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    posted a message on Adventure Mode too limited in its current state
    Quote from KoishiKomeiji

    It's not finished because it's in a snapshot. simple as that.

    As always,this is correct.

    But the only thing that will make the adventure mode be fixed would be : Be able to use stuff that we get from chests.

    And not only torches or levers, even blocks, but only those obtained through chests made by the map creator.

    Of course, that will not make every adventure map compatible, but since now map makers will have to stick to this " format " if they want their map to work with the adventure mode.
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    posted a message on Why single player sucks now
    Quote from Smashogun

    watch it be exactly the same when they release 1.3

    This makes everyone of your past and future arguments to be invalid.

    So it has come to this...

    New people that dont know anything about the current development of the game complaining about something they dont fully understand...

    Zombie apocalypse, where are you when we need you?
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    posted a message on 3 new golems - Awesome and Usefull!
    The nether golems are just overpowered Melee Blazes.

    Sorry but i dont think this would be a good idea.
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    posted a message on Minecraft-What Has Happend?
    Quote from Zombieking543

    Minecraft, The Game we Love. The game i play everyday. Building things, Placing blocks.
    Holy Mother of god! Now you can do more things thanks to the new updates!
    The game that is fill of fun and interesting things. This Post that i am Posting now i will be talking about what is happening to Minecraft. Im just ganna cut to the chase. MINECRAFT IS BORING NOW.
    Sorry but what you find boring and entertaining a very personal based opinion, what if someones finds strongholds fun, should he also make a useless post about how much minecraft is great?
    SorrThere Is no achievment in playing minecraft now. Sure there are really cool things added like Jungles and strongholds. But its just not the same as it was back in 1.7.3 and 1.6.6
    Its called evolution, minecraft is at a whole new level now, you can decide to keep in older versions and cry for the old feeling or move on and keep playing the game that is still great.
    In These Updates Minecraft was fun, There was Better Seeds And Chunks.
    Better seeds and chunks? First explain how in the hell you qualify a chunk, which is an incomplete part of the terrain that if you take all the other chunks around that chunk it would look like weird and unfinished..
    Seeds Now in minecraft are boring. Like the empty Grass plains have taken over.
    Taking over? Use AMIDST and go to any part of the terrain, a big percentage (from 60% to more, even 90%, sometimes 100% ) is other biomes, i see deserts, snow, jungles, everywhere, You sure you arent just judging by the first 3 seconds you played in your map?
    Theres not much amazing overhangs or Mountains no more. Its basically flat. Theres No weird Chunk Spawning Like Upside down mountains. The Creators of minecraft(Nothc) has Modernised it too much.
    The game is not flat, since 1.1 it isnt, every terrain has small mountains that can get big too, and there is a huge biome for those overhands and " upside down mountains " you talking about.
    Added too many things that doesnt make minecraft.. Minecraft. I Mean really... We all miss The Seeds Gargamel, 101 And Glacier.
    Now every world has a small Gargamel, Glacier and 101 in it.
    They Were Really fun to play on. Now when i make big structures in minecraft and look out a window. its just not the same. Please Discuss This with me. I Think Jeb Needs To add a Gamemode in minecraft that goes back to the old versions of minecraft. Please Comment Below on what you think. :SSSS: :Notch:
    Keep crying, but it doesnt matter how much, this gamemode thingy will never get added.

    Saying you prefer an older version over the current version is like saying : Loollzzz dlete evrytings and zhange it tu indev, Loooololo so funny!
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    posted a message on Minecraft maximum world dimensions
    This video will help you a lot in understanding.

    However it has a lot to do with java, even though 32,000,000 is not even near to the highest number java can handle a lot of things affect how much it can handle in an specific softwater made in it, like minecraft.
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    posted a message on Minecraft maximum world dimensions
    Its pretty simple.

    The map is infinite to our perspective, we can walk for our entire live on only one direction and the map would keep generating.

    However if we add numbers instead of humans we can see its not really infinite but limited to a number that is just so big a human with a life would never be able to get in his/her coordinates.

    In 320000.... etc. the game simply glitches because it cannot handles the number, the game would keep generating but in a very glitchy way, before we had the farlands, now we just have a bunch of oceans with blocks that are not affected by light or any physics at all, and its all because the game cannot handle more stuff generating after that point.

    And if you still want to know why it cant handle it after that point, its because of how the game was made.
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    posted a message on dey foolin us again in update log?
    Yeah, your point is?

    hate useless post, just like this one i just made.
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    posted a message on Why no new features ?
    They had a big update... what... like.... 1 month ago was it?

    They are just fixing and adding minor stuff because soon in 1.3 they will introduce the mod API, or atleast that is what they said.

    So, as the mod API will take weeks, even months to be finished we can peacefully sleep at night knowing that they will still do small updates for us.

    Just proof of how much mojang cares about their fans.
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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't Minecraft anymore.
    This is the usual " Im god and i deserved to be heard " thread.

    Yeah yeah keep crying and complaining.

    Sure... sure..., you are correct your highness, you are so correct.

    No one shall insult your arguments or else my sword shall be covered in their blood!
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    posted a message on are minecraft and terraria gathering ideas off of each other?
    Nah , Mojang and Re-logic are doing stuff really differently.

    Notch says he plays terraria, but he doe snot develop any more....

    Also, its impossible for terraria to be taking ideas from MC, they are not developing any more.

    Some stuff are similar, but every game has something similar with other games.

    Everything that is in minecraft has been in other game in the past, dont make me make a 50+ list of the games notch could have used to " gather " ideas.
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    posted a message on If you don't play it, that's fine.
    You are right but unfortunately you will never win and they will never accept any arguments you give to them.

    Let me explain

    In this sitty retarded and stupid society we live on numbers are more important than opinion, let me explain that.

    - Lets say you are working on a math project, the answer is 3.

    - However the whole classrom says its 2, even though you are right they will tell you that you are wrong but 20-some people is saying is 2.

    Lets apply that to minecraft.

    You are right, minecraft does not insult anyone, its fun to play, is for any age no matter how old or young you are, if you know how to run a computer you can play.

    But, if a lot of people say that its gay and stupid what you think will happen? They will mutually agree with themselves and start thinking they are right.

    Im lucky that my case is not like that, In my class i have group of 6 people that play MC, 4 of us make a hamachi server weekends, the other 2 have cracked but we still catch up and tell hour SSP histories.

    As always there is the stupid buttchasm that says " Graphics sucks, MC is really stupid, why you play ", and because we are 6 our arguments are " more important " because of our numbers. 6 > 1 after all.

    Just tell them to stop talking about it, ignore the topic, you dont need to tell them if you play the game, just keep in mind you are RIGHT, and they are WRONG, but dont tell them, let them think whatever they want.
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    posted a message on MineCraft Clones
    Quote from Yankee87

    And minecraft first started of by cloning infiniminer, dwarf fortress and some other game that i don't remember, which by time it have change but still.....

    There is a line that separates Inspiration from Complete rip-off.

    If you have played infiniminer or atleast read enough to imagine how the game was/is you can notice a BIG difference from it to MC, even at the start.

    How Minecraft inspiration with infiniminer worked :

    - Infiniminer was complely based on mining, but as notch said once a lot of users played the game to build stuff. Of course MC started as a " mining " game but it was entirely different from Infiniminer, even at the very start you were not required to mine, the game was completely made for building, you could hunt for some ores if you wanted to , but it was entire based on building.

    Now that the game has been released, its even more far from infiniminer than it was before, and that is because of obvius reasons i do not need to say.

    How Total Miner and Fortresscraft " inspiration " with Minecraft worked.

    - From the start both were intended to be a complete clone ( Djarks even admited that he was making " MC for XBOX " in the early dev of fortresscraft, mining, building , some combat.

    - After some months people started critisizing them because they having a 100% rip-off, so how did they covered the piece of crap they had in the floor? the covered it with the carpet, added new stuff.

    Total Miner and Fortresscraft is technically :a piece of crap under a shitty carpet.
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    posted a message on MineCraft Clones
    You are trying to protect them with nonsense arguments.

    None of them are 100% the same as minecraft ( exept for Total Miner, that is just a 100% rip-off with minor changes to make the developer not look like an ass in front of other people. ) but all of them were 100% inspired in minecraft until they saw that they were being really stupid trying to clone a game and decided to add their own elements.

    One day a long time ago, when fortresscraft development started someone asked him what exactly he was doing with the game he said he was coding.

    he literally say : Basically Minecraft for the XBOX

    Hestated he was cloning MC for the XBOX.

    But then of course million of people started bothering and calling him names until one day he thought :

    **** THIS ****!, im cleaning my name adding my own ****even thought he made a rip-off of minecraft AND ACCEPTED IT!

    Fortresscraft, Total Miner deserve NO RESPECT!, they now have original stuff but its because people started saying they were just ripping off MC and they wanted to clean the mess they had purposely done.
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    posted a message on My PS3 and Minecraft
    Microsoft made mojang sign a contract in where it states that it will only be made for the XBOX 360 and not to any of the competitors.

    Personally that was a smart move by microsoft, but they are starting to act like NINTENDO.

    Look at the WII, the only reason why people buys it is because famous games like Zelda, Mario and some others get games JUST for nintendo consoles.

    Believe me , if Zelda games and mario games were made for XBOX and PS, Nintendo consoles would have died in their NINTENDO 64, not even the game cube would exist if Nintendo games would be made for PS and/or XBOX.

    That is the only reason of why Nintendo is still getting money.

    And that is why Microsoft wants to do the same thing, if i had a gaming comapny i would try to get games like COD only go out in my console.

    So the retard fanboys would have the need to buy my products.
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    posted a message on Back to the basics or Expand the Boundaries.
    In 1.8 more " back to the basics " stuff was added to the game, like mineshafts and ravines... but a little expansion started happening, better combat, new mobs, more content in other aspects of the game.

    In 1.9/ 1.0.0 those changes started being the main road for the development of minecraft, a new dimension, a dragon, enchanting and potion brewing and many other stuff that was just out of the old content range this game had.

    In 1.1 not much was added to those aspects, new languages, superflat, that was a " beta 1.6 " themed update ( for those who dont know, in beta 1.6 the only done were small changes to already-existing stuff, bug fixes and probably very small additions like dead shrubs ).

    In 1.2 the same road taken in beta 1.9/1.0.0 was followed but this time not by notch, but jeb. Jungles, new mobs, villager AI and many other stuff that were far away from being mining or crafting based.

    Not much detail has been given for the 1.3 update may or may not happen, but if it does what do you think should jeb think about...

    Back to the basics :Add new ores, make more complex cave systems, improve the way strongholds and ravines generate, add more underground content.

    Expand the boundaries : More dragons! new biomes! new mobs! add everything you want to the game!!!

    Finish the unfinished stuff : Please add the skylands, let us write in books, add lanters and fish in the ocean!

    My personal choice is : Finish the unfinished stuff, i really want all those mentioned but slowly forgotten features that once had people crowded in notch´s reddit and tumblr.
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