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    Guys, what is wrong with you? I don't know if someone already tried to correct everyone's slightly idiotic comments;

    1) This is not permanent, it's just one damn month. After that, everything will be reset, as in, it would be Minecraft 1.0, fresh; updates will go on as usual after this.

    2) I'm putting my trust of Notch realizing the awesomeness of mods, and he would completely integrate the Mod Loader and the HD Patcher to Minecraft, so that EVERYONE can be entirely happy with the options that would then be available. The potential stability it would bring is more than welcome, as well.

    3) I REALLY REALLY hope the code is made efficient enough to the point of providing lag-free gameplay. Minecraft is supposed to be a very platform-flexible game, being able to be played on virtually all modern computers... Right?

    4) No offense to anyone; I am just being annoyed. :I
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