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    And i am discussing how gross your suggestion is.

    Anyways, what contrys actually eat sheep meat?

    *Raises hand*
    Quote from computersrule

    If we add mutton we might as well get rid of pigs! i mean what good are they if everything else gives meat and something else.

    Then pigs should drop something else, maybe pig guts pig oil(that can be used as fuel for furnace) or more porkchops?
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    If it does implemented, I'll be still using bare hands :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from amedeus

    People want randomly generated stuff so they don't have to gather materials and build it themselves... Seems rather lazy, if you want a church then build one, if you want a graveyard then kill some npcs and bury them somewhere.
    Minecraft is a game about surviving, and building, if you take out the building aspect what's left? They gonna change the name to just Mines, or diggydiggyhole?

    Minecraft should become a big sandbox multiplayer game. In single player no one will ever see your work or tell you that its good, you'll never have real neighbors living next to you, NPC villages do not count.
    But on a server you can be apart of a community, join a town through mods like towny, expand town space, build communties, do community projects like build that church or have a reason for a graveyard because of a tragic accident where one of your community members dug straight down and fell into a lava lake.

    I only play this game on a server anymore, single player seems redundant cause you are litterly the last box-person left on minecraft, and on a server you don't need randomly generated structures because other people are building stuff too.
    If they would revert their decision about not adding mod content to the vanilla, it would drasticly improve MP server's stability, as right now the more mods a server installs the more buggy it gets and they start conflicting with eachother. If they added towny, a few other mods, and some support for servers I could see Minecraft becoming much bigger then all the little server's we got now.

    Here is a brief history lesson in internet gaming, years and years ago, long before i'm sure most of you can remember, internet multiplayer once started off text based, turn based games on bulliten boards you used dial up to
    connect too. You would log in, take your turn then log off, other people would log on and make their turn for the day, yes some of this involved pvp. It was slow and didn't hold peoples attention very well but it was all there was.
    Then a new text based game popped up called a MUD, it was the same concept as the BB games but people were playing
    in the same fantasy world at the same exact time and could even interact, it was revolutionary, and also created a generation of typist and people who can read quickly. Then when text based virtual worlds were not enough for some people (btw the MUDing community is still alive and very big) They had to take it a step further and created MMO's, graphical based multiplayer games.

    The point of this history lesson is, Minecraft is following this same pattern, you could take it all the way back to playing with lego's as a child and always finding you didn't have enough lego's to finish your project, along comes Minecraft with an infinite lego set inside a virtual world, next logical conclussion is Minecraft MMO style servers
    with communities of 50 to 100 people under one town name building large scale cities and super structures.

    Maybe ur right. Someplayer may only sleep in NPC houses thats one kind of cheating [In my opinion]
    What if they respawned next to a castle? :blink.gif:
    Instant Shelter!
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    Ancient Mosque In the deserts not included?
    I would like graveyards tho and if you dig it you may find chest with bones.[Another way to get bones than killing skellington :Skeleton: ]
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    posted a message on Mooshrooms are overpowered
    *This suggestion granted*
    ---5 MONTH LATER
    Topic: Mooshroom needs to be buffed! The hardowrking part to find it will be worth it!
    No games perfect you know
    But this is kind of good idea.
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    How about put it in the furnace and make a dragon egg omelet?
    It will be pretty dang tasty,And Im pretty dang hungry.
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    Now I can make wishes in Minecraft.
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    You can delay redstone using repeaters.
    The others...Meh.
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    posted a message on Sandstorms in Deserts
    And how about the sandstorm make force your render distance to lower than tiny? The mist will be yellow instead of grey/white.
    Quote from MinecraftLovah

    That's an amazing idea. That would be so cool, I mean, having a Sandstorm? That would just be amazing. Also, it would be so cool if it is harder to see when you're in a Sandstrom and maybe you would walk slower. Great idea. Hope Notch makes it an actual thing. :wink.gif:

    Jeb is the lead developer now.
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    Quote from Luca_Scorpion

    Seems kinda op, maybe only on hard mode.
    At the same time I think it would kinda ruin the idea of you being the only person in an infinite world that is called Minecraft.

    Mod Edit: That is disturbing.
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    It would kind of weird if i wander the seas and found a dome.
    Reminds me of squirrels.


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    You mean accessories? Why not use skin that have like necklaces or gloves?
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    1.Get a wheat
    2.Search for sheep/cow
    3.Go to a cliff and bring the cow/sheep with you.
    4.Make them push you.
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    Maybe we cant put blocks on it?(excluding crafting table,furnace,chest,dispenser, any unsolid block and any block that cant be placed with other block)
    Wasnt it would be really weird if someone made a 1x1 pillar to clouds on top of the turtle?
    Quote from Mystify

    This idea seems cool. If you can place almost any block on it (except one that have practical reason why you can't, such as a liquid spawn, or torches(until we get moveable lights at least)) then it opens up a wide range of potential uses, from practical to silly to awesome.

    TNT turtle, (hehe).
    Sign turtle
    furnace turtle
    chest turtle
    crafting turtle
    flower turtle
    sapling turtle
    gold turtle
    flaming hellstone turtle

    U forgot to add dispenser turtle.
    Turtle tanks if added a obsidian too.
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