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    Quote from helen269

    Ah, thank you! :-)
    I shall see if I can find out what that class does and if I don't need it I'll take it out of my Zombe's installation.
    Thanks again!

    More specifically, installing zombe after WorldDownloader breaks WorldDownloader (but the game still works); installing WorldDownloader after zombe makes the game crash. Dunno what the cause is, but figured it might give you an idea what the fault is.
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    This mod has a conflict with zombe's modpack over the awr.class file. =\
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    posted a message on I built a giant steve in creative
    generic/10, wouldn't look again

    Seriously, tens of thousands of people have done statues of player skins, it's not impressive at all.
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    posted a message on Death Phrases for when you die
    [name] played with living fire and got burned.
    [name] popped like a balloon.
    [name] poked a cactus, and it poked back.
    [console/command death]
    [name] pressed the self-destruct button.
    [name] never saw it coming.
    [name] was eaten by a grue.
    [name] hugged a creeper.
    [name] was the victim of a suicide bombing.
    [name] was dispensed with.
    [name] does not have gills.
    [name] was fitted for a new pair of concrete shoes.
    [name] meddled in the affairs of dragons.
    [name] was ended.
    [name] should have picked a longer fuse.
    [name] went out with a bang.
    [name] needs a parachute.
    [name] needs to watch their step.
    [name] did not pay attention during fire safety class.
    [name] was slow roasted.
    [name] discovered that ghasts do not suffer the living.
    [name] took a lava bath.
    [name] should avoid those glowing orange pools.
    [name] became a human lightning rod.
    [name] incurred the wrath of the block gods.
    [name] felt the side effects of bad chemistry.
    [name] lost a sniper duel.
    [name] was used for target practice.
    [name] was dissolved by a gelatinous cube.
    [name] should consider arachnopohbia justified.
    [name] ran out of emergency rations.
    [name] forgot to pack a lunch.
    [name] was buried alive.
    [name] has fallen to a new low.
    [name] tried to get to the Nether without a portal.
    [name] became dog food.
    [name] got eaten by a zombie.
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    posted a message on [1.5]KeepMyStats
    Yeah, I gave up on statistics too because every update wiped them out. But now maybe I won't.
    Hope you get a 1.3.1 release out soon, unless the pre-release version still works.
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    posted a message on The exp scale as of 1.3.1
    While I certainly have no complaints about levels being easier to come by, the reduction in maximum levels you can use on an item made Sharpness V, Efficiency V, and Power V impossible to get now.
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    posted a message on How do u defend ur house or base?
    Against mobs, a wall with an overhang to keep out spiders, a moat to keep endermen away from it, and plenty of lighting is enough.

    Against other humans, the only defense is not to be found.
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    posted a message on Is the 100km track achievement bugged?
    The tracks have to be 1000 blocks in a more or less straight line; that is, you have to end up at least 1000 blocks away on the X or Z axis from where you got into the cart. If they curve, zigzag, or double back, it won't be far enough.
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    posted a message on Please do NOT make leather needed for new book recipe!!
    It will indeed suck. I do not approve.

    But it won't change.

    Might as well get out the black sunglasses and deal with it.
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    posted a message on [HELP] weird knocking sound?
    It's a zombie.

    They're drawn to wooden doors, and will try to break them down regardless of your difficulty level.
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    posted a message on What is your least favorite type of underground structure when mining?
    The thing I hate to run into the most is multiple intersecting/overlapping abandoned mineshafts. Which happens WAY too often, since those things are everywhere.

    One time I ran into what was probably FOUR overlapping mine systems. What a mess.
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    posted a message on ShadeCrest Creative | Ranks | WorldEdit | VoxelSniper | Contests | MultiWorld | Dynmap | Teamspeak
    IGN: Liasha
    Age: 35; I'm a cranky old lady. D:
    Been banned: Never.
    How long: Since alpha 1.2.6
    Something in the rules: No griefing; don't touch it if you didn't make it. Respect others. Mind your language. Give others building room to spare. Build realistically, gravity is not your b{bleep}h.
    Pictures of your builds: Hm. Some random things I've built or helped with, in the spoiler block:

    A modest little underground hidey hole. With five floors. 81x81 floors, with this hole in the middle.

    Originally built back in alpha. Made it three times taller in 1.2. That was a terrible mistake. Also visible way down there, a prototype underwater dome, railway tunnel, and the edge of an artificial jungle

    My old digs on my very first world in alpha, with additions/revisions over the years as new stuff comes in. The ridiculous white tower of ridiculousness is in the background.

    A typical portal room.

    The other side.

    A not-so-typical portal room.

    Random trio of linked underwater domes under ice.

    Another underwater project I helped a friend with. He loves underwater stuff. I prefer my air, though.

    Something I built on another server. Would have finished, but I'm sick of its "community" and lack of proactive antigriefing measures.

    Have you played on our survival server? Since when? (/seen): Nope.
    Secret code: 6a
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    Hopefully it means they'll more quickly give up trying to get to blocks they have no way to reach. When I updated to 1.2.4 my cats went nuts trying to walk through walls to get at things to sit on, rather than follow me around.
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    posted a message on Tower up to level 256?
    I extended a used-to-be-skylimit tower on one of my old maps to the new height limit. Now it just looks out of place. You can't even see the ground from the top, or vice versa.
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    posted a message on Why Grief?
    The obvious answers: "Schadenfreude," and "Did it for the lulz."

    They feed off other people's misery. Your delicious tears are their ambrosia. Anguish is intoxicating for them. They're closet sociopaths who'd probably be out doing real crimes if they could get way with it.

    They know they'll get caught, they know they'll get banned, but as long as they ruined someone's day, or at least wasted some admin's time cleaning up the mess, it's "mission accomplished" for them.
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