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    posted a message on Anime skin request (Noragami)
    I'd like to request someone to make me a skin from an anime called "Noragami"
    Detail preferably, don't want it looking like 1 whole color, and it being an eyesore.
    He is the middle one (With blue hair) and he doesn't have the tail just fyi.
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    posted a message on Is there a way...?
    Is there a way to get a minecraft account without paying? I can't afford anything :c
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    posted a message on Help me Improve my base. [Pictures]
    Very off topic. What texture pack is that?
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    posted a message on [!READ THE OP!] Buying Minecraft Gift Codes for Others!
    Hello, i'm Mark, an average kid who wants to play minecraft. This is why I want a minecraft account/code.

    I found out of this thread while playing runescape. Someone told me about how I could get a free minecraft account, and how I've always wanted one. How I found out about minecraft? Well thats an easy question. I was looking around youtube looking at funny fails, until I found a video, I believe it was from Chimneyswift11. I loved his videos, so then I started watching more minecraft videos, until I realized it wasn't a free game.

    Im currently 13 years old, with no money. Why can't I get a minecraft account? Well there are a lot of reasons why I can't get a minecraft account. One would be that I obviously have no money, which would mean I can't buy a minecraft account. Another reason is that my mom is currently pregnant, and we can't afford to waste any money. But even before she was, I still couldn't get an account, my mom told me buying through online is a bad way to buy things, which is why I can't get anything, and my parents also thing buying things for a computer is a "Waste of money". They would never buy me a minecraft account, once asking my mom to buy me a minecraft account, she said $27 for a minecraft account is an outrageous thing, and a kid like me shouldn't be playing games.

    Thanks for reading this much! It's been a pleasure writing this, as I hope to get a minecraft account as much as anybody else here. My minecraft account is named LetsGoPoppy.
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