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    posted a message on Minecraft "2.0" Should it be a code rework?
    Version numbers aren't decimals, otherwise we wouldn't have things like 1.8.2. That means there likely isn't even going to be a 2.0 in the foreseeable future, if ever. The update after is 1.9 will almost certainly be 1.10.
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    Quote from Natharias»

    Okay, let me clarify a couple things to you:

    1. I'm a hardcore player. I only ever play hardcore and I don't use any mods that grant me items or alter my inventory. So getting bones only happens after a day or so, and those are generally saved for important things. Things like wolves.

    2. Depending on where you spawn, there may or may not be any mushrooms. So by the time a player finds mushrooms, they already have a farm of some sort up and running. Not only will the farm they have up yield more food at a faster rate, it will cost absolutely nothing. So no reason to use bones to get a mushroom grown. This is why the first thing I look for are chickens, since they're the best food source.

    So seeing how mushrooms weren't an option before their spread nerf, I, as a hardcore player, don't see why they would be nerfed. If you aren't playing in hardcore, it's easy to cheat items into your inventory. Even in hardcore it is possible to use TMI to get items. So why nerf something if players can just cheat it in?

    This makes me wonder if you play anything besides creative. Think about why people would complain about something before you question what we do.

    Edit: You should also note that it is likely for players to use the various world settings, like Large Biomes, Amplified, and the new Custom. Large Biomes puts a great distance between the player and the biomes with mushrooms, and Amplified at least makes it much harder to traverse the distance. Another reason mushrooms are weak.

    1. Bows and arrows are a thing. And don't you go saying something about having to get string for that. If you are as much of an elite hardcore player who is better than all of us who "only play creative mode" as you seem to think you are, then killing three or four spiders should be easy for you. Plus, those important wolves you tamed can be used to kill skeletons.

    2. As for your entirely valid point that not all biomes have mushrooms easily available, I have only one question: Increasing the spread rate would solve this how? If they are that far away, they won't keep spreading anyway because they'll be in unloaded chunks. Same thing for the problem you bring up your edit.

    Are mushrooms a great food source? No. Are they a terrible, overly nerfed food source? Also no.

    p.s. Being a hardcore player doesn't make you superior, and it doesn't mean everyone else only plays creative mode and doesn't think things through. I did consider hardcore players and I came to the conclusion that bows and arrows, along with wolves, would make it perfectly feasible to get bones for a mushroom farm.
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    posted a message on Mushroom nerf
    You people do remember giant mushrooms, right? Seriously, its not hard to find/create someplace hidden from the sunlight/moonlight, get a couple of mushrooms, plant them, and grow them into giant mushrooms. Then, it's just a simple matter of chopping them down and repeating until you have a good stock of mushrooms for stew/decoration/fermented spider eyes/whatever.

    Sometimes I wonder if you people even think through what you complain about before you actually start complaining.
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    posted a message on Recent bug with repeaters and comparators
    How about you actually do some research before calling something a bug?

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    posted a message on New default player skin in 1.8: Alex
    Yes, Steve is either gender with a goatee. We'll go with that. :P

    In all seriousness, I like this new default skin and welcome the variation it will bring to servers full of people who can't be bothered to get new skins. Now instead of just being Steve, Steve, Steve, someone with a skin, Steve; it will instead be more like Steve, Alex, Steve, guy with a skin, Alex. Any variation is an improvement.
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    posted a message on Secret Friday Update?
    Quote from PiggyClone205

    Well, the cyan flower is in the Pi edition, (I think) and it used to be in the PE. Also, I didn't know the thread was dead. :Pig: :iapprove: not. (it's i approve)

    How in the nether did you not know that a thread that had its last post in November of 2012 was dead? That's almost two years ago!
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    posted a message on 1.8 pre-release isn't working
    Because they haven't released a 1.8 pre-release, just the 1.7.10 pre-release and the 1.8 snapshots.
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    posted a message on NEW BLOCK: SEA LANTERN, CONFIRMED
    Quote from Katashan

    I just derailed it. Jeb also said that we should be expecting it in a snapshot very soon, and you know what "soon" means to Mojang...

    When Mojang shows a feature that is as close to being complete as the Prismarine and Sea Lantern seem to be, it is extremely rare for it not to be added. The only exception is when they outright state that it is not guaranteed to be added (Rabbits, for example).

    What you are referring to, despite the fact it is an entirely different situation, is when they mention a possible future feature, but don't implement it at all until much later.

    The hype train continues on its path unhindered.
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    posted a message on Oh wow, I never noticed this
    Quote from RoshiPlays

    If this is a bug, it is a bug. If it is something for real, NOTCH JEB OR DINNERBONE PLS REMOVE IT. IT IS CONSIDERED A CHEAT.

    Yes, its a cheat, but like all the other commands (which, might I add, are also cheats) you have to have cheats enabled to do it. So, by extension, you're basically saying that every command should be removed.
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    posted a message on "Seecret friday update?"
    Quote from rayvin888

    Umm.. i guess the only thing we have to do is wait till friday!

    Did you even read anything we posted? There is no new Seecret Friday Update. Seecret Friday Updates were a thing from Alpha when Notch was still working on the game. The splash was added back then, and they just never bothered to remove it.They don't do them anymore. End of story.
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