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    Quote from Whiplashr »
    OP, like too many other people, is far too concerned with how other people choose to play their own game.

    It's really non of their business, or nothing that they have any business speculating on. I'm getting a bit fed up with this kind of pretentious attitude.. whereby people think it is their business to sit in judgment of how others choose to play their games. It doesn't affect you in any way. It's none of your business.

    Get over the fact that some people do not play by the same rules as you do. They owe you no explanation. You have no business sitting in judgment of how they choose to play.

    The way other people play their game does effect you in that it changes demand for goods that you want to see. Being a post scarcity economy (like all data is), an increased demand never results in supply shortages naturally, and as such you will only benefit from increased production. More people playing mods = more mods for me to play (or choose from, I'm quite picky to make sure I keep a balanced game-play experience).
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    Quote from spectrrr »
    ~~~~~~Rules have been rewritten for clarity!~~~~~~
    ~~~~~ Updates and discoveries as the bottom.~~~~~

    I’m rewriting this posting because it seems that it is failing to convey the original heart and intent behind the project, or even the original rules (“can we use bedrock or not?” was the most common point of confusion). Here’s another stab at them, you can let me know if this works better for you:

    This is a scientific exploration thread, the goal of which is to try and accomplish the impossible and do what nobody has ever done before, to the best of my knowledge.

    People have made many fancy “legit” vaults out of Obsidian, traps, mazes, etc…. and many of them are very intricately and brilliantly designed. For a discussion of this topic, I suggest you start reading here: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=228339&start=30

    BUT THIS IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS THREAD!! Without exception, every single vault made from obsidian can eventually be broken into, given a little time, persistence and death.

    THE GOAL HERE IS SIMPLE: Make a vault out of bedrock that cannot be broken into. “Eventually” is not in our vocabulary, we will settle for nothing less than perfection, with one minor allowance. ** This vault must contain a way to get in and out, and this must be controlled by a redstone code lock. Put the right combo in, entry is permitted. Put the wrong combo in, entry is impossible. Iron doors can be broken, bedrock is the ONLY substance that cannot be broken, so essentially all barriers must be made of bedrock, with methods to get through.

    **Any sufficiently complex redstone code lock will be “nearly” impossible to break. It is close enough to perfection that it will be allowed for this.

    RULES (simplified):
    1) Use of bedrock as a construction material is REQUIRED. *
    2) This design is for SMP and must work there. The glitches in SMP are DIFFERENT than the glitches in single player.
    3) The vault can be constructed in any manner possible (MCedit is fine), HOWEVER it cannot rely on any mods to function – block protection, teleporting signs, etc…. the final product must work if opened up in a completely stock, un modded server.
    4) The vault must be self resetting. TNT cannot be used.

    *Bedrock can be spawned by any op in SMP using /spawn

    To clarify for folks this is designed for SMP server mods to implement on their servers as a way to make a bank area composed of individual vaults. Special people get their very own vault and private code (mod of course knows it). Defenses must be permanent, not expendable.

    NOTES: (you should read these)
    ---Minecarts behave differently in SMP. "C-Boosters" for teleportation and force fields can have.... "interesting" results in SMP sometimes. This vault design must use proven reliable techniques that will always work and will not lag the server.
    ---YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE THE REDSTONE LOCK CIRCUIT! We know these exists and are easy to find and build. This thread is tasked with creating an unpenetratable mechanism that would be controlled by this lock circuit.
    ---You can assume that the attacker has a blueprint of your vault and knows everything about its design and construction EXCEPT for the redstone code.
    ---You can assume the attacker has time and lives to spare. Any mechanism where the attacker can slowly break down the layers of defense until entry is gained will be considered a failure.

    Q: Can I use bedrock?
    A: YES!!!!!!!

    Q: Can I use regenerating lava/water/obsidian/gravel walls?
    A: NO! These can eventually be overcome.

    More Q&A to follow…

    Progress and Updates

    This is where I'll update the thread with proven designs and ideas being thrown around that have not yet been broken into, etc... along with concerns and design flaws that still need to be addressed.

    rules rewritten, idea summary and discovery update coming soon.


    10: Spawn
    20: Guess Redstone code
    30: If wrong, goto 20 (or 10 if you die)
    40: If right, win

    Any vault based on a redstone code will be able to be broken into eventually. The best chance you have is a server where the code is an implimentation of a pseudo-random number generated with a seed which switches inputs at some time T, but this would require all legit uses to have access to a running an algorithm that knows both the seed and the current iteration.

    Someone will, sooner or later, guess the code and get in.
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    Quote from scambot »
    Playing single-player with mods is like cheating at solitaire. What's the point?

    That is because you are using mods that enable 'cheating' or otherwise lower the difficulty curve. Some mods I use add new things that have no effect except for looks, like adding slopes so I can make a sloped roof, or adding tables and chairs so a house can look more lived in. Some mods also add new gameplay without really breaking it. Mo'creatures for example is nicely balanced for all but the flying horse. But getting a flying horse is not easy, especially with all the new hostile mobs (such as having an orge come through and destroy half your entire base), and as such is like a diamond tool. Diamond tools are much better than iron ones, but take more work to get to that level. Industrial craft is like this. It takes a lot to make a drill with plenty of batteries to power it. Yes it is powerful, perhaps still too powerful, but it actually requires a lot of work and a lot of mining to ever get the tool.
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    Quote from MadCow21 »
    Why do players care about the reasons other players have for using or not using mods?

    Because finding out why they aren't using mods means I can try to help them use mods. For example, if they don't because it is too difficult, then I can make tutorials (which many people have done). If it is too dangerous (password theft), make a whitelist of known good mods.

    Now, why do I want more people using mods? Because mods, as a whole, add a load of new content (some good, some bad). As someone who prefers new content, I realize that the way to ensure the best/most mod development is a consumer base that wants them. Even if people don't pay money (but some still do) for mods, there are other desirable effects for making a mod that increase as more people use it (popularity for example). Thus, as more people use mods, I get more mods to choose from. Also, it reaches a point where meta-modding starts, where things like mod-loader and other mods exist just to allow multiple mods to work at once.

    I recently put on 14 or so mods that, all in all, are quite balanced. I only had to rewrite one file to get them all to work together, and that was simply a collision of crafting recipes.

    Do what you like. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

    The actions of others effect you. For example, if you were the only person interested in Minecraft, there wouldn't be a game anywhere near as good as it is now and no community either.

    If you're just complaining because you can't find a SMP server that uses the mods you like, pony up the dough for your own server.

    This I agree with. If the issue is you want something and it doesn't exist, then either go make it or go find a substitution. While I encourage the growth of mods in general and will give suggestions on how to improve certain mods, merely making a request is of little use. The only request I have made was a question about how to get two mods to work together, and I ended up just solving that myself about a week later.
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    posted a message on Make a Mod Pack ! [ Any Mod list] [NEW]
    I've been working on getting 14 or so mods working together, and I have found only one collision. I cannot get fancy pack and industrial craft to work together because they both have a recipe involving 8 iron blocks in this form:
    :ironore: :ironore: :ironore:
    :ironore: [] :ironore:
    :ironore: :ironore: :ironore:

    If you could just tell me how to make it so the industrial craft recipe would be the one that works, not fancypack's, I would be much obliged. (P.S. I have tried making sure industrial craft was installed last, but that did not work.)
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    posted a message on [V1.4_01] BiomeTerrainMod update (Re-read readme!)
    I know I'm just blind, but I have looked all over the googlecode page and cannot find any single player downloads. Do I use the .class files in the altinstall folder of the SMP download?
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    Quote from expend »
    After reading the copyright for Minecraft, notch says that you can't distribute or modify the client.

    Well guess I gotta get rid of all my mods then.

    (all one of them, which is HD... :Notch: )
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    Quote from rch »

    Wrong.. anyone can go to http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp and download the game without an account.

    Launcher =/= game. The .jar files it downloads are the game.
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    Quote from rch »
    It doesn't matter if it's for children with cancer, it's still bypassing authentication checks in place by Minecraft that prevent multiple unregistered users to play on the same SMP Server.. when you bypass authentication implemented by the game developer in order to do something you're not "allowed" to do, you're pirating the game.

    That is a very loose and quite false definition of pirating. I have some old games back before windows XP even came out, and to run them I have to do some special things because their verification checks, among other things, doesn't work on Windows 7 correctly. To call that pirating is nonsense.

    Also, these instructions are also needed to have multiple people play over lan when there is no internet connection at all.
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    Quote from rch »
    Mydnyte you do realize you just told him and anyone else who reads this how to pirate Minecraft, right?

    I'd suggest editing/removing your post.

    Good going.

    Actually no it isn't, as you have to have an official account to download the game and to download the server, and this only works with servers running in offline mode. All the post does is tell how to connect to another serve running in offline mode if internet verification is not an option, which could happen if you don't even have internet connection (and about 25% of the time at home, that describes me). There is nothing in there telling people how to pirate, obtain illegally, a copy of minecraft.
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    Quote from Mydnyte »
    If they actually have accounts (you'll need to have purchased at least 3 accounts for 3 people to play)

    Is that actually in the EULA? Most games allow for multiple people in one household to use it, you just can only connect 1 install to any official servers (for example, only one account can connect to WOW or BNet at any one time). Does the EULA say that Minecraft is a per person basis, as in one purchase is not supposed to be used by family members?

    I've never actually tried multiple people with "player" before, not sure if it's only supposed to be able to handle one non-authenticated session or not, I'm sure google will let you know.

    I tried google and it isn't helping.
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    First, I have read topics and haven't had my question answered satisfactorily by them.

    Second, check this name against the list of people who have paid, I paid for this account a long time ago.

    So why offline? I have horrible internet connect at home and I want to get my little siblings (aged 6 and so) to play. With my laptops, we have 3 computers and I want to get them both to play multiplayer, but I can only get one of them to log on as 'player' right now where the other gets kicked.

    Now, I know there is a way to spoof names so that they can log in as Player1 and Player2 (well, actually their names, but I'm not putting those online for obvious reasons), but I was wondering how does one do this.

    As I said, I have already bought the game.
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    Quote from Misa »
    To all those having issues with black screens, go to the appropriate thread and wait or look for a workaround. No amount of editing of my textures, and posting them as an update will fix HD support on the latest version of Minecraft. Either play an older version of Minecraft with my pack (You do keep backups of working versions of minecraft.jar, yes?), or wait for xau to release a newer version of MCPatcher.

    I'm really getting tired of having to repeat this every single time the client updates. Does no one know how to use the search thread feature? I even touched upon this in the announcements I posted last weekend on the main post.

    I have been looking around for what is causing the problem (I knew it had to do with the update), but it wasn't really clear if it was a patch or not. Even with searching it still took 20 minutes before I found an explanation (granted I might have just been being thick headed :SSSS: ).

    Perhaps, right by the 'how to install' instruction, you put a comment like:
    If you follow these exactly and are getting a black screen, this has to do with HD graphics support which is beyond my control.
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    Quote from ciberninja »
    Small Town build/barter REDACTED
    One working furnace costs 1 Diamond Or 9 Gold

    Don't you need iron to get diamond/gold?
    Don't you need furnace to get iron?
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    Quote from LtVic »
    isn't posting porn aginst forums rules, Due to this being a fake link

    It isn't a fake link, it is a redirecting link.
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