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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SSP] The Homie Mod!
    HOMIE MOD ! v1

    So welcome to the new official Homie Mod thread! HOMIES UNITE! :D

    (I renamed the mod the The Homie Mod simply because Homie Stone Mod won't make sense when I add the tons of random stuff in the next updates. So if you see "Homie Stone Mod" somewhere down here don't be so puzzled. :P Anyway have fun!)

    I don't really know what to say other than that this mod adds a new ore called Homie Stone!! Right now you can make tools, and armor, and I put some achievements in there as well, but I also added 2 interesting things to the mod so the first release won't be too boring. I really wanted to release this mod on Sly's birthday so I waited patiently and here it is! Happy Birth-Day Sly and Happy Homies day as well! (It's probably over where your at, but it's not over here! Actually NOW it is. Sadly.)


    NOTE: Don't expect frequent updates, especially if the mod is not doing as well.

    A sneak peak of whats next in the next update :)

    If you want to know what items are exactly in the mod i'll explain ALL of them down here.


    Homie Gem, You can get it from the Homie Stone!

    Immortal Gem, You can craft this with a Homie gem and a diamond to get two of these.

    Homie Stone, Can be found in layers 12 and under, Rarer than diamonds and usually comes in a vein of 5 or less. You must need a diamond pickaxe to mine this.

    Homie Block, crafted with 9 homie gems, used to create Homie Phase Saber or just decoration.

    Tools are faster and stronger than diamonds, Same crafting recipes as vanilla armor
    Homie Blade
    Homie Shovel
    Homie Pickaxe
    Homie Axe
    Homie Hoe (Simply because I didn't want to leave it out)

    Armor is more efficient and more stronger than diamond, Same crafting recipes as vanilla armor
    Homie Helmet
    Homie Chestplate
    Homie Pants
    Homie Boots

    Special items:

    Homie Phase Blade, Is the strongest the sword in the mod and it is a 1 hit K/O on MOST mobs. (Not on Dragon or Iron Golem of course)

    ImmortalHD's Helmet, has 5 enchantment all leved up to the max. (You can only get the helmet with the enchantments when you craft it. In other words you don't get enchantments when you get the helmet out of creative or TMI inventory. I will fix it in the next update)

    Crafting Recipes:


    So far I made one video myself only on ImmortalHD's helmet. (feel free to create you own mod reviews.)

    Here's my Youtube if you wanna check out my videos:

    How to install:

    1.Start up Minecraft Click Options then Force Update (MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR .minecraft FILE! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR "BREAKING' YOUR GAME!)
    2.Download and Install modloader http://www.minecraft...ything-updated/
    3.Open HomieStoneREVIVED v0.1
    4.Open Homie Stone Mod REVIVED folder
    5.Find minecraft.jar in \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
    6.Open jar file and drag and drop files into your fresh minecraft.jar (Adding the lang folder WILL change the NAME of your "iron" items to "silver" (Don't worry the iron items will still be iron, they will only have a different name, which would be silver...)
    7.Run Minecraft and Enjoy the mod!



    You guys report here if you find a bug!

    Planning to add:

    PuppyCop, PuppyNurse, and PuppyChef
    Tamable Hipos
    SlyFox himself
    Maybe Homie Flowers
    Hopefully Music Disks if Sly ever sees this mod :(
    If you have any ideas tell me on the thread! (Don't ask for really complicated ones because i'm still a newbie at coding)

    Special Thanks :Diamond::

    SlyFox (You know why)

    SCMowns2 (For helping me begin modding)

    IX iTzRogue XI (For letting me revive this mod and for being a co-coder)

    All Homies In the Universe (Because you don't know if floobs are watching Sly...)

    If you'd be kind enough to press the green button on the bottom right then i'll love you forever and ever and ever. EVER.

    Also if you could make banners I would gladly except some! Im not good with Photoshop. :(


    I made this myself, but it isn't the best.

    Use this:

    Use this:

    Also I think you would be very interested in Rogues new mod Kingdom Hearts! (ITS FREAKING AWESOME!)

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    posted a message on [1.2.5][v1.6.1] Skyrimcraft - UPDATED OP, PLEASE READ
    This mod is really coming together isn't it? I'm pumped for the next update! Keep it up!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Ruins Mod v1.2 - Underground Dungeon!
    This looks like a good mod. Please update! :smile.gif:
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