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    posted a message on If you don't play it, that's fine.
    You are right but unfortunately you will never win and they will never accept any arguments you give to them.

    Let me explain

    In this sitty retarded and stupid society we live on numbers are more important than opinion, let me explain that.

    - Lets say you are working on a math project, the answer is 3.

    - However the whole classrom says its 2, even though you are right they will tell you that you are wrong but 20-some people is saying is 2.

    Lets apply that to minecraft.

    You are right, minecraft does not insult anyone, its fun to play, is for any age no matter how old or young you are, if you know how to run a computer you can play.

    But, if a lot of people say that its gay and stupid what you think will happen? They will mutually agree with themselves and start thinking they are right.

    Im lucky that my case is not like that, In my class i have group of 6 people that play MC, 4 of us make a hamachi server weekends, the other 2 have cracked but we still catch up and tell hour SSP histories.

    As always there is the stupid buttchasm that says " Graphics sucks, MC is really stupid, why you play ", and because we are 6 our arguments are " more important " because of our numbers. 6 > 1 after all.

    Just tell them to stop talking about it, ignore the topic, you dont need to tell them if you play the game, just keep in mind you are RIGHT, and they are WRONG, but dont tell them, let them think whatever they want.
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    posted a message on What should the next update focus on?
    I want books...

    Before the 1.1 release jeb said he will add books in the near future.

    1.1 nothing, it was okay, it was released some days before the announcement.

    1.2 nothing... well, it was just like 2 months and he was busy with some other stuff, he might have his reasons...

    So, i really hope they are coming in 1.3, and not only like a stupid sign, a big book with a lot of pages to have a whole adventure book.
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    posted a message on 1.2 higher maps=higher mountains?
    Quote from GSR

    so, generating higher mountains in mountain biome will cause more lag, but if I build a giant citadel that takes up the same blocks,no lag?? woudn't the same memory space be taken up if the co-ordinates had a dirt block instead of an air block? is it because its now rendering the dirt texture?

    The lag in minecraft depends a lot on computer´s power.

    Why would you ruin the game for other people just to make yours more fun?

    Great, your computer can take a lot of blocks at the same time without lagging, do you want a prize ?

    However, some people cannot take, there is al ot of people that have to play on small or tiny ( not me ) to get something like 20 FPS, the same way there is people playing on far and get 200 FPS.

    Do not ruin my game to improve yours.
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    posted a message on Why the Hate on the USA?
    Because of this thread.

    Oh poor americans cant take some criticism, they instead send an army of 5 million people to kill everyone who does something against them.

    I do not hate americans, but some of them are annoying , EX : you... aswell there is annoying people all over the world and people can hate on whatever they want to hate, however you dont see me making threads of WHY PEOPEL DONT LOVE ME!!! or any stupid thread someone would make.

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    posted a message on 1.2 higher maps=higher mountains?
    No, they will not because they would cause more lag, it has been stated that mountain height WILL NOT be increased by jeb, please stop making a thread every 5 minutes about it.

    Atte : A pissed-off user.
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    posted a message on What do we want if we get new ores?
    I want new ores, just in nether.

    The end is a limited space of probably 50- 150 blocks large, the amount of ore there would be limited to probably 25 pieces.

    The nether is big and needs more content.

    I want the new ores to work with Redstone Mechanism and probably aesthetics, but no new tool sh*t.

    Seriously, everyone suggesting new tools has probably no originality and no imagination at all.
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    posted a message on Can it be? Cave/void sounds in SMP new snapshot
    Its because of Anvil.

    Anvil made stuff like lighting and sounds be calculated by the your client instead of making the server do it, which gave innacurate results ( happened with light all the time before ).

    Now that the new engine makes it work with the client instead of server, sounds in cave can finally be detected right so cave ambience was added in SMP.

    All hail the mighty jeb.

    AND NOTCH!!! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Life beyond our planet.
    I do , and i know somewhere it is happening.

    Of course, it is a 1/99999999999999999999999999999999999 chance, but if it happened once millions of years ago, it can happen again.

    See how the earth was made :

    Stars exploded leaving a lot of fragments of stuff that created this galaxy.

    Another star was created almost at the center of the galaxy.

    Other rock created planets.

    One of them was the earth

    At the center of our earth iron and other metals were stored to create a magnetic protection that protects us from sun-damage and other stuff that would kill us without those metals down there.

    An asteroid hit the earth and with the rock fragments remaining it created the moon that changed our gravity and creating a more stable rotation cycle.

    As the moon changed gravity and other variables in the creation of life this started appearing and evolutioning, until now.

    As you can see, it is probably 1/9999999999 chances, but as the universe expands and that it has already happened once [b] is more than enough proof that there is a chance of it happening again someday, if it hasnt happened yet, which i doubt.
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    posted a message on Randomly spawning Giant mushrooms
    No , it would ruin the atmosphere of every other biome.

    - Now im a forest , look at the great colors of the leaves and massive amount of trees, the best th....... wut? Mushrooms? WTF!

    Also, have you even thought about mooshrooms and other features of the biome?
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    posted a message on A zombie apocalyps breaks out.. Your plan of action?
    Mom, can you bring me dinner to my room, im leveling my TDP character, oh also, can you kill the zombies for me?
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