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    Risagumi's mods all require ModLoader as far as I know.

    Check his page again, and make sure you meet all the requirements for the mods you are trying to install.
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    (Builder Recruitment Advertisement)

    As the title states, RealMineCraft is looking for experienced builders. To help start, and grow our community.

    We're looking for players that have experience in mid to large scale functional builds, and small to large scale aesthetic builds. Players who have a large amount of knowledge in advanced building techniques. Players who are able to easily work as a team with others, to get a job done as quickly and easily as possible. Players who have honed planning skills, the ability to make a layout/plan and follow it to the T is a MUST HAVE.(Just to be clear, this last one won't always be needed. But not having this ability may seriously hinder the consideration of your application).

    Due to maturity concerns: It is unlikely that anyone under the age of 16 will be accepted. HOWEVER, should your skills and maturity level prove to meet our requirements, special exceptions CAN be made.

    So, you're still here, and you think YOU have the right wrench for the job?

    Well I guess we'll see. If you've read this far, and you've still got any vague thought that you might not get accepted. Well throw those thoughts away, because we're looking for CONFIDENT Builders, and nothing less. And plus, everyone knows it's bad to think discouraging thoughts during an application!

    (Serious Applicants Only)
    (Copy and Paste this form)

    1.) IGN-

    2.) Skype-

    3.) Age-

    4.) Timezone-

    5.) Hours available (Per day)-

    6.) Ever been banned?-

    7.) Building style(If you have no preferred style, then just leave this blank)-

    8.) What skills can you bring to the server(List anything you think may apply)-

    9.) Previous Experience, and can you provide proof?-

    10.) Rate yourself on Teamwork(1-10)-

    11.) Extra Notes(Put anything here)-

    12.) When can we contact you?-
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    Quote from Maxos

    IGN: I don't have one, seems pointless considering how many other things I have for socializing. My Minecraft is: CaptainPacMan


    IGN = In Game Name.

    MineCraft Name = In Game Name.

    +1 to you man, you just made me laugh pretty hard.
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    So, after watching this thread for 3 days. I can honestly say I was a bit skeptical about whether this was really practical or not.

    But, after installing and using it. I can honestly say that this is probably the most useful mod ever created. Being able to run Bukkit on a LAN server, is extremely nice.

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the PublicLAN mod? It would be nice to know if they don't before I go off and try it.
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    Quote from 09optime

    It is not possible to buy 1600 MSP, you can buy 500 for $8 and 1000 for $16. You can't buy 1600MSP cards in Australian stores, only 1200. So how much will it be here with out spending $30 for 2000 points?

    If you can't buy a 1600MP card, then it looks like you're going to be spending about $30.

    Mojang isn't going to change the pricing for you.
    And Microsoft isn't going to do it either.
    Neither of them are concerned with the fact that the pricing is inconvenient for you.

    I know it sounds like I'm being rude. But it's just the truth.
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    Do you have any mods installed?
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    posted a message on Rawcraft Beta Testers Needed!
    - Age: 19
    - Minecraft Username: levifitch
    - Are you on MCBans?: Nope
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    posted a message on Iron to Iron Bars conversion question
    I'm making a very large building on a server I play on, and I'm having a problem figuring out how many iron bars I'll need to make it. So I'm coming here to figure out how many of you are good at math. :P

    I know I'll need around 1,500 iron bars for what I'm making, my problem is figuring out a formula to find out how many ingots I'll need to make the iron bars. So I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me a formula to figure it out.


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    posted a message on ■CREATION NATION■ [Survival Economy]
    My friend just bought his account. I'm posting his application on my forum account so he won't have to make an account he will never use.

    Minecraft IGN - hestonhowell
    Age - 18
    Did you vote for us? - I'll have him vote after I finish this
    How Did You Find Us? - Levifitch told him about it. :cool.gif:
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    Quote from TheIggyTech

    Explain a little more. I'm interested to see how you have it setup.

    Pretty much the same way you're talking about doing it.

    I hooked up an HDMI cable to my Xbox, then put the converter on it, then hooked it up to the monitor with a standard monitor cable.

    I actually don't know if this is what you're talking about doing.

    But if it is what you're talking about, I can try to post some pictures if my camera will turn on. If that would help explain it.
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    Quote from fm87


    You cannot convert a digital signal to analog in that manner.


    Then why does it work for me? I do it with an Xbox 360, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for a PS3
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    posted a message on VGA Monitor Converted with DVI-I Adapter to HDMI? Is is possible?
    Sounds like it would work. Why don't you try it and tell us?
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    posted a message on Erm.. There's a strange noise I'm hearing, wondering if anyone knows what it is..
    Cave noises.

    Or you're on SMP.
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    posted a message on ■CREATION NATION■ [Survival Economy]
    Quote from OpticNeo

    We are having technical issues with our hostname, the server and website are fine. For the IP you can use

    Thanks Neo, Although I'm still not able to connect to either the site or server, I am getting a return ping from them, so I know they are still up and running. I appreciate the reassurance.

    I'll be getting my pmap later, so I'll let you know when I can reconnect to the site.
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    I have a problem with the website and server.
    Please, let me explain.

    I purchased 5,000 NC to buy a pmap, have screenshots of the whole process as proof of me doing so.

    After I went through the process on Google Checkout, I cannot connect to the website or the server.

    I'll be very disappointed if something has gone wrong. But keep in mind, I have solid proof of completing the entire process.
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