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    posted a message on Villager "Socializing"
    Other than telepathy..
    What if mobs have chatbox that we can't see?
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    posted a message on For all Creepers: How to overcome Feline Phobia
    Well,Still need a zombie to get a raw chicken.
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    posted a message on Tourney Swords - Swords That Deal 0 Damage
    Support +1
    Also the dyed one is good,too.
    It could make a harmless PVP game.
    And also get rid of testificates from your way without killing them!
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    posted a message on Mob interaction. UPDATED MARCH 31! ADDED SPIDERS AND CAVE SPIDERS
    Quote from IMPaused

    Iron Golem:​Will sometimes hold dandelions
    When in water it will stick out its arms and spin really fast to float up
    Helps repair villages after sieges
    You can feed him iron ingots to regain his health (Heals 2 each ingot)
    Breaks blocks that shouldn't be in the town AKA player placed or on the road and stuff
    Iron golems are fire proof
    Iron golems can swim in lava without taking damage (No more farming)
    Have no breath limit so no drowning them
    Can climb mountains by stick its arms out and climbing like spiders and stuff

    Enderman:Will sometimes disarm the player
    There is a very small chance of an enderman throwing a held block at you
    Might pick up mobs and throw them at you

    Zombie:Will somtimes WITH A SMALL CHANCE have armor on or have an iron sword equipped
    VERY SMALL CHANCE of being poisoned

    Creepers:Will sometimes climb buildings and jump for a sneak attack
    ​ Some creepers aren't afraid of cats
    When super charged creepers around the area other noncharged creepers will follow as theyre leader
    Enderman might pick them up and throw them at you

    SilverFish:Can climb walls
    Cannot swim but can breath in water
    Can run dearing full moon

    If you have an idea for mobs just reply on this thread. and if someone could please tweet this to Jeb/Jon that would be great.


    Oh and the reason I dont tweet him is cause I dont have a twitter account and my parents wont let me get one...

    The bold'd one made me rolf'd.
    And also cat/ocelot sometimes scratch on wood/planks/wool to sharp their claws.
    Cat/ocelot will sometimes stare at water as they are wacthing fish in it.
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    posted a message on Mega TNT
    Quote from doctorseaweed2

    Now the name Mega TNT is a bad name I realize, but this is just for this idea. I don't care what you call it. So here's how it works. You take four pieces of TNT and craft them together. You can do it in the crafting box in your item select screen. Then once you do it, you get one piece of Mega TNT. I don't know what it would look like, maybe like TNT, but a darker color. You decide. And what is the difference you ask? Mega TNT would be as powerful as a Charged Creeper explosion. Here is a picture for example.

    The small one is regular TNT, the large one is Mega TNT. Other then that, it would behave the same. Opinions? Changes?

    You are using Creeper & Charged Creeper explosion comparison.
    Creeper explosion are not the same as TNT
    Creeper explosion is 25% less powerful than TNT.
    Charged creeper is only 50% more powerful than TNT.
    So that means if 4 TNT needed than 21/2 of the TNT used are wasted.
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    posted a message on [Rage Virus] turns passive mobs and wolves feral [attack everything]
    Me: *Feeding sheeps with wheat* Dont worry! Everysheep will get one!
    *All sheep in pen surrounds me*
    Griefer: Trololololol *Throws potion at the sheeps*
    Me: Wait! Why are my sheeps biting me!? NO! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    *Creapus was slain by sheep*
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    posted a message on That item that you never remember is in the game?
    Brick block, and Furnace Minecart.
    I actually not 'Never Remember'
    But oftenly.
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    posted a message on Gold Panning
    Inspired from here? Eh?
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    posted a message on Obsidian Tools?
    Obsidian are fairly common especially if you made a nether portal.
    And if you have atleast a diamond pickaxe you could find a lava pool and pour bucket of water and start harvesting those obsidian and wala! And if it lasted forever, then stone pickaxe will no use anymore. While I have a (almost) stack of obsidian and I still mainly use stone pickaxe (except when gathering diamond,redstone,and gold).
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    posted a message on Tree-made paper.
    No, sugar canes are easy-to-farm.
    Just make a farm or at least find a sugarcane,Place it into a near water source,when it grow up,harvest and replant again.
    I got a hella lot of sugarcanes now.
    Quote from KinglyNinja

    Sugar Cane~
    Use 1: Cake
    Use 2: Potions

    And wood have hella lot of uses.
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    posted a message on GET THE OLD SOUNDS BACK
    I'm okay with the sounds.
    But maybe the door sound is too loud.
    And maybe they should seperate the TNT and Creeper exploding sound.
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    posted a message on Songs That Remind You of Minecraft
    Something Got me on - Swingfly (May not really be swingfly,I forgot the name)
    DJ Got us falling in love - Usher
    Dynamite - Taio Cruz
    Born This Way - Lady Gaga
    Mind Heist Theme -
    There are more but Im too lazy to remember it.
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    posted a message on easy flint farming
    Quote from Nigel xD

    This seems like a giant waste of time when I can just build a tower of gravel, knock out the bottom one, place a torch right there, and have it shoot out flint instead.

    If a gravel falls into non solid-block it will turn into gravel and will NEVER turn into flint.
    Why dont you make a gravel pillar then after you run out of gravel, try digging straight down to the gravel.
    Repeat until all of them turn into flint.
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    posted a message on My Creeper Theory
    My dad said that creeper is kind of like decaying bush/leaf.
    And its crunchy, maybe its a normal bush but then mutated because of something which made it simmiliar to animals, and the gunpowder has something to do with the mutation. Humans maybe looks 'unique' so they like to chase you because of their curiosity and when they get near you they explode because of unique smell that human made (Sweat) they couldn't afford the smell but still pushed by their curiosity and when they cant afford the smell anymore they ignite themself, or maybe creeper attacks because humans are considered dangerous creature to creeper eyes and they may have some relation to other mob simmiliar to iron golems with villagers, which they trying to get you away from something like their nest or they even saw you hurt other living things such tree. Creeper comes from plant as I know so they may have receive some telepati from trees that you cut down and the creeper is out to avenge their old friends.And from other mobs that attack you may got informed by a creeper so they join forces to kill you!
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    posted a message on Villages and villages
    Maybe you crossed the 'village' territory line.
    Which villager wont go there.
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