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    IT'S A TRAP!
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    Well that isn't soo bad. I could just expand the island with cobblestone or dirt, then dig down into ground and make a cave. I would eventually expand the island so much, that it would make one giant island. Build a house, expand the cave, and you are set my friend

    good luck doing that without any wood.
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    Sorry if there is already a topic about this, I didn't really bother to look. Anyways back on topic, I personally dislike them. Not the look of them or anything it just ruins a certain feel of minecraft that I've always enjoyed from the start. I feel like it just can't really be captured in any thing over 32x32. Anyway, just wondering how other people feel about the matter.
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    I'm getting a new Xbox 360, I've had my old one for a long time (it's one of the earliest models), and I felt like I needed a refreshment because my old ones starting to quit on me.
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