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    Hello there. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the Aether mod. You know, floating islands, moas, sheep that float... I used to be part of the Aether team. I was their story writer, Liberty. I'm sure basically no one even knows me, but those who do have been wondering where I disappeared to. What if I told you I was kicked out? What if I told you that there was a secret feud within the team? What if I told you that they've attempted to silence me? To try and erase any trace of my work with the team? They've banned me from multiple places too, believing that the mature way to handle it was to prevent me from talking. But now, I shall speak freely. This is a long story, but I'm sure it'll be well worth your time to listen. I will try to remain as impartial as I can about these events, but please remember that there’s bound to be bias. So, take it with a grain of salt.

    First, there should be some description of the team before these events. We’ve always been a very loosely associated group. There were no contracts or anything, it was about as casual a set up that one could imagine as a work environment. None the less, we managed to be productive.

    It began with Emile, the musician of the group. Emile has been studying a game design course at university and was using it as a means of getting leverage in the group. He and the project leader, King, had known each other five years prior to Gilded Games. Emile knows exactly how to pitch ideas to King and get him to accept them. Their long association would also suggest that the two are naturally more inclined to listen to one another and be more receptive to suggestions to one another.

    He began to slowly insert the notion of absolute control over the project to King. Over time, King accepted this idea and began to be a lot more controlling and micro managing of the group’s activities. There were multiple things we were forbidden from doing, including no story plotting, I couldn’t write out character profiles, King cracked down on us working on any other projects. In multiple instances, King even declared that this was going to be run like a dictatorship. Emile and King were at the top and the rest of the group could only accept their edicts.

    The disagreement between me and them began as something not wholly relevant to the project’s management. Emile had kept insisting on the idea of game-based storytelling being wholly different to other forms of narrative. Keep in mind that he is expecting me to gain full understanding of a topic he was formally studying at a universitydedicated to game design. I felt that I could use my intuition to guess at what needed to be done, but they continued to insist I study the topic further. They didn’t just give me an outline of what they wanted or anything, they just said “study”. The study was not what I had a problem with, but rather their insistence with it. I eventually wrote out a document in which I made my own observations about narrative in games. None of them found any points they disagreed with. But none the less they insisted I study and declared my observations to only be “basic” ones. In order to write anything other than world building, they seriously wanted me to write a document complete with academic sources just to prove that I was competent with my own job that I’ve been doing for months with good results. Keep in mind that they are making demands such as this for volunteer workers and we’re not actually being paid to do anything.

    The conflict around this concept and the gradual control King and Emile were assuming over operations eventually blew out into a month long feud, where I had tried and tried again to voice my concerns about the direction they’re taking, but they simply chose to fully disregard it and continued to make edicts and absolute demands. I’m going to admit that I’m really bad at arguing and debating, which further lead to them solidifying their own personal point of view. I was not the only one who had disagreements with the idea of a dictatorship, either. Literally every other member of the team were hurt by King’s sudden turn around from being a co-worker to a boss on micromanaging steroids. Keeping in mind the previously casual atmosphere, this was truly a turn for the worse.

    Every conflict ended with me being the one having to make amends, apologies and attempts to patch things up. King and Emile had not apologised once for their behaviour or made any gesture of goodwill. This all accumulated to the point where I began talking to the AetherComm chat about what was happening in the studio. This was the final straw for them. They revoked my access to the very documents which I wrote, they banned me from the official Aether Minecraft server, they removed me from every single group chat on Skype and attempted to silence me on every front. I can only presume that they didn’t want the bad publicity. They then declared that I was unable to discuss things in a civil manner at all and gave me several weeks to “cool down”, away from the work which I had been doing for nearly a year and the countless bits and pieces of lore. This was in a private chat with only King and Emile there, as the two are basically inseparable at this point. That was when I decided I couldn’t work with these people anymore.

    Now, what happened next is probably what would make me seem the most unsympathetic in this whole event. I have the publishing rights to all the ideas I had ever made with the studio, as I never signed a contract. I had threatened to take legal action if they even so much as thought about using my work without my permission.

    In the end, I decided against this course of action because it would hurt the people I liked a lot more than the people I hated. Negotiation is based on compromise and neither of them even made an attempt to compromise throughout this entire event. They simply made demands. Each argument ended with me giving in and giving them what they wanted, as opposed to us reaching a mutually agreeable solution. I see no good future for the project if they continue on this path. I bet even if the heavens were tore asunder and the Archangel Michael told them this management model was a bad idea, they’d continue with it anyway.

    Why am I telling you this? Because they have tried their utmost to prevent you from knowing anything. They want to pretend that this didn't happen and I never existed. If you want to keep supporting them, go ahead. Just remember who you're supporting. It's now been over a year since they updated the mod. Just remember that.
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    Before someone be's a **** about it, could you please provide more details as to what your items do, and could we have some screenshots of them please?
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    It's a good server guys! I've been having tons of fun. Iambrendon is also an awesome admin.
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    Quote from presto1234

    quick! get me a mongoose, its in my house!
    but still in all serious matter.
    ive adjusted the spawn of zephyrs to be lower, possibly allowing the spawn on other mobs. but i still cant find any phygs or moa's
    not even swets will appear

    There's a configuration file which allows you to tinker with the spawn rates of mobs. You could make it so zephyrs don't spawn at all if you wanted that.
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    Yeah, I remember a time where I knew nothing about crafting or Minecraft's features. I ended up building a tiny dirt fort which I ended up trapped in during the night, spending the full night not leaving because I didn't know how to make a sword and defend myself, nor did I have a bed to make the night slip away.

    Not exactly a "breath-taking adventure". More like a frustrating misadventure. I only started enjoying myself after reading the wiki and discovering how to craft items.
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