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    Hello! This is a vanilla server for YouTube and for fun, we do want people that can record and post in good quality, and we will want proof of the quality you can record in!

    We are here to have fun! :D

    We are trying to create a community and just see where life takes us.

    To apply to get on, please fill out this application and reply here or send it to me in Skype @ bw00878

    Best of luck to you and have fun :D!

    " * " Means it is required.




    *Maturity (On scale 1-10)-

    *Country you live in (This does not affect your chances)-

    *Hobbies (Building, redstone, etc.)-

    *When did you get Minecraft?-



    Tell us a bit about yourself (Do not overthink this one)-

    Can you have fun :D-

    Once again best of luck to you.
    Contact me on Skype @ bw00878

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