About Me
Name : 'Secret'
Nickname : Creafus
MC Name : -
Age : 13
Religion : Muslim
Spawn Date: 19th February 1999
Species : Creepus Malacus


  • Copying (This page was directly copied from SDIAN's page)
  • Nomad Minecraft,Playing minecraft without making home and Travel as you go!
  • Travelling through biomes
  • Minecrafting!
  • Mining!
  • Making Redstone cannons!
  • Battling, Note that I only do this in PvP
  • Forum-ing
  • Socialize-ing
  • Helping the ones in need
  • Alchemist & Brewing
  • Trading, Give me goodies I want and I will give you goodies you want
  • Hunting,I also sell droplets with golden nuggets as money!
  • Farming,I also sell crops with golden nuggets as money!
  • Dating


  • Nomadic-life, Survive without making anyhomes.
  • Redstone circuits,I do some if im in mood to do so.
  • Traps, Note that this is a part of redstone circuits.
  • Alchemist & Brewings, Note that I dont always have the indgredients.
  • Tower Guarding,Archers ready!
  • Item transport, Travel away 6 kiloblockmeters to transport diamond back to base!

Dislikes & Weakness:

  • I have enthophobia which is phobie of flying insects like bees.[IRL]
  • I have insecthopobia which is phobie of insects[IRL]
  • I have arachnophobia which is phobie of spiders[IRL]
  • I hate spiders & Sliverfish
  • I dont understand plants even tho I like farmings.
  • Im very bad at parkours.
  • Im very bad at leading, its why I always 'leaded' than 'leading' myself.
  • I can't swim [IRL]
  • I can't tie my shoe laces [IRL]
  • Oftenly AFK


  • I never killed a wild passive mob.
  • I played Pokemon: Fire Red in my GBA and its the last pokemon game i've ever played.
  • I hiss randomly when im tired,surprised, excited and happy (IRL).
  • I play cracked
  • I cant and dont want to explode
  • I be a pervert/pedocreeper sometime.
  • I have a bad reputation in some games and EXTREMELY POPULAR on 1 game.
  • SDIAN & CWP is the only TWO who actually in my friend list and communicate with me
  • The rest was random adds.
  • I maded a texture pack and never actually use it since its too ugly.
  • I dont actually have friends in real life
  • Or you may say I have no life

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Interests Anything that makes joy.