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Yo, what's going on? I'm not up for belittlement nor conceited arguments. I also don't really care for fancy speak or 1337speak, either. I just had a very flippin' bad day (more like months, on-and-off) trying to recover my original Minecraft Forum account known as Grimseff from the change of Curse. So, I decided to make this new account. Just in case you EVER read this, Curse, I'm not mad at you anymore, lol.

So yeah, having said all that, I simply dedicate myself to have zero errors in my typography skills, or however you wanna say that, heheh; I also like to trope around sometimes. In addition I enjoy roleplaying, but it's not some activity I always do, for those who don't like it for some reason. Finally, I'm a pretty damn big sproutling of a gamer who tries to educate himself whenever he can to the glory of games and whatnot.

*Warning: I really detest Chuck Norris memes. Please. Just Stop With The Immaturity.*

That's all, folks~!

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