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    posted a message on SnowSong, the EPIC Sound Pack / Sound Resource Pack for ALL versions of Minecraft
    I normally just creep around the forums, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the pack right now. Looking forward to the sounds I still haven't heard. c:
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    posted a message on Call of...Minecraft?
    Man, so much Haterade(tm) being spilled everywhere. The only thing worse than a fairly mediocre video is a LOT of hate comments. It's just plain ugly, and out of place.

    Also, this video seems to harken back to the classic age of when Call of Duty was about good ol' fashioned levels of fun 'realistic/who cares about realism' mayhem. Hell, I'd say this reminds me more of Goldeneye 007 than Call of Duty proper.

    Also, if they don't specifically say that it's a Digital Diamond, then don't attempt to be a literate smartass by saying how it IS a DD and whatnot. It's just not necessary.

    As to the video itself... it really was meh; I know that it's sometimes hard to come up with something regularly, but at least don't turn a deaf ear to those that request more actually-useful videos. Those aren't so hard to find, are they?EDIT: Please, forget anything about this being a DD. Just drop it, lmao.
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    posted a message on First time you got lost in Minecraft
    I remember being lost on a nightmarish cave system that was inside and well underneath a set of two VERY impressive mountain formations. o_O

    It was like the Lost Woods, but worse. I basically ran around the same damned area for about 20 minutes nonstop looking for dear comfort, without having to, you know, die. The first time, I indeed managed to emerge, grateful and safe. Then, later, I discovered within that cave system a hole, which I accidentally fell into; before I died, I had a sharp glance and realized that I found a very delicious-looking ravine, which I suspected had diamonds, if only because it had lava. xD

    After that, I didn't know where the hole was. Long story short (trust me, there were still QUITE a lot of details I'm jumping right about now) I said "screw that" and decided to look for eggs to bake cake.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! This was when 1.8 was still in experimental stage, I guess.
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    posted a message on Oh my god.
    Apparently, no one is giving a mature-enough reply to the OP. Oh well.

    I'm extremely curious... what killed you? If it was a Skull Archer (it sounds more badass this way, as much as I deem it a monstrous *******), then let us mourn in complete understanding. :sad.gif:

    I love to play in Hardcore mode. Sadly, I never pass the 2 hour mark, either by obvious death, or spontaneous "delete-for-the-lulz" boredom. God, I hate my compulsive behavior. >_>'

    EDIT: *reads the OP's edit* ROFL I'm sorry, but that's funny. ;D
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0.0 Boss + Degg Celebration full release
    Quote from amvoverwizzle

    We have killed and sluaghtered the minecraft enderragon and saw it egg and seen it exp

    Pretty sweet and all, but would it kill you to use proper grammar? I almost convulsed reading through "sluaghtered", "enderragon" and "saw it egg and seen it exp".

    Slow down, pal. I know this was, and still is, an exciting day for us to always remember, but you gotta be graceful about it. :/
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    posted a message on Minecraft Code Freeze In Effect
    Guys, what is wrong with you? I don't know if someone already tried to correct everyone's slightly idiotic comments;

    1) This is not permanent, it's just one damn month. After that, everything will be reset, as in, it would be Minecraft 1.0, fresh; updates will go on as usual after this.

    2) I'm putting my trust of Notch realizing the awesomeness of mods, and he would completely integrate the Mod Loader and the HD Patcher to Minecraft, so that EVERYONE can be entirely happy with the options that would then be available. The potential stability it would bring is more than welcome, as well.

    3) I REALLY REALLY hope the code is made efficient enough to the point of providing lag-free gameplay. Minecraft is supposed to be a very platform-flexible game, being able to be played on virtually all modern computers... Right?

    4) No offense to anyone; I am just being annoyed. :I
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    posted a message on What's your favorite video game?
    My favorite game would have to be Metroid Prime. It's one of the only games where I can play and pass again, and again, and again, and again...

    So forth. :happy.gif:

    On a casual playthrough of it, I passed it in exactly 8 hours. :tongue.gif: (That's the Metroid Prime Trilogy version, though... With the awesome aiming and boosted walk. :biggrin.gif:)

    ...If only I had the original. >_>

    Did I mention I love Samus' Power Suit so much I actually prefer watching it over Samus without it? And yes, that IS saying a lot. O>O
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    posted a message on [16x][12w38b]NES Zelda Pack[V.20]
    Quote from psychoweed

    Okay this is my battle plan to combat the weekly Pre-Releases.

    The next update to this pack will be on the last full week of October, after that weeks pre-release if there is one.
    The update after that will come after MineCon.

    The Mario pack will be updated at the beginning of November.

    My other packs, since they don't have to constantly have new blocks added to them to keep them up to date, will update whenever I feel like it.

    Heads-up, Dragons are going to be differently colored Aquamentuses from Zelda I.

    Aye-aye, Captain Master-At-Arms~! On a (slightly) more serious note: Hot damn, it must be a pain to contend to update for Lord knows how many times every week, eh? =)

    P.S. The GUI, which you expressed is based on Zelda II's system is indeed sexy, but JUST as a very minor nitpicking, if it can be called like that... Isn't this Texture Pack of strictly plain ol' LoZ? Zelda II is technically legit, of course; they are literally a set of games that have the same Link and GENERAL tone of graphics and whatnot. So yeah. Nitpickings... ^=^
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    posted a message on [16x][12w38b]NES Zelda Pack[V.20]
    Quote from psychoweed

    Wow, just found out several TP's I liked have been abandoned.


    But I guarantee you all that I will never leave my 4 packs to rot.

    Maybe a reply every once in a while would be nice too?

    Don't worry mate, you have MY full support; NES Zelda's the granddaddy of the whole series, and it is heartening to see the texture being so faithful to the game (yes, I imagine it wasn't exactly hard to do most of the terrain, heh heh :biggrin.gif:). Also, I freakin' love the skin that you made of Link! ^[]^
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    posted a message on Squid Breeding
    Hmm... I always liked the squid; not enough love in there. And I always found it a bit rare, in my case! :biggrin.gif:

    I can't really think of anything else besides making squids drop something alongside inc sacs, like the spiders do now with their... eyes, lol. That'd really boost their usefulness.

    But on a more humanitarian note! xD I guess you're right on track. You may be unto something with this...!
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ JOLICRAFT HD!!! (Bedrock only for now)
    Wow, how convenient for me. I just popped in, wondering for the whole "pre-release 2-compatible Jolicraft, where are thou?", and lo and behold... André. *bows* You're awesome. o.o
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    posted a message on [16x16] QuantumCraft [v3.0] [Minecraft 1.8] - DISCONTINUED
    Um, just a question, but why is QuantumCraft have [v3.0] beside it, while the newest version is 2.5? o.o
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    posted a message on Void Journeies
    Quote from MineHippie

    Yes, your the only one. Why go there?

    Honestly, i can see myself being there, as a place to "think". Or something like that. Like how REALLY deep people peer at their navels, asking existentialist questions and stuff. Not to sound stereotypical or anything, though. :tongue.gif:

    Also, you can pretend that Cthulhu is down there, somewhere, watching you... That's fun, too. :biggrin.gif:
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