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    I listen in to Nulitor's conversation whilst I am researching, but do not otherwise perform an action to associate myself with him. Without knowledge of the current situation of this country with foreigners - much less aliens - asking for specific information from people is dangerous, especially if it turns out to be common knowledge. That would make you stand out like a sore thumb...

    Heh. Perhaps I'm being paranoid, as the question sounds innocent enough that an average civilian might ask it. But better to be safe then sorry.

    Well, I can use the outcome to gauge how important these "groups" are to this world, and what sort of reaction they provoke.

    Research of Location. 4/5

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    Whatever you do, be safe and careful about it.

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    The Soul of the Core was a Boss? Actually, that makes sense based around where it came from... I just don't remember it having a [boss] tag.

    But I have no clue who the phantom walker is. I'll just trawl through the DTG history logs.

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    And this is, granted, with around 2-3 of those days being bench days where I did basically nothing else but read DTG0.

    So much role playing text to trawl through... granted it's interesting, buuuuuut... SO MUCH!

    Anyway, since I skim read most of it I had somehow missed the part about where the Spoils of War "Traho" and "Mask of Agony" came from. I only remember Barkley and the Conglomerate Bosse's death :/

    In fact, I only remember those two bosses? Who were the other two bosses?

    I also missed the bit where uncle grandpa died, which is a shame.

    I dunno, the beginning of the game just seems much more memorable then the later parts I read... I guess that's because there was this period of time where nothing was really happening... or something. Like those few arks in some long-running shows that just seem to last forever and are really complex... meh. But it DTG, it good.

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    If I am somehow able to acquire the knowledge of this nation's name found by Qwanty - and am able to deduce that we are in the same nation - I use it to aid my research.

    Otherwise, I look for the name of the library to see if it can provide information on where I am.

    Research of Location. 3/5

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    I call up the interface that people are using to manipulate this "game". I attempt to use it to acquire a lined paper notebook and a pen.

    With it, I write down my notes:

    Preliminary research:

    - Physics:

    The laws of physics are observed to be as expected, unless otherwise noted.

    -Planetary Gravity:

    The force of the planet's gravitational pull is roughly equivalent to Earth's (9.81m/s/s), for this to possible, the planet must have a similar mass to Earth (Unless shenanigans).

    - Planet Habitability:

    The planet is innately believed to be within the "Goldilocks Zone" of the star system. Exact nature of star system is currently unknown.

    Further research has revealed several key factors:

    Quote from x1122334455»
    The planet has 6 continents.The planet has 3000 Islands.
    The majority of those Islands are artificial.
    The planet has 3 moons.
    Two moons orbit each other.
    The third has an independent orbit.
    The planet has 212 Nations.

    Along with other knowledge which has been acquired through observation such as:
    - The level of technology on this planet appears to be roughly equivalent to that of the present day Earth.

    - Both the spoken and written language of this planet (or at least, this location) is understandable by the "Players" of the "Game", unknown if the language is actually English or is being translated through unknown means.

    -The planet appears to have a variety of active "fractions" or "groups" with specific goals and/or control over certain industries. The interaction between the local governments/nations of this planet with these groups is currently unknown.

    This leads to questions about/indicates that:

    1. The presence of multiple moons leads to suggest that this 'game' does not take place on an alternative Earth, along with other anomalies. However, this evidence does not negate the possibility.
    2. If the English language is actually being spoken/written, this lends evidence to the counter-argument of the theory above. However, it also does not fully negate the possibility.
    3. Tidal Forces: The effect of the tidal forces induced by multiple moons to the planet's oceans is currently unknown.
    4. What of the local government? Are we on an island or a main land mass? Do all "Players" start of in the same location?

    So many questions, far too much to attempt at once. Focusing on the specifics of my current situation/location should be a priority...
    I don't expect understanding everything to be an easy task.

    Obtaining a method of storage would be ideal, carrying things around is going to become a hassle (does the "game" provide some strange form "hammer-space" storage? I recently saw that the game produced a "Log" of "Players" possessions... - should investigate this later).

    Obtaining a laptop later would useful, it's functionality being an be invaluable asset. Pen and paper is so basic, but will suffice for now, until I understand the limits... I should investigate the mechanics of the "Game" once I understand the basics of where it takes place.

    Research of Location. 2/5

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    "Oh, well... that's a shame," I reply to the librarian. However as I'm about to take my leave, I have an idea.

    "Ah, you wouldn't happen to have any local history books currently available?" I ask. As it is known, local history books are often published independently, which hopefully means I can find something useful.

    In fact, the whole history section would be useful, as any information I can find out about this place/planet, even something as simple as it's name will further my research. Even if the content of a book is censored, I can check the front/back page for the publishing/publisher information for dates, names, locations, anything!

    Research of Location. 1/5

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    Oh dear.

    I search in the library for any public computer facilities, and simply search the internet to find the answer.

    Failing that, I check to see if the encyclopedias were left untouched.

    If all else fails, I ask a librarian if and when new copies of the atlases will be coming in, and where is the closest branch that currently has an atlas available.

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    I don't think anybody is going to judge you for killing a demonic gorilla who is allegedly torturing and eating people, especially in a kill or be killed situation...

    But, what does he mean about combat being the thing that people love to do? Is it nonsense or is this world currently in a really bad state?

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    So we have Earth-like gravity, which leads to suggest that this 'game' takes place on an alternative Earth. However, that does not rule out the planet simply being Earth-like, if indeed this is a planet.

    I go to the library Nulitor mentioned to obtain an Atlas.

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    Ehhhh, thank you. But I very much doubt that the end of DTG2 would not have surpassed those animations, after all, it was THE END OF DTG2. And you are a much, much better artist then me overall.

    Yeah, my life got very hectic for a while there, and well, still kinda is. But it's nice to be back.

    A forum game by you sounds like fun, I'll check it out for sure!



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    Thank you for the recap!

    Ah, part of the reason I'm having only one post is because I don't really have an idea of what I'll do next. So I thought, might as well start at the very basics.



    The artist, it is me.

    I drew my character in GIMP, but I did the background and animation (and the nameplate/chat) in Photoshop.


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    Time to test the boundaries.

    I drop a 20cm^3 block of wood from a height of 25 meters, recording the amount of time it takes for the block to reach the ground.

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    <Leonstar0> Hey... it's been a while...
    <Leonstar0> Well... technically, I may not even be able to have "been".
    <Leonstar0> ...
    <Leonstar0> Time travel is confusing.
    <Leonstar0> Well, in any case:
    <Leonstar0> Hello.

    I guess my first action will be to chop down a tree... whenever I find some trees, considering this biome does not appear tree-friendly. I focus this action (by only having one post/action) to result in the felling of a forest: wood logs logged, apples accounted and the land left sapling saturated.

    Ah, I suppose I should begin charging my energy for later use:
    I: 1/10 +1 base
    II: 1/15 +1 base
    III: 1/25 +1 base

    And I mustn't forget that I can assist others, for now I'll help those who posted closest to my current position:
    +1 TheFlamingToast
    +1 PitTheAngel
    +1 Generic

    The Alchemiter is a wondrous machine, but without materials with which to manipulate, I cannot use it. There appears to be no stash of base items this time, nor list of known recipes or documentation of it's attachments. (Is there any? Well, I've skimmed though the first post and the last update and I couldn't find any information on it. Sorry if it's in plain sight and I'm just blind :/)

    While I am logging I 'summon' a copy of the Server Log:
    The archives of this world will be a handy tool with which I can use to learn of this world's past, to allow me an understanding of the present. The only problem is that they are rather large, and will take some time to read.

    (In other words: is there a recap I can read? Or a "The Story" section, like DTG2 had? I mean, I will be reading the whole of this thread, but the basics of the current situation would be nice. I also need to finish reading DTG2, so THAT'S going to take a while.)

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    i: 50/50
    iii: 50/50
    iv: 47/50 +1 self
    v: 24/50 +1 self
    vi: 15/50 +1 self

    +1 to Erelye +1 to Nimble
    (NTS, Count assists)

    >Leonstar0: Get the fight over and done with. Walk right up to the Prince and smack the Walugi out of him with a Holy Mackerel!

    Leonstar1: (In response to Twin's Question on what my Light Santuary Buff did, It gave all the players +2 to their maximum health for 3 turns. It seems you cut that part of my post by mistake. Also, You missed the part where I used Scorpio Break on Erelye, Which is the buff Erelye was referring to when he transformed it into an attack (it makes the next target's action crit)
    ANYWAY! I focus on restoring people's health. I roll the healing octet I alchemised a long time ago, targeting myself. Then I cast a healing spell on Erelye and Nimble, causing them to glow blue-gold faintly. I channel said healing spell through both the set of golden ribbons (ribbons created from a golden apple, very potent at conducting healing magic) and New Dawn to amplify it's effects.

    Spell Cards
    Star Sign: Zodiac - Libra = 3/3
    Star Sign: Zodiac - Scorpio = 1/3

    I duplicate 3 Holy Mackerel Betas.
    Holy Mackerel Beta: 42
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