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    I really love this mod, but I don't find any uses for most of the functions as I don't use them normally. One of the most extraordinary features such as the coordinate display [x y z] is very organized, as well as the direction and fps that comes along with it. I was wondering if you could separate those features and create a new mod having only the coordinates that are displayed as is, direction and fps, but also customizable as you have in your original HUD. Thanks!

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    posted a message on PureMC // Stay a while and listen! [18+] [PvP]{1.8.7} {Towny} [Custom Ranks]

    very good server guys. this server has a lot of cool things to do like survival and creative.

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    posted a message on cant gett onto minecraft pe servers and goes back to phone screen
    When ever i log into a server my phone goes to the screen by it self. Most of the servers dont even work. I play on 0.9.5 on my lg jellybean version phone. I am sure that i have multiplayer on and i did buy the full version of minecraft not trial.
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