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    IGN: LightAndShadow18

    Jobs: Student, Periodically a Shopkeeper

    Rp Name: Ishimaru Masahiro

    Why u want to play: These Yandere servers are the bomb(s)!

    Time that your on and off(Important): Weekends at 12pm-5pm or 6-9pm, and sometimes on Fridays and Wednwsdays at 5pm-7pm or on Friday at 7pm-10pm

    Personality(ex:Evil and Good): Chill | Heroic (When In Guardian Form (You'll find this in the "Fate" section) | Overall, Pretty Cool

    Fate: Ishimaru was in a family, ALL in the army except him, because he was working at a police station since he was 2, and was also going to school. Then, one day,when him and Garon Shimudo were play fighting, all of a sudden- a blade of lightning appeared out of nowhere and stabbed Garon in the neck. He was dead, and everyone hated him. Eventually, he knew how to control the lightning, AKA Arc, at his will. So eventually his reputation went back up. But then, a few days later, he saw a girl named Yandere-chan stab a fellow student in the back in Middle school. Since then, he's been training with the Arc. However, whenever he activates the Arc, he becomes suited into a suit of armor, called the Bladedancer Hunter's armor. He then realized that he was a legend. He can summon storms by- grenades...? And can teleport, and sometimes even double jump at great heights. Even if he died during this mode, he can respawn (because this is Sci-Fi Destiny Reference). He can die when he's not in Guardian stance and/or is out of stamina/energy during Guardian stance. Ever since then, he has been waiting for Yandere to kill someone in high school, so he can settle it with her. (Btw, Ishimaru is a Senior student in the high school).

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