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    All Around Minecraft [1.16.5]

    - Survival - Creative - PvP - Minigames -

    Server Adress: allaroundminecraft.apexmc.co

    Welcome to All Around Minecraft, a Multiverse Server with 4 different Worlds.

    Main Spawn

    The Survival Portal will teleport you to a basic survival world. If you feel bored of the vanilla gaming experience you can attend one of the community built dungeons. From time to time there is going to pop up a new dungeon, so you better be ready! Griefing is forbidden, if you get griefed you can call a mod. He can restore all the damage on punish the griefer!

    Survival GateSurvival SpawnDungeon 2

    The Creative Portal will teleport you to a flatland freebuild world. Once you finished a build, call a moderator to take a look and protect it. It will also get a sign in the museum, so other players can take a look at it. You also have a chance to become part of our builder-team! Should you get griefed while building, just call a mod and he will restore all the damage and punish the griefer!

    Creative GateCreative SpawnCity Build

    The PvP Portal will teleport you to a hard survival world. Griefing and PvP is allowed. You can set up 2 homes and you can claim one 16x16 region to yourself. The compass will show you the closest player with particles and you can simultaneously track a specific player. With a premium rank you can also create a clan and play with other players together! All stats get tracked, so once we have a bigger playerbase, we can make a leaderboard!

    PvP SpawnPvP Soawn

    The Mini-Games Portal won't teleport you yet, because we improve the map. There will be a elytra race map, jump&run race, pvp arena and many more fun games!

    Minigames Gate

    At the main spawn, you can also give feedback what you want to see improved in the future. Also there are little shops, which will lead you to the main shop through an invisible portal. There you can buy all accessories for the main spawn and minigames world. Our currency are diamonds. You can get up to 5 diamonds for voting daily or from events that will happen from time to time.

    As always we are open for feedback, so don't forget to give it down in the comments! We see you on the server! :)

    Server Adress: allaroundminecraft.apexmc.co

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