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    I'd like to find a solution for this too, I can run Firefox, Bittorrent, Itunes, and Skype all at once and my computer only uses %10-%20 of my CPU. I can run WOW or X3:Terran conflict without a hitch, no lag at all. But Minecraft seems to like to all over my system, my fans run so hard it sounds like a miniature jet turbine, and its quite annoying,
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    Quote from Maxos

    IGN: I don't have one, seems pointless considering how many other things I have for socializing. My Minecraft is: CaptainPacMan


    IGN = In Game Name.

    MineCraft Name = In Game Name.

    +1 to you man, you just made me laugh pretty hard.
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    1.) Ign: LeviFitch

    2.) Skype: Levifitch

    3.) Age (must be over 15): I turn 20 tomorrow.

    4.) Time of play on MC? About 5-6 hours per day, in between and after classes.

    5.) Why do you want to be an Admin? I'm looking for something new to do on a server, being a player is nice. But I want to find a server that is willing to let me help out.

    6.) What can you bring to the server? An open unbiased opinion, I'll listen to both sides of a story, and deal with player issues as quickly and as reasonably as possible. I'm willing to help any player who may need it upon request. I'm very alert, and like to pride myself in my ability to keep a situation under control. And I can do just about anything else you might need as far as Admin/Moderator duties would concern, all you have to do is ask me. :D

    7.) What would you do if a player swore .once . 5 times . Constantly?
    Once- I'd give him a warning through a PM, Telling him "Swearing is not allowed in public. Please keep it clean, or you'll be muted for a minimum of 10 minutes. This is your 1st of __ warnings.

    5 times- I'd tell him in PUBLIC chat, "(Player name) Swearing is not allowed, You've now been warned twice".

    Constantly- After the 5th time, if the player didn't stop cursing. I would mute him for a minimum amount of time, determined either by you or me. And if he still did it after the mute wore off, I would temp-ban them from the server for 6-12 hours. If the player came back after the temp ban and still refused to stop, I'd hand out a swift permanent ban. But first, I'd point them to a place where they could contact you to discuss whether or not my punishment was reasonable and work out their possible return,

    8.) Ever been banned why? Nope

    9.) Do you warn before ban? Yes, I believe in fairness even for people who may or may not listen.

    10.) Previous experience? In detail: I've never been able to get an Admin or Moderator position on Minecraft for some reason, I've asked before, and I always get passed up, I've come close, but never close enough. I HAVE however, been an Admin on 11 G-mod servers, and 4 DayZ servers, So I know the ropes of administration fairly well. (I realize that this doesn't seem like a whole lot, but give me a chance at the very least and I promise you won't be disappointed.)

    Please contact me on this thread or through a PM at the moment. I'm not exactly sure if that's the correct Skype name, so I'll have to check and fix it if it's wrong.
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    So, after watching this thread for 3 days. I can honestly say I was a bit skeptical about whether this was really practical or not.

    But, after installing and using it. I can honestly say that this is probably the most useful mod ever created. Being able to run Bukkit on a LAN server, is extremely nice.

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the PublicLAN mod? It would be nice to know if they don't before I go off and try it.
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    Quote from docj98

    Hey, I think it's fine. I don't love it, but yeah, they complain a lot on there.

    They complain a lot on here too.
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    A mod is here :rolleyes:
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    Hey OP, Check this place out.


    I think you'll fit in on that forum just fine.
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    guys pls its gottan 1 page in a couple of minutes

    Your point?
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    this is like twitter, and look up closer to the top of the page to see what u said.

    No sir, this is not like Twitter.

    This is a game forum, not a social network populated mainly by 'hipsters'.
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    I don't quite understand why you made this topic before you actually made the mod.
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