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    posted a message on Survival can, and should be, improved (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
    I just wanted to say, thank you for this and for your previous post.

    Honestly, I share many of the same ideas and opinions as you do, and I don't think a lot of people realize what you're saying and why you're saying it. There's really only minor things (from the old post) that I disagreed with, and it wasn't even the direction, it was just specifics.

    Probably one of my favorite quotes was from someone saying, "Mojang is one of the most skilled programming companies in the world", to which I proceeded to laugh my ass off at how wrong that was.

    I'm honestly tired of the lack of updates coming from Mojang, people making excuses all the time, "oh they do add stuff!". They add garbage that no one cares about, and I think it's because they know the modding community is going to keep the game alive, so they half ass everything they do and just call it a day. Sure, they're going to try to get the Mod API stuff going, I can't wait, but it's long ****ing overdue... and the only reason it will get anywhere is because they employed the Bukkit team.

    I'm sick of the people defending Mojang saying the game is just fine, I'm sorry, but every single one of you payed for an unfinished game that was rushed for a release at a Minecraft conference that was voted on for a set price in Vegas that almost EVERYONE said no to, and was still done at an even greater price at the same location so that Notch could rake in all the cash he could. Hell, he's taken so many "breaks", it's not even funny...

    Someone tried to discredit your post about taking advice from /v/. Yeah, /v/ is turning into ****, but the guy who laughed at that had the Russian singer who died that sings the Coming Home song or whatever that people associate with "trololo" which is so annoying I didn't even want to type that... and they're trying to make fun of... memes? Keep in mind that Notch VIRALED MINECRAFT ON /v/. It's ****ing true, he did, and he got so butthurt over people saying that the game was shitty he decided to go to the land of circle jerks, also known as Reddit, where everyone would give him a big pat on the fat back and tell him he did a great job on the game and to keep doing nothing and taking lots of vacations.

    I want Minecraft to be good, but honestly it's not. Like you said, there's really in my opinion only 4 enemies in the game... that's ****ing ****. I want more enemies to fight, I want a challenge. People say "HUR RPG NO WEAPONS THERES NO FIGHTING IN MINECRAFT TITLE JUST MINE AND CRAFT LOL DUH", then why the **** is there armor and weapons? Survival tends to mean SURVIVING which includes defending yourself from your enemies.

    You want some armor? Make iron, because that's literally the only useful armor to make unless you have a surplus of diamonds you don't care about. How about an armor set (chainmail) that you can't even physically get in the game yet it's still there... that's pretty cool.

    GUYS ARE YOU ****ING PUMPED FOR THE ADVENTURE UPDATE!? YEEEAAAAAH!!! Oh... it's being delayed...? Okay I'll wait...
    IT'S HERE...?! YEAAAAH!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON ALL THESE ADVEN-... what? Abandon mineshafts and... strongholds...? I gue- I guess that's... cool.

    How about Minecraft launching the FULL RETAIL GAME that is COMPLETELY UNFINISHED! What would you do if you bought a game at the store that wasn't finished. Let's say you buy a game at your local retail store that sells games and you're really excited, the box art looks cool, the game looks promising, so you buy it and install it and get ready to play. You find NPCs in the game... that do nothing... wow, what the ****? You think it's a bug... no, it's just not ****ING DONE.

    People say, "IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DONE THE GAME IS STILL GROWING!" well then why the **** is it gone full retail? The game isn't ****ing done! This isn't like DLC, this is like the game isn't done but you paid for a full retail game and sorry but we ****ing lied, we're still working on the game... deal with it.

    People don't mind getting exploited for their money though, it's cool... I can just use mods! Stop complaining! They're trying their best! Yeah, I'm sure jeb was trying really hard when he added apple drops in trees for one of his "updates"... Yeah, great job implementing code used in servers for apple drops into a game without adding anything extra like... oh, I don't know... textures?! You know, like to show apples in the tree...? People might think, oh that probably takes a while to do though! But, it ****ing doesn't... all that needs to be added is that on leaf destroy/decay there's a random chance for an apple to drop... it would LITERALLY take 1-2 minutes to do. When I say LITERALLY I mean LITERALLY...

    Anyways, I'm going to stop ranting, thanks for this, I wish you well on this project, maybe I'll visit back when the Mod API stuff comes out to help out, but I'll likely forget all about it.

    Take care, and I'll leave you with this picture.

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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Robinton's Mods
    Quote from M4tt1994

    @FrostByteGER: I snooped around a bit in the TMI-thread, and I found out it's incompatible with Robinton's 4096 IDs. If you want TMI-functionality and 4096 ID's, you should switch to NEI.

    @LeonBlade: Thank you very much. Are the changes you've made the same as the changes between the Forge .97 and .107 pb.class?

    It was .105, but I doubt much has changed since then, it was recommended build I believe .105 is.
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    Hey guys!

    Thanks Robinton for this mod. There's a problem right now that I'm having though, and it's this:

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: pb.getBedDirection(Lali;III)I
    at vl.t(RenderBlocks.java:427)
    at vl.b(RenderBlocks.java:375)
    at ct.a(WorldRenderer.java:211)
    at l.a(RenderGlobal.java:1461)
    at lr.a(EntityRenderer.java:1070)
    at lr.b(EntityRenderer.java:903)
    at EntityRendererProxy.b(EntityRendererProxy.java:21)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:869)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:747)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)

    Now, the problem here is that the version of Forge that is in here is old and doesn't have this method, along with a few others as well. I don't have the source for 4096 so I can't exactly update it... BUT, I do have the newer version of the pb class and the old one, and I also have JBE. :)

    So, I'm adding these methods in the byte code for the pb class:


    I'm sure there will be other issues as well, but for now, I hope this will be enough until Robinton updates his mod.
    This is why you mod people should make your projects open source! But, I'm doing this for you guys that might have this issue.

    Here's the class, everything seems to work just fine! pb.class
    Please, make a back up just in case of the class, and if you think this is a "virus", you can go ahead and decompile it and see that there's only those methods added and nothing else.

    Hope this helps you guys out.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]ID Resolver (Finally updated!)
    Hey man, thanks for making this for everyone.

    I get that you don't want to look at all the problems, a lot of them are things that are pretty easy to understand if you just read the error log, but I guess people don't want to learn how to read them.

    The last error log was something that has been posted time and time again, and what do you know, the first post says exactly what's wrong. People don't deserve help if they can't read...

    Anyways, I'm resolving my ID stuff right now. RedPowerCore seems to be a huge pain in the ass as it conflicts with everything without saying that it does. I don't know how this thing works really, I haven't looked into it, but just a heads up (in case you already didn't know). I'm not asking for help though, I'm just saying my issues I'm resolving right now in case anyone else has the same problems.

    Thanks again man, things seem to be going smooth otherwise, I appreciate it, hopefully in a few more minutes I'll have everything resolved.

    If anyone wants to know how to fix these problems where you get conflicting IDs even though they say they're "free" from things like RedPowerCore, just open up the "IDResolverknownIDs.properties" file and search "=ID" and then erase that line. Your Minecraft should have an error like this
    Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: RedPowerCore: BlockID 133 occupied by ee.BlockEEDevice, autoAssign is disabled.

    So I had a line like this:

    So I remove that, and then save it, and start Minecraft again (this can be very tedious). Now, the block will show back up again, DON'T pick 133 or whatever was conflicting before. Now you can move on resolving your conflicts. Just repeat this if you get any other crashes/conflicts.

    You can add this to the IDResolverknownIDs.properties file if you are having these same problems with RedPowerCore.


    EDIT: I do have one problem, all the blocks in my world have now completely screwed up. Is the mod supposed to take care of this issue? I had to change pre-existing block/item IDs to other values, and now everything is all wonky. I have a tree made of wooden pipes, my house is gone sort of, and there's just loads of what the ****s to be had, here's a picture of the tree since it's pretty funny.

    Is there any easy way for me to be able to edit all the block and item IDs in my save over to reflect the resolver IDs?
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    posted a message on Interview with Jeb - Mod API & More
    I enjoy my Mode API more than anyone in here.
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    posted a message on Messing with Custom Lightmaps
    Quote from Brae53

    So I saw that you can use custom lightmaps using MCEdit. So I decided to mess around and make my own. To start off, I remade the vanilla light map, and I went from there to...test certain things. Such as...reverse light:

    Now that was cool and all, but I wanted something less plain. So I tried rainbow lights:

    That looked pretty good too. Sorta subtle, so I decided to try something a bit crazier. And that's where this came up... Now I just took multiple screenshots in quick succession, they actually flash like this in game:

    Now I don't really see any use for these, maybe the rainbow torches would be nice in a themed texture map, or the reverse lights could be used for a map gimmick or something. But I mostly just did these for entertainment. Thoughts?

    Can't wait to have sick rave parties with this lighting.
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    posted a message on DUBSTEP!?!?

    There you go.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Minecraft++[v0.1]
    Not sure if you realize this or not, but you can't simply throw "Copyright" on whatever you want and claim it to be yours, especially when you don't own the name "Minecraft" and appending "++" at the end doesn't make it yours in any way. There is no way you could sue someone for using the name "Minecraft++" either, as if you would, because you are likely to be under the age of 18 being that you don't even understand copyright law. I would highly suggest removing the copyright information on the post and just keep to putting together a pack without all the pseudo-legal stuff nonsense that doesn't apply anywhere other than your own mind.
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    posted a message on [16x16]Goodenough.jpegCraft[WIP]
    Hands down the best texture pack I've ever seen.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] makeMyItem v1.10
    Quote from Immature Toast »
    I don't expect to be treated the same, because I never even knew you were meant to post it on a different forum. Maybe you're just butt-hurt because this mod has made learning Java useless and you're annoyed you wasted time on it...?

    Anyways, don't bother replying to this because we're trespassing on someone else's thread and it's unfair that the OP has to read the rubbish we're posting.

    I think this is an awesome mod. It's very useful for 'newbies' like me and encourages me to learn Java. Good job!

    Oh boy... I didn't mind the back and forth until I read THIS.
    UHHH, I'm sorry but WHAT?

    First off, you must know nothing of Programming WHAT so ever to say such a stupid comment about Java or any other language. First off, this mod itself was MADE in Java, yet you say that somehow this mod has made learning Java useless?

    And secondly, you realize that the only thing this mod can do is make items? So if you want to step it up from babby's first mod making the same thing everyone else is making which is either another god damn weapon or tool or maybe another pointless food item, Java is going to be necessary.

    Oh, and SPOILER ALERT Java is used more than just modding minecraft. It's a programming language for goodness sake! I prefer C/C++ over it by far, but it's a programming language none the less, so even if Minecraft wasn't around it would still be used.

    I'm probably going to be issued another warning AGAIN (got two from the same topic always fun, great going mods for that one). The reason I make posts like this is because you people aren't going to get the idea any other way.
    I'm not trying to be a mean, I'm just trying to speak the TRUTH.

    Mod Edit: No ban, just censorship :3 (I agree with what you are saying here)
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5_01] MineRag: Ragdoll Physics for Minecraft
    If you don't know Java and you don't understand 3D rendering, physics etc then don't bother asking to help out with programming.
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    posted a message on BBCode is temporarily disabled
    Let's remove images and links and remove the entire site, that'll show him!
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    posted a message on BBCode is temporarily disabled
    Quote from citricsquid »
    replied, but yeah that won't work.

    I've private messaged you with a new fix, this one is sure to work.
    I give up, apparently bandwidth is an issue for them in this case, whitelisting will have to be the only solution for now.
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    posted a message on BBCode is temporarily disabled
    Quote from citricsquid »
    Quote from LeonBlade »
    citricsquid, I already told you how to fix this, why don't you just fix it?

    Please do explain or link to your solution.

    I privated messaged you a day or so ago the solution.
    Okay... my private message apparently never went through, just sent it again.
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    posted a message on BBCode is temporarily disabled
    criticsquid, I already told you how to fix this, why don't you just fix it?
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