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    User name*:phantocmeyer
    Location/Time Zone*:USA EST
    Did someone refer you?:nope
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*:1.2.4


    bio:i was one day in the woods a giant jungle i had a nice tree house about 21x21x21 and so i had decided i need more coal so i climbed down. on my way down i noticed a zombie under a tree in the middle of the day so i got my bow out to take a shot.when i sawl i pack of wolves run by and attack this zombie. so i whisered to my self "its time" so i went back up the tree and grabed all my bones.
    then took my emergancy exit out by landing into water an to the wolves as they sat there.while begining to throw the bones out to atract them i sawl a iron giant coming out of my mine so i got the wolves and began to attack. i was supprised to see my dogs doing some damage.but then a nother came and began to whal on my dear dogs. when there was one left i told him to follow and when up my water fall ladder back up and these never seen giants began to follow me up when at the top the giant began to tare everything apart. to i grabed my bow and arrows and some bread and barly got passed these things after traveling at least 4 days i was low on food. had o then tell my dog that he needs to go his own way that he will not survive with me after this i ran out of food passing out i have awoke in this wierd and diffrant land with nothing on me so i have decided to see what happens

    ...Wow...this is just terrible....both story, and grammatically...No, just no, I'm sorry but denied.
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