributing part of the community even if they are denied the position?

    It may not be true in every case, but it's certainly on my mind: "Those who seek power are the people from whom it must be kept." I would much rather find a moderator out of a quality member with no interest of responsibility than to wade through the applications. That's not to say the mods hired by application aren't worthy, it's just my own preference.

    Quote from TheIslander302
    How is it time-consuming? Just the fact that you spend most of your time on Forums moderating and not just posting for fun?

    It's a lot better than it was. There was a time when we were unable to keep up with the flood of reports, and the old software was so slow that by the time we finished with one report, three had been filed in its place. We have almost enough staff now to ensure that the active reports are kept to a minimum, mostly.
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    posted a message on Let me get this stright...
    By agreeing to the Terms of Service when you signed up for this site, you not only agreed to follow the Rules as set by the staff, but also to accept personal responsibility for breaking those rules. Not just the major ones, nor just the ones you want to follow; all of them. No user is above the Rules, and just because a particular rule isn't agreed with does NOT mean it doesn't have to be followed.

    Quote from frogmaster

    not one of you have made an valid argument as to why some jerk gave me a warning.

    Beltir has clearly stated which rules were violated in this case. I am trying not to assume that your refusal to acknowledge these points is just trolling, so I will attempt to explain it further.

    Our Admins and Moderators do not like giving Warnings. It's time consuming and demoralizing. They frequently try to only hand out unofficial warnings, when they can, and try to correct the behavior.

    We also dislike discussing the particulars of any situation in public. Beltir and now I are only doing so because you desire it that way. Feel free to request that this be made a private discussion at any time.

    If you had simply posted in an old thread accidentally, heck, that happens all the time. We don't pass out Warning Points each time a kid sees an old thread and makes a comment. The staff will PM the user and inform them of what they did. 9 times out of 10, the user will apologize and that will be the end of it.

    Official Warning Points are handed out for Necrothreadia (and other minor rule violations) based on 1) repeated behavior, 2) severity of the infraction, and 3) coupled with other rule violations.

    I will repeat what Beltir stated: Your Warning Point was issued NOT just because you posted in an old thread, but because you also did it twice, and flamed/baited while doing it.

    Again, I'm trying not to assume that you intentionally avoided Beltir's post. We are not "jerks" simply because you broke 3 rules at once and were called on it. We are one of the most active forums on the entire Internet and you will not get special treatment from us just because you do not agree with our actions. Acceptance that ALL the Forum Rules must be adhered to will be critical if you want to keep posting here, but if you honestly believe that this forum makes Minecraft look like trash, by all means find a site that better suits your needs.
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    posted a message on So... Why is the forum avatar limit set to 50kb?
    Any changes to limits would have been made by Curse, and done so to maintain site stability. We are a VERY large site, I believe citricsquid said we're like the fourth largest forum on the entire internet, and maintaining the integrity of the site is "job #1." Changes are constantly made to improve the stability, so we don't see 502 and 503 errors. This ranges from removing the ability to see who is online, to restrictions to the search function, and yes, to avatar and signature sizes.

    As to the limits of avatars (and signatures), I will say what I always say:
    1. We're a Minecraft forum, not a avatar and signature forum. We allow these personalizations, but only to a certain extent. A user's e-peen is not our concern.
    2. If you can't say or show it within the stated limits, it's probably not worth showing anyways.
    My recommendation is to cut your frames. You have 34 frames in that GIF, which is pretty high. Try cutting it down and see if that helps. Just as a test I cut out half of them, and it was still watchable (although I don't have the higher-quality version to be sure).
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    posted a message on How to downgrade a post?
    Being able to lower reputation is an open invitation for problems. We try and keep these forums a positive place, and in many cases being able to downvote a post or user can lead to the user feeling unwelcome or unappreciated. If you have something negative to say to a user, make a constructive and courteous post to do so.

    Besides, in my experience, downvoting can easily be abused:
    • Spite: "I made a similar suggestion, so I'm going to downvote it so mine looks better."
    • Envy: "I can't make anything this good, and I'm awesome, so I will downvote him to put him in his place."
    • Retaliation: "He griefed me in Minecraft, so I'm going to downvote everything he does."
    • Troll: "Downvoting everyone is a fun way to make everyone mad!"
    • Grammar Nazi: "This post has spelling errors, so I will downvote."
    None of the above would have anything to do with the value of the post that was made. Of course, there are positive abuses, too, but we'd rather have the positive abuse than the negative. It's a choice.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from Viewtivision

    I have followed the directions correctly (read through the whole instruction process). When I start up magic launcher and view any of the Opti Fine versions after installing the shaders, it's listed that any and all of the OptiFine versions have 1 error. As a result I'm not able to play. I've got backups of the minecraft.jar's so it's no big deal I can just throw the back up in and it's fine... I'm just not sure what the issue is. Any solutions/ideas to get the shaders working? :S

    I was getting this too. To fix, do NOT use Magic Launcher, but install OptiFine manually. There may be a way to get Magic Launcher to play nice, but it was just simpler for me to install it manually.

    I love this shader, and thank you very much, Sonic Ether. My only complaint about the shader is, yeah, still "omg, torches don't work!" Is there an option in the shader settings (I assume final.fsh?) to brighten the light levels of the sources?
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    posted a message on Subforum in OT for personal advice?
    While we sympathize with all the random stuff like that, the truth is that this is a Minecraft forum, not an OT forum. We've provided some basic and broad divisions for OT, but creating a subforum for highly specific topics like personal advice is a very slippery slope, and can lead to a lot of requests for other subforums.

    We'll discuss it internally as we always do, but I, for one, would not want to see any additional OT subforums. There are plenty of forums around the internet if people really need that level of personal advice.
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    posted a message on What are your oppinions on the most recent forum change?
    Quote from Sheepz

    Everything in profile feed is posted by the member now, it felt odd for the fact that i had rage about me being a faggot posted by me.
    Now how odd is that.

    That's a bug, it's been noted and will be fixed.
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    posted a message on Forums Still Unbearbly Slow, Plagued By Constant Loading Issues
    Even God took 6 days to create the Universe. This is a major update. Not everything will be perfect instantly. Patience, please.
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    posted a message on Moderator Expectations?
    The Forum Admins look for new staff from the applications when they feel their section is in need of new or additional Sectional Moderators. There are general characteristics that are considered, particularly maturity, but interest in a particular section, moderating availability, etc. are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on their needs.

    If you feel you are able to be a suitable moderator, feel free to apply. Just keep in mind that we have hundreds of applications on file, and very few positions to fill at any one time, if any.

    EDIT: For a bit more information on actual expectations of our Moderators, they are basically expected to enforce the Forum Rules as are set by the Administration.

    This includes being available on a regular basis to help clean up reports of rule breaking, appropriately issuing warnings and suspensions, managing the threads in the sections they're assigned to, and keeping an eye on member behavior.

    Sectional Moderators are, as a rule, regular Members with duties to help us keep the forums in order. They are not expected to make decisions about the site itself, but their opinions are sometimes gathered for information.
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