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    Quote from Hymn »
    Rolling through the tutorial install, as close to the letter as possible. After getting to the ifconfig portion, my eth0 does not show an assigned IP address, what should I check to fix this?

    Check to make sure in MineOS hardware settings in VBox you have your network connection set to Bridged.
    2:00 mark show's what to do.
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    Quote from hexparrot »

    FTP was a source of a few dozen problems in the last release--people somehow managed to find a way to make it not work. Luckily, FTP problems are of the past, but WILL involve the MineOS admin to use a different protocol "SFTP" or "SCP".

    It seems SFTP is supported by your FireFTP, so you simply need to change the port to 22 instead of the default FTP port. I will not provide an easy way to delete worlds, as user-error is evidently so great, I never want somebody to inadvertently delete their worlds and wonder 'why didnt you ask for like 4 confirmations before i did that!?'

    As far as importing an existing world, ZIP it up, and you can use the import feature on the web-admin page.


    FireFTP does NOT connect. I tried WINSCP and connected instantly.
    Figured you'd find this a worth while note in case someone else asks.

    No need to read Code area...
    I thought of trying port 22, after looking at the firewall ports that you had open. (read how to in another post of yours.)
    FireFTP just sits there and attempts to connects and times out. I'll try a client FTP later after my last class of the day.

    The reason I asked is because all three worlds has large mountains and has all my friends spawn in the water about 5+ out.
    If I could make a suggestion on the deletion thought. I got this idea from World of Warcraft, and a few other games do this too. If the user wants to delete a world. Why not have it where they have to type DELETE to confirm. Then, if they happen to make the wrong selection, they still have backups.

    Like I said, just a thought/idea coming from a Sophmore Computer Science major still learning how things work lol.

    Quote from mogey »
    Hex how do I change the port the webserver runs on. Im not familiar for linux so could you guide me step by step? Also how do I change the web interface password?

    To change the password is shown in the video tutorial on the homepage.
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    Thanks for the great work! I just installed the MineOS in VBox (fan user). Only bumps I had was:
    Password not working while installing and setup until I restarted the OS
    When I needed to shut it down, not restart, I didn't see an option, so I told it to restart and when it showed the VBox logo, I force shut down. If there is an option, then it's just another reason to say I'm blind lol.
    Web UI works, but has no option of deleting a world and starting fresh. Nothing terrible, if I can get FTP access.
    And lastly, and I still can't figure this out, I can't FTP, just sits there trying to connect, and times out. I'd love to transfer my old world over that my friend and I can continue on. (Only playing LAN, so not worried over security)

    Thanks again for all the work. I'm calling it a night, got classes in the morning. Gotta love college.

    Edit: I'm using FireFTP addon for Firefox, if that makes a difference.
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    If you don't want monsters, open the server.properties in notepad, edit the line that says "spawn monsters=true" to false.

    Second, and this is with little minecraft experience, You have to have a modded server to use addons.

    If you are just playing by yourself in Singleplayer, change the difficulty to Peaceful.
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    Quote from Badzilla »
    Well, this sucks. I was trying to set up an elevator and my guy ended up in the cart with a sign stuck in it. Could not get out could not destroy the sign and could not destroy the cart.
    I logged out and back in and died instantly loosing all of my mats. Respawned and went back there and no mats and my guy was still there stuck in the cart/sign.
    I shut down the server and brought it back up and went to log in and there was an update that got loaded.
    Now can't play at all. There is an error message and you get bounced back to the launch screen.
    This totally sucks!
    The message says downloading terrain then an error message.
    Connection Lost
    Internal exception: java.io.UTFDataFormatException: malformed input around byte 6

    I had this issue before. It's either:
    Server needs updated. Copy the world(s) out of the server folder then reinstall the server. From what I know, most modified servers are not up to date, but the one on minecraft.net is up to date.
    After deleting the server, saving the world and other settings/mods for later use, start up a completely new fresh server, let it make a world just in case. Log in, if successful, log out, shut down the server, delete the New World and put yours in, start up the server and log in.
    If you ran any special mods, I really can't explain the effects. I know on my single player world I can't access a chest due to stacked items, I think.

    If anything else, you may need to update your firewall settings for Minecraft and Java. I don't know what I did to my Zonealarm to allow my server and client and have no issues, but that lasted a day till the update came out today. Eh... (Can't stop using zonealarm or my family who is paying for part of my college will, well you get the idea...)

    Anyways, I and my friends in my dorm love this mod, had a air system going on for the fun of it, can't wait till I can get it on the new updated server again soon.
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