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    posted a message on Adjacent Coral Doesn’t Die

    As of right now, it is highly impractical to build with Coral as it has to directly be in contact with water.

    The idea is to have Coral blocks check if they are connected to other Coral blocks which are touching water. This could chain up to 6 blocks.

    To clarify, if i have one coral that is directly touching water, i could attach 5 more coral blocks in any direction and they would still survive. This would drastically increase the versatility of Coral for use in building and decorating outside of the oceans.

    In terms of coding, this could work similar to how Scaffolding works in the recent Snap Shots we’ve seen.

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    posted a message on We NEED a useless update.

    Most of these seem like really cool ideas, i dont see much reason why they shouldn’t be implemented. I really like the idea for Bats, having them roam the night sky and then returning home. I like the idea of eating them for night vision, maybe Bat wings could also be made into leather like Rabbit hide can? The night vision when near them is a bit strange and doesnt make much sense.

    Furnace carts, very little problem, i think they have recently increased the duration for coal but im not sure. The major problem i found was they lose a ton of speed when turning but go a long way in a straight line. A simpler way of fueling without player intervention would be to allow it to be filled by hoppers as it passes under them. You could also give it a User Interface that has 5 inventory slots for storing fuel and another slot with a fuel gage next to it where fuel is used (similar to how furnaces show how much longer their fuel will last).

    Gold tools, no real problem. I think that current effects should be more potent on them though rather than letting them have more effects. Maybe enchantments on golden equipment are twice as effective?

    Pigs need a buff, though your buff seems pretty useless. How often is the average player going to ride around the nether on anything, let alone a pig? And with a sudden buff to speed near pigmen, i can see a lot of players speeding off the edges of cliffs into lava. Instead, perhaps ‘using’ the carrot on a stick gives a speed boost at the cost of durability? That way its more consitent and useful so, if you want to get a short distance rapidly, use a pig.

    For Polar Bears and Rabbits, maybe instead of full suits of armour, you only have part of them like with the Turtle Helmet (which gives water breathing)? So Polar Bear Fur could be made into a fur coat (which would give a strength boost) and Rabbit Hide could be made into Rabbit hide boots (for a jump boost). Polar bear fur could also be crafted to make 4 leather.

    I like the alarm clock, it seems really useful. Hopefully it also looks like a clock so it can be used as decoration.

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    posted a message on Using Dark Areas in Survival Building

    Due to how light levels work in Minecraft, we currently can not use dark areas in Survival buildings safely due to hostile mobs spawing. However, this is intended to change that.

    The basic idea is to add a radius to all light sources, double the light source’s light radius, which prevents hostile mobs from spawing. What this would mean is that the effective radius of say a Sea Lantern goes from 8 (as even though it has a light level of 14, mobs spawn in light level 7 or less) to 28.

    This could revolutionise how light sources are used in building, no longer do we have to litter our builds with torches in an attempt to prevent spawning. We can now use dark areas for ambience without worrying about them spawning mobs. We can use less light source blocks and save on resources.

    This would be a lag-free way of reducing hostile mob spawning in player builds as it would not change light levels. It would also not reduce hostile mob spawning in the world in general, only where a light source has been placed down. I realise that this could reduce hostile mobs in the Nether; to combat this, Nether mobs could ignore the ‘no hostile mob spawn’ radius of fire, lava and glowstone. This would allow the player to still build safely in the Nether but without reducing how many hostile mobs spawn.

    Edit: To make it clear, the area inside the radius would be marked as non-spawnable for hostile mobs, the same way blocks like glass are considered non-spawnable by the game.

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    posted a message on Armour stands with arms in survival mode

    i like the idea of this, it would allow non-PC or survival plauers to use armour stands with arms to display more than just armour. The crafting recipe is very simplistic and realistic and the idea has no real down sides. I support this idea : )

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    posted a message on Attaching Leads Between Fences - Decoration

    The idea is very simple, it would allow for leads to be tied to two fences rather than a fence and an animal. This would allow for a rope-like effect which could be very useful for builders. It would be very useful for rope, suspension and draw bridges; telephone wires, electrical cables; rigging on a ship, decorative rope swings, the list goes on and on. This would be a purely decorative feature so no balancing issue would arise. Additionally, due to being quite simple, it shouldn't require much coding.

    As a side note, the rope between posts would not act as any kind of barrier, it is just for aesthetic purposes. There are also no real limitations on distance and the rope between fences would pass through any block, again due to being just for aesthetics. Edit: The only way leads could detach from their posts is if a player detached the lead or if one of the fence posts were destroyed.

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    posted a message on Underwater expansion

    I like some of the ideas in this, i was actually going to post a Coral & Sealife thread the other day (though not with pictures or a lot of the ideas you have in here) but didnt due to the browser crashing and restarting and i didnt want to rewrite the whole thing. Before it crashed, i said that coral and seaweed should be implemented, coral would be a decorative block with some varriants that glow in order to see the sea floor. Seaweed would behave like vines and could grow up to 30 blocks tall. Sea weed (being photosynthetic algae) would produce oxygen which could refill a player's breath meter which would allow for players to easily reach the deeper parts of the ocean and stay down there for longer. Both seaweed and coral could only be placed underwater as they wouldnt be able to survive outside of it.

    In your thread, you mention fishing which seems like a good idea, but for me the ocean feels too empty, there are only squid and guardians in there. What i suggested in the thread i didnt post was to have actual "fish" mobs. You would have the regular "fish" but also "salmon", "clown fish" and "pufferfish" which would drop their respective items (the raw fish, raw salmon, clown fish, and pufferfish items). You would also have Jellyfish and Sharks introduced. Jellyfish would basically be floating cacti which do more damage and would float towards you and deal melee damage (this differs from your idea for them as it is closer to how real life jellyfish behave). Sharks would be mostly passive if you were on full health unless you were too close for too long but, if not on full health, they would be more likely to attack for the less hearts you had. Piranah's could also spawn in jungles and swamps, the Piranah's mob model would look like a group of small fish and, like slimes, they would come in different sizes, the larger the 'group', the more damage per hit they would do.

    I love the new biomes but i dont like the idea of whirlpools as they would cause a lot of lag. I dont like the idea of sea monters you suggested as they dont make sense. Crabs having some magical suction ability? Jellyfish shooting at you? This seems unrealitic, even for minecraft. Also, since when are crabs sea monsters? I do like the sea explorers though, i can imagine them being like worker bees. They could spawn around the sea temple but they swim away from it - up to 30 blocks, for example -and then back towards it (This would be useful as you could follow them back to a temple).

    From the sea structures section, i like the idea of iceburgs (which could offer a new way to get packed ice) and sunken vilages. Floating islands is interesting but i dont think it would work well due to how minecraft generates land. As ive said, whirlpools would cause lag so i dont like the idea of them. Your suggestion of sunken villages gave me the idea of floating villages, these villages would 'float' on the water on top of large circular wooden platforms. The village houses would be made out of the same materials as a regular village but churches could not generate in floating villages due to being entirely cobblestone.

    Overall, with some changes and additions, i support this idea : )

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    posted a message on Suggested 1.13 Update - The Decor Update

    Log fences could be nice as it would add a more natural looking effect for a fence. It would also be used to make a structure look 'make-shift' as you were proping it up with tree branches. For the conecting sections though you would obviously use the sideways log texture so it doesnt look out of place

    As for the stone slabs, you could have it so you can craft stone slabs/stairs (new ones that use the stone texture) into smooth stone slabs/stairs (that use the texture for the old stone slab) by simply putting one into a crafting table. This gives the effct that you are taking your stone shape and cleaning it up so it looks more polished (which explains why the texture looks different to stone).

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