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    Quote from Richardants

    :( oh ok my server been crash
    I read to Installation wrong?
    I files mover to ''QuickGuide'' mods here what happen?
    i cant make

    There is no support for server files.

    You can only install this client side with quick guide.

    Server does not have any files for it at all.
    Any attempt to will resault in a crash.

    However I just made a SMP version :D

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    This is not a multiplayer mod.
    You can not craft this in multiplayer.
    There is no SMP version.

    However! There is "QuickGuide" in the topic.

    You can get that to just press a button and see the recipes
    That works in multiplayer!
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    Im sorry. Im not a modder or the creator of the fly mod :smile.gif:

    Please address your complaints to the creator of the mod.
    We dont know what you are talking about.
    And we dont care :smile.gif:

    The modder however. He cares. But he doesnt know to check here.
    You need to tell him this where he can see it :biggrin.gif:
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    Alright. Here is a idea of mine that will never see the light of day.

    When you load a world with cubic chunks there is another mod that also generates ore veins.

    The deeper you go, The rarer the ore is and the bigger the veins get.

    Mods can be built with support for cubic chunks to handle the ore generation, So rare ores in this mod,
    Can only be found below the -300 mark, Among the random speckles of bedrock and obsidian and lakes of lava

    Basically a kind of "addon" for Cubic Chunks to make mining deep more of a challange and more exciting.
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    Sadly you dont spawn right in it. But if you want the full experience.


    For the full experience follow these steps.
    1. Play this in 1.1
    2. Somehow get to -40, 340 on top of the mountain.
    3. Find the crop circle..
    4. Find the secret entrance (no really. Its not clear to the eye)
    5. Wander down it. Be careful!
    6. Come across a ravine like hole. Climb down it.
    7. Look towards the light/water and gasp in envy
    8. Click the green + button

    And for the unbelievers.
    A few quick pics

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    Quote from bushybeardx

    i get an error if you're wondering i have windows 7

    You just won the award for worst bug report ever!
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    jeb_ we see you..

    You better post here about this mod.

    Something along the lines of "pleasepleaseplease come work for us Eloraam" would be nice :biggrin.gif:
    Then eloraam would go "Sorry no. I want to complete my studies"
    Then you go "a million a year!!"

    Edit :

    Yere :\
    You left without seeing this
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    More then half the userbase of 100 players are now using craftguide in the server I play on.
    We use RP + IC + BC so yes..

    "Whats the recipe for this?" "Get craftguide" "What is craftguide?" "Look it up" "Installed. But I cant make it" "Get quickguide too" "Wheres quickguide?" "On the same page as craftguide" "Ok installed. OMG THIS IS EPIC"
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    posted a message on ★★★★★[1.0.0] Stained glass★★★★★
    Im a bit of a jerk but..
    Wheres the damn paypal button!
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    posted a message on Die without reason
    I think he means he ran into invisible cacti
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