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    Everyone, **** off. This guy put LOADS of thought into this idea which I 100% Support! Stop looking at the ****ing flaws and look at the Benefits of this!! This actually gives people another reason to go into the Nether. It looks great and Im interested to see how they Build places to stay in caves and Expand.
    If I see another Hate post, Ill ****ing give you a reason to *****! This is Minecraft! Not Binding of Isaac! This game has very little satanic references so Shut the **** up.
    Thank You.
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    <--- Geoffrey Leonard says NO!
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    I am getting sick and tired of the repetitiveness of a Golem popping up in everyone's suggestion conversation.
    I was reading a thread about Herobrine in the suggestion suggestion, (>_>) and one user posts "Instead of Herobrine, Why not a Golem? I also read another thread about Crystals, Why not a Crystal Golem? NO, I do not like the idea.. We already have enough Golems at this point, and I don't want a community of Golems running around Minecraft. Yes, Notch may have stated he would like to add prefixes into the game, But I DO NOT want people saying they want;
    Crystal Golem
    Thunder Golem
    End Golem
    Fire Golem
    Water Golem
    Diamond Golem
    Gold Golem
    Swamp Golem
    OBSIDIAN GOLEM [Are you F**king serious?!]
    Golems are SELF CRAFTABLE and Golems were created to Protect things. Iron Golems were created to protect Villagers. Snow Golems were Created to Protect you. Whats that you say? You want a Golem to protect the Piggehs? STFU and GTFO
    I have made my point and you's can flame or agree with my thread all you's want.
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    Totally Biased and Ridiculous solution.

    Minecraft.net sets up a method to pay money to change your name. $5 a pop. This nulls all negative posts you's have posted. Also, this fixes the AVOlition situation, as there not going to pay $5 just to re-enter a server they already busted.


    Play the game as usernames dont matter. You think your username is bad? I've seen peoples names called "ILovEgErMaNsAuSaGe"
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    Considering the fact that there needs to be more Biome-Based mobs. i came up with this mob.

    Name: Cactut
    Description: Cactut is a Desert dwelling mob that blends in with its environment, a first in minecraft. Cactut is restricted to the Desert biome, where it can successfully stalk its prey. Cactut looks like an ordinary cactus. Just sitting there, not moving at all, not very harmful. But if you get too close to it... BAM! KAPOW! Cactut jumps into the air, and starts its assault! Cactut attacks when the Player enters a 3 block vicinity of the mob. It has 2 primary methods of damage.
    1: Cactut sprints towards the player, attempting to slam its sharp needles that reside all over its body into the player.
    2: Cactut flails around relentlessly, spraying an onslaught of needles everywhere. (This attack requires a 7 second recharge wait before it can happen again.)
    Another thing that Cactut is prone to is following the player, just like Boo's in Mario. When the Player turn's his/her back, Cactut follows in pursuit. Not to attack the player. but to close in to the player so they may accidently set off its deadly radius trigger. Another interesting feature about Cactut is that it can grow. If a Cactut is left on its own for a immense period of time, it may spawn another Cactut onto its head. (Max 3)
    If the Player encounters one of these Cactuts, There lives may become substantially difficult. Each Cactut is considered a different one, so the player must destroy 3 Cactuts to end the onslaught. Cactuts are immune to there own needles. This gives them a massive advantage if the player is swarmed. If a Cactut encounters water, it regenerates health and can also accelerate the "Growth" process.

    Health: 15 Hearts
    Location: Deserts
    Drops: Cactus (1) and Green dye (3) (I apologize if this loot doesn't sound so promising, if you like you's can post an idea for the loot.)

    What do you guys think? sounds like a promising mob?
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    Quote from demijan

    Only if you're uploading uncompressed AVI with 56k modem connection and the file is being processed by hand by 1st grade retard class.

    He basically created minecraft. Like he has a 52k modem with dial-up
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    Great, now 1.8 has been released, everyone willl be spamming here wanting 1.9... :Skeleton:
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    Now i know that i probably stuffed up something in this so dont hurt me! :Sheep:

    Now from someone that is probably deeply concerned about the 1.8 update section, it actually getting quite irritating for all the annoyingness in this section of the forum, and i know that its the Modarators job for controlling the forum, but as SabbyKat has said, this section of the forums is out of control! So i know its not my decision to decide, but i Think that because SabbyKat is concerned for this section of the forums, and is the only one who gives a damn for the forum, i reckon she should be a Moderator! :iapprove:
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