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    You both are accepted! The RP's going to start now and people can join later. Feel free to post when ever.

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    Hai ! I would like to join in your roleplay! :3 I hope you like my app :

    Name: Cori Farien
    Gender: Female
    Group: Cutie
    Age (15-18): 16
    Personality: Cori is sweet girl. She's kinda shy at first but really opens up to you if you are close to her. She also LOVES anime. :3
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: none.... Yet
    Appearance:Cori has purple-black hair that is mid-neck length. Her eye color is indigo, and she kinda has pale skin.She wears gray short-shorts and a white t-shirt with black sleeves and black converse
    Additional features: gray-blue sweatshirt. Maybe a black headband... BLUE~ ;3
    Bio:Cori's mom died when she was only 7 due to cancer. She has been living with her dad for most of her life but since he works all the time, and hardly ever home she has lived with her grandmother that had powers of seeing parts of the future. Her dad didn't like the "bad infulance" her grandmother gave to her about "seeing the future", some people even called her grandmother a witch. so she just when to daycare until she was old enough to watch herself.
    Powers / Magics: None- that she knows ( maybe minor magic in future...)

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