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    posted a message on Looking for a griefing server.
    My server allows grieifing, mainly for the fact if the owner of the area doesn't protect properly, it's their fault.


    Towns die off from time to time, great sources for raiding.
    We use Towny for claiming territory, make towns though is not required.
    We don't use factions or McMMO. We used to have a good MCJobs plugin, but I've been getting reports of not getting payed all the time like they should be. Still looking for a decent replacement.

    Many plugins, each and everyone of them have a good reason.
    Quick listing of of them is:
    • Economy: ChestShops, VillagerShops, Signbanks
    • Teleporting: xWarp, Home, TPA - All teleporting has a warmup/cooldown timers. No teleport-ninjas.
    • Fun: MobArena, Event Nights of Minigames with Staff, Diablodrops (randomly enchanted weapons and gear from monsters), PVP open almost anywhere.
    We also have a separate Creative world, where Griefing is not permitted though.
    Much more detail at our PMC listing.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1][SP/MP][Mini-Game]Zombie Arena 3
    Really like it. Though with all the commandblocks, it's a pain to go through and edit them all to only effect the players in that world without effecting all the players on a multi-world server.

    Though there is more to it, but when using @a[Variables] (Not to be confused with @p), adding in with the variables a range as r=5000 keeps the effects to just the players in that world. 5000 is a bit much, but you can set it as high as one would want, as long as it covers just the players in that world.
    Game rules on the other hand, the server admin/owner has to be a little creative and use other plugins at hand to make the necessary changes so gamerules command is not used. I use MultiVerse and Towny, so basically all the features are set just fine. Along with MultiVerse's AdventureWorld plugin, it keeps things interesting.

    Those who say their minigames are server friendly, that may be true, to a point, until they use the @a and gamerules commands. Then it's only friendly to server of only one world, the minigame/adventure world.
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    posted a message on Dynmap - Dynamic web-based maps for Minecraft
    I've tried asking on the IRC, but even with a number of people idling on it, not much chatter.
    I've been having issues trying to do a fullrender on my server for a long time. I'm not sure if it's something in the config that I'm overlooking, and have the renderqueuesave setting set to true, but that doesn't seem to do a thing after server restarts or even a dynmap reload.
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    posted a message on Dynmap - Dynamic web-based maps for Minecraft
    Quote from Nekuroi

    I enable it, but then the maps turns black, If you clic the map in the list you get to see it, but the components seems to be unloaded:
    No player list
    No clock
    No Towny-Dynmap
    No marks, location, etc.

    After updating our server to MC 1.5, I've noticed the same issue. I haven't touched the config file in weeks.
    We have towny, mobs, and plotme dynmap plugins, none are showing, no clock, no markers for global xwarps, not even the paper icon to choose what to show and what not to.
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    Suggestion for dedicated servers:
    Change all @a in the command blocks to @p[range of let's say 200].

    This would fix issues with servers adding this map and doesn't want the buttons to effect all players on the server, just on the world.

    I haven't messed with command blocks to really understand all you have done, though I'm learning from what you did.

    edit: meant @p, not @r. mistook r as range.
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    posted a message on [1.5][SP/MP][Mini-Game] Zombie Arena
    I've recently added this to my server. Though the bugs mentioned before me, it looks good.
    One major flaw, might be MC related and no way of limiting it. When a command block uses @a, it does everyone on the server, not just the world.
    On my server, we run multiple worlds, most are linked survival. This would have been a nice addition as a non-linked survival for fun.
    Looking forward to updates either way!

    Do Not Join My Server Expecting To Play On Zombie Arena Until The @a Issue Is Fixed.
    The issue is, when someone hits a button, it effects everyone, not just the Zombie Arena World.
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    posted a message on NeuronHosting || CHEAP || OWNED HARDWARE || 5 DAY REFUND || DEDICATED RAM || PLANS STARTING AT $2.50/MO || 15% OFF SALE
    Quote from FallenKnight123

    hi i was wondering if its possible to get a custom server with 2gb of ram?

    I've been looking around for a host for 2GB ram as well. I like what I read here, I may just get the 3GB plan. Though I plan to have the server capped at no more than 20 slots for now. Most of the players on my server prefer playing on small servers, so going to more than 20 I may lose some of the good players I have.

    edit: Scratch that, No SSH control.
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    posted a message on MineCraft Query System
    As I wait for my files to be moved from one Server Host to a new (better) host, I've been doing some looking around on a couple topics of concern about my server.

    Quick run down:
    I've been running my own server, learning from trial and error, rarely reading guides of proper administration. Why? I first been running the server for my own hobby fun and for RL friends. MCDen, the name of my server, has been around for well over a year, been pretty well with only 1GB and 10 slots without much of a need to improve on that. Using CraftBukkit and Spout with very many plugins, about 1/3-1/2 of them essentially needed in one form or another.

    I usually keep an eye out on what server lists we are on and add them to our vote page on our site (blog) for players to vote and gain some McDough (in other words, money). I have come along one server list that I find as a big concern.

    We don't display all of your plugins, either on our site or ingame, to prevent people finding easy ways around our security. Many plugins are hidden. I don't even show what Permissions Plugin we use.

    This one server list does not seem to have any kind of concern about showing every single plugin on servers. There doesn't seem to be some kind of login system to claim my server and monitor comments or limit what can and cannot be shown.

    Sure, I could disable the minequery system, but that removes features such as player listings. After doing some looking around, I noticed from MineStatus that MineQuery is no longer supported by them and, just a guess, the author(s) of MineQuery no longer manage the plugin.

    My questions are:
    Is MineQuery for CraftBukkit really dead and everyone using the internal MineCraft Query system as MineStatus says?
    Any way to limit what plugins my server displays to server lists without disabling the whole Query system?
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    posted a message on MCDen - [16+Mature][Survival][MultiWorld][PVP][Raiding/Griefing][Towny]
    Want to thank the few players who have visited our server. We have made a few minor changes (some things I've overlooked) while keeping a few things as is. Please do not complain about issues after joining. See what we have before complaining of lacked features, bad setups, or inactivity. We are trying to get more active players.
    For the most popular questions asked lately:

    Why is there timers on warps?
    We've had people macro warp commands and warp to 3 or 4 and lag out the server while warping so frequently.
    There has been many complaints of people being attacked at randomly and quickly warping away. We set the timer and cancel feature to keep pvp more fair and challenging. As long as the play keeps a chest on them at all times, they will not loose anything. Once 30 minutes have passed, the chest is unlocked and open to anyone to loot.

    Why can't I simply /tp to a friend?
    Due to tp ninjas, we had to make it an accepting tp enforcement. You have to /tpa (name) then they /accept (yourfullname).
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    posted a message on What do you look for in a server
    Lol, someone just wasted a bit of time pasting their advertisement...
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    posted a message on Looking for a small friendly server on 24/7
    I agree with BlameCarson, seeing notcard copy/paste is really just an advertisement that most people would not look at.

    My server has all that you request, though a couple differences.
    We have many plugins, but when it comes down to a fight against a player or mob, it's basically vanilla warfare. It's up to you if you have the gear, enchants, and potions to fight them off.
    There is stealing, but the only way for people to steal is from areas that are not protected by towny, worldguard. or locks (LWC).
    We don't do whitelist, more of a grey list. As our server has been fair inactive of new guests, if anyone joins, actually reads the rules and agrees, they have some member permissions. Then a server staff member has to accept them as a full member.
    We are mature, we only accept people who follow the rules and act mature.
    There is many worlds and more than enough space to stay away from other players if you want to keep a distance.

    The following is a copy paste, but for obvious reasons:
    Many more details can be found on either PlanetMineCraft or our MCDen site.
    Connection IP/URL: mc-den.zapto.org:25566
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    posted a message on MCDen - [16+Mature][Survival][MultiWorld][PVP][Raiding/Griefing][Towny]
    I would like to remind players joining that this is a 16+ Mature server.
    Anyone joining that is not at least 16 years old will be asked to leave. If they do not, we will kick. Followed by a local ban.
    Anyone joining then asking why can't I do this or that will be considered immature for not reading either the signs or /howmember.

    Anyone not even attempting to read the /rules and /agreeing to them will later be kicked. Just do it when you enter the server.
    If a staff member asks you a question about the rules and you ignore, you will be kicked and asked again upon rejoining. This will also be considered immature.

    We want everyone to have fun. We've dealt with immature players in the past and have lost good active members due to annoyances of them. We are being nice by requesting 16+ instead of 18+. Anyone not following the rules, being rude, and annoying anyone will be considered immature and will be asked to leave.

    On a final note. Constantly asking "need help" does not help anyone willing to help you. Just state in chat what you need help with. Thank you.
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    posted a message on MCDen - [16+Mature][Survival][MultiWorld][PVP][Raiding/Griefing][Towny]

    MCDen - Must be Mature join. Small quiet server, 40 slots, no main idea other than survive, create, pvp, and raid. It's just a game, so have fun. If you don't protect, someone else will I maintain it as a hobby and use up my free time. It is a 24/7 server with scheduled auto restarts with prior notifications. We have multiple worlds, all but one is linked and survival. Many plugins and features at hand. Some features accessible only to SpoutCraft users, but still optional. Donations do not allow users to have an overpowered advantage over other players. No one can simple gain staff position. Asking will be ignored, spamming will be banned. Many more details can be found on either PlanetMineCraft or our MCDen site. Connection IP/URL: mc.mine-craft-den.com Any suggestions and comments are welcome. Not all will be accepted as possibly changes to the server. The server is originally meant for friends and friends of friends. Everyone is welcome to join and chat. Anyone can gain Accepted Member status with most Member permissions. Only server Staff can set a player as a Full Member.

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    posted a message on New players being discuraged of staying on server
    Quote from Mew32

    I find big server's unattractive because they force me to travel a great distance before I can build. Also as a new person on a server, i feel on my own with nobody who is willing to be friends in the game.
    I think you shouldn't make the server to big, that way you can have a relation as friends with the players... also you should forbid cheating in anyway, even in creative, for it gives an unfair advantage to admins, mods, etc.

    I like to have fairly large worlds, though I have a world boundaries so people don't go out straight directions and cause large loading spikes. But I also have multiple worlds, planning to add two more in the next MC release for a few good reasons.

    For traveling, I am working on a linked subway system for traveling great distances in a vanilla feel, without teleporting. Still looking for a plugin, haven't looked hard, that limits chunk loading ranges around a player while in minecarts, to cut down ram usage.

    On my server, we're all friendly, er, except one mod which is usually nice, but doesn't like putting up with immature people, but does get the work done. We've had a player repeatedly state that I hate him and hence the reason he feels like he's not wanted on the server. I've put it blunt and simple, if we don't want you, you wouldn't be able to access the server. I've never banned him, yet his friends say we have. I've double checked all the plugins that could be used to ban, hit name is not in any of them, not even the banned-players file.

    We don't allow any cheating of any kind, except if you call using worldedit in the Creative world cheating, then we have one cheat plugin then. But the creative world is meant for creativity for a reason. All players that can access the creative world has access to worldedit and worldguard. Worldguard is allowed in the survival worlds for large projects, or stuff like the subways to be protected from possible future griefers.

    Submitting bug, post showed whole text twice >.>
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    posted a message on New players being discuraged of staying on server
    Quote from DagumBoss

    Seeing as the majority of Minecraft's population seems to consist of 12-15 year old boys with short attention spans, you really have to make a choice. Do you want an in-depth, interactive introduction to the server, or do you want to keep players. People tend to see signs, not read them, and wonder what the hell they're supposed to do. This overload of the senses and cognitive function tends to scare them off. Those people are idiots, but if you want a populated server you've gotta cater to them. I just made a simple, short introduction to my server that the player didn't really have to read at all.

    If you've got a decent staff and community, any questions newbies might have will be answered by them. I've found that using a whitelist is a good way to bring in good players while keeping out bad players. 90% of bad players will see the whitelist app and move along to look at another, less secured server. The other 10% can easily be recognized if you have MCBans and utilize the /lookup command.

    Just my 2 cents, but I'd suggest getting rid of that particular intro system, adopt a more laid back one, and apply a whitelist. One of the owners of Gazamo (One of those huge servers you mentioned) gave me a piece of advice once that, when I've used it, seems to be pretty accurate: "Keep it simple, stupid."

    Thanks for the tips. I don't run a white list, more of a greylist. Personally I'd rather have people who are willing to read, because most of their questions can be answered by the 15min tips or on the site.

    All the server staff answers the questions pretty well, except when we get 3 or more people asking questions at the same time, it gets a bit overwhelming as we haven't had a need for chat channels, most of the time.

    I've taken the first ring out, much more open space. Made it obvious for players to see how to at least exit the room to look around.

    Again, I agree, I'd rather have people who are willing to read than to spam the chat of repeated questions, then complain that it should be done this or that way instead.
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