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    posted a message on agrarian skies 1.6.4 full sphax texture pack all ready to go
    Some things you should most likely include when posting to this forum...
    • Pictures.
    • A description, including the game version your resource pack supports.
    • Size. Such as x32, x64, and so on.
    On a complete side note, what are you trying to say? Is this supposed to be sphax, but with slight changes? If so, you may have broken a rule...
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] The Better Default Resourcepack!
    You may want to add some pictures.
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    posted a message on Iarotha - PVP/PVE - Roleplaying, Towny, Heroes, and more!
    We are now posted on PlanetMinecraft and Reddit's /r/mcservers. Let's hope for the best.

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    posted a message on Iarotha - PVP/PVE - Roleplaying, Towny, Heroes, and more!

    [b]NOTE: [/b]Please use to connect to the server until further notice.
    [b]WANTED: [/b]Someone who plays on the server that can take over this thread for me due to my inactivity on the server.

    [b]Update: Today, our new map will be released. With this being said, please store any of your important items in the bedrock structure, north of the spawn point. Please remember to "private protect" any of the chests you need. As soon as your chests are then pasted into the new world, please go claim your items. Thank you.[/b]

    [b]Update 2: Our enjin site has been revamped and is now ready to be used in the future! Check out the forums if you have some extra time.[/b]

    Iarotha (formally named Aeoadia) is a community Minecraft server mainly based around role-playing and a plugin called Heroes. Iarotha will (hopefully) offer you both a realistic and a immersing environment for you and many others to engage in some role-play. You will have the opportunity to set forth and dwell in a kingdom, let it be one that has already been created, or even one that you build yourself! With all of the races and classes the Heroes plugin has to offer, the possibilities and play-styles are practically limitless. Enjoy and consider whitelisting today!
    [b]Gods:[/b] This plugin ties in nicely with towny and the lore for our server. With Gods, you have the ability to create your own higher power. Optionally, you can become a follower of a God who already exists in-game.

    [b]MythicDrops: [/b]To make this short, this plugin adds custom drops to the world.

    [b]Dynmap: [/b]Allows you to see the whole world of Iarotha on a virtual map. Go to the site and click LiveMap to see what I'm talking about.

    [b]Towny:[/b] Towny is the plug-in we are using to form "realistic" seeming kingdoms, towns, and/or villages. Some towny mayors might sell plots of land for you to buy and then build on, but they also might tax you daily!

    [b]MCJobs:[/b] Almost self-explanatory. Do /mc jobs for a list of jobs you can do some work in. To name a few, you can choose a mining job, woodcutting, alchemy, and so on. The admins of the server have recently nerfed how much you earn in certain jobs, due to easy money making exploits.

    As such, these aren't the [b]only [/b]plug-ins being used. So if you do happen to whitelist to the server and gain access to logging in, do /plugins for a full list.

    ([b]Warning: [/b]This part of the post is lengthy and enormous. Click each button for different time periods. Also... Before Rift =BR, whereas After Rift = AR)

    [b]421BR[/b]'[/i]][i]The immensely powerful King Varinus of the human and elven alliance, named the Scarlet Crown due to the three races' blood being considered the highest level of racial nobility, had become overcome with greed and invaded orcish lands so his kingdom and alliance's power could grow. The dwarves felt morally opposed to such actions and defected shortly after from the alliance, deciding to pursue their own ventures. Dwarves still were far too bitter with the war that was brewing to pick a side, digging away at their mines and improving upon their ancient home. Alliance politicians and subjects never forgave them for such an act, seeing it as betrayal. Almost a year later, though not quite, on the turn of the year, retaliated through use of an undead spy guised to appear as human as possible so that he may poison the king. It was a successful attempt on his life, and the Scarlet Crown charged further into orcish lands to initiate full-scale war- a war that would last over four hundred years, each and every new king descending down the line raised with such a fury and hatred for the rebellion, the Iron Hand, and its races.[/i]

    [b]003BR[/b][/i]'][i] The land was damaged, towns and families town apart and ended, for the war was far too drawn out and resources were stretched thin. Where proud cities had once stood now lay orcish encampments and ruin all around, many undead ritualists found among these people. Those who opposed both sides of the war, always and forever, had begun delving into ancient banished magics such as necromancy. With these new tools at their disposal, they got to work. They, of all races but no particular loyalties, approached the Dwarves and asked of them their aid to bring down both sides of the conflict. The Dwarves, stubborn and [/i]

    [i]'morally righteous', denied them their aid and demanded that they leave their homelands. Since these necromancers and other diabolists saw that they had little chance against three kingdoms at once, they struck against the dwarves. It appeared to be a laughable gesture at first, until many of the dwarves saw that the man standing next to them was now a mindless creep. It overwhelmed a majority of the dwarven army, and they immediately fled their ancient homes to search for a safe haven. The Alliance was aware of the downfall, though they did not lift a finger to aid them as old hatreds yet lingered.[/i]

    [i]Things appeared grim for either side, yet it was more positive in appearance than they'[/i][i]ve had in years. The last battle, which would take place on the border of orcish and alliance lands, was one that both sides intended to win. Each had gone all out with their attempt, sending each and every magus, warrior, archer, or warlock into battle. It appeared much a stalemate until the magicians and warlocks began focusing their attacks on the other magic users on the field, hoping that'd win them ground. As the battle later turned out, many mages pushed themselves too far. They had not considered the consequences of using immense amounts of magical power on a specific spot, and it tore. Soldiers mid-swing of blade- axe- spear, all had turned their attention to the large crevice in time and space that had ripped open due to the instability of the field. It was calm at first, and then it sank in, consuming all that was on the battlefield-- every man, woman, child, soldier, farmer, or royal was pulled in with immense strength. Where old hatreds once were now was too much confusion. They had awakened in a land, not much unlike their own, in heaps. Each looked despairingly at the other, regardless of race or faction, just confusion. They saw now the true consequences of their actions; not just destroying their home, but losing it forever, as this place was not the home they fought tooth and nail over for the sake of revenge. The factions left eachother alone for the time, spreading out into the far reaches in hopes that they'd never encounter them again. And not short after, the high elves, wood elves, and humans each parted ways not with anger, but more with the ideals of neutrality. Each society needed to form their own way. The Iron Fist saw things differently, that they needed to band closer together than ever, though many of its subjects defected and formed their own towns and clans. It was brought to ruin shortly after, and forced to live a quiet and peaceful life.[/i]
    ">[b;">005AR:[/b]'] [i]The land, which would come to be known as Iarotha, was inhabited by a race of half-elves that just called themselves Iarothians. They were truly neutral having once been two different races, now one, in peace. They preferred it that way, and would have no conflicts brought to their land. As such, the first truly neutral town of Isala was formed. All would come to be welcome, so long as they left their hostilities behind. The old alliance members attempted once to repair its bonds, feeling that the time was right, but only to realise that such an attempt was forfeit as each was far to independent now. The old alliance officially died, though new alliances were open to be formed. But that would be up to the people, and there is no more history past this point since that is determined by the direction people take it.[/i]

    [i]As I mentioned earlier, there are many classes and races you can choose from with the fantastic Heroes plug-in. Below is a detailed list of all those races and classes, written up by Patrickus.[/i]

    [b]Iarotha currently* has the following races:[/b]
    [b]*More races may be added in future, this is unknown at the moment.[/b]

    [b]Wood Elf:[/b] Agile and natural archers, the Wood Elves are a passive race concerning themselves only with matters that will effect nature and the forests they live in.

    [b]Dark Elf:[/b] Fierce and strong, the Dark Elves are a race bent on anger and have a unusual obsession with Fire.

    [b]High Elf:[/b] Noble and powerful, the High Elves are a race of naturally talented spear men. They spend most of their time advancing their understanding of magic and enchantments.

    [b]Iarothian:[/b] Native to the new world of Iarotha these half elves are a very wise race they are talented swords(wo)men and have found out how to absorb life from other creatures.

    [b]Dwarf:[/b] Greedy yet wise, the dwarves are expert miners and warriors. They tend not to get involved with matters that do not concern them and spend most of their time forging the finest weapons in the land.

    [b]Undead: [/b]Cold people derived from just about every race, all united in undeath. They are often spiteful of others, and harbor anger as their strongest emotion. They are well-known for being skilled assassins and warlocks.

    [b]Orc: [/b]The Orcs are a very honorable race and put honor above everything else. Orcs are the most physically superior race is the land.

    [b]Human:[/b] The humans are the pinnacle of advanced civilizations, and they have unbreakable willpower are tend to conquer and hold large areas of land.

    [b]Classes currently in-game*:[/b]
    [b](*Like above, new classes may be added - or old ones get changed/removed in the future.)[/b]

    [b]Adventurer:[/b] The class everyone starts out as. Has no particular skills but has the potential to become anything they desire.

    [b]Once you reach level 30 adventurer you can choose a basic class:[/b]

    [b]Warrior:[/b] This is the primary melee starter class. Has abilities like charges and bleeds to cripple foes.

    [b]R[/b][b]ogue:[/b] This is the primary assassin/archer starter class. Abilities include usage of bows, movement speed spells, and arrow spells.

    [b]Mage:[/b] This is the primary magic starter class. Has fireballs and destruction spells.

    [i]Reached [b]level 50[/b] with a warrior, mage, or rogue? Now you can be one of the following below that goes with your basic class.[/i]

    [b]Warrior advanced classes:[/b]
    [b]B[/b][b]erserker:[/b] A warrior full of bloodlust. The berserker has multiple combat skills and bleed-over-time spells available for his or her use.

    [b]Dragoon:[/b] An agile spear-wielding warrior with basic magic and leap spells.

    [b]Paladin:[/b] This knight of the holy order has multiple healing spells and basic healing.

    [b]Knight: [/b]A swordbrother/swornsister to the king or queen of the land. Experts in defense and crowd control.

    [b]Rogue advanced classes:[/b]
    [b]Bladedancer:[/b] An assassin and master of poisons. The bladedancer uses damage over time and short bursts of damage to quickly kill enemies.

    [b]Ranger:[/b] The finest archer known in the unknown lands of Iarotha. Uses multiple arrow spells and has a high mobility to outrun and outplay others around him or her.

    [b]Mage advanced classes:[/b]
    [b]Warlock[/b]: The most feared class across the lands. The warlock uses curses and terror to ultimately destroy any enemies who cross their path.

    [b]Wizard:[/b] A wise, powerful magus who devotes his or her life to magic. They use the power of ice, fire, and lightning to destroy or preserve life.

    [b]Cleric:[/b] Also a knight of the holy order. The cleric studies with their fellow paladin knights, but focuses more on the healing side of combat rather than the way of damage. These selfless knights are purely devoted on helping others.

    Interested in joining? Here's what you need to provide to me in a reply below.

    IGN: Your age:
    Reason for whitelisting:
    Character desc:
    Character race:
    Character name:
    Character age:

    [b]Thanks to...[/b]
    - Thanks to all the plug-in creators. Their great contributions to Bukkit servers are linked in the plug-in section.
    - Thanks to Patrickus and ilostitall2 for being excellent admins of the server, I haven't run into any issues yet.
    - Thanks to Patrickus and wowrulezwow for writing all of the exciting lore.
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    posted a message on Aeoadia 1.7,2, Bending, Elements, Towny, Pvp, Pve, Light RP, Active
    Quote from MrPatrickus

    congratulations to Wowrulezwow and his group on getting the first town!

    Indeed. Congrats. :D
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    posted a message on Aeoadia 1.7,2, Bending, Elements, Towny, Pvp, Pve, Light RP, Active
    I also play on this server. Just started yesterday, actually. So far I've had no problems with the server. Moderators and administrators are nice, and the overall concept of the element bending is pretty game-changing (in a good way, of course).
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    posted a message on Scariest Game Ever?
    I don't always get scared. But some games that are scary are:
    • SCP Containment Breach (both versions)
    • Cry of Fear (Complete conversion mod of the game "Half LIfe" Pretty good story line and gameplay)
    • Slender
    • Dead Space 2
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    posted a message on JOIN MY FACTION SERVER!!!
    • Wrong area for posting this sort of thing. Sorry.
    • Your grammar isn't that good. Make more sense, pls.
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    posted a message on Rollercoaster In Minecraft 1.6.4
    Having the same problem as mentioned above.

    Also, add some video(s)/pictures! :D
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    Don't slam your face onto the keyboard, you'll end up writing another twilight book.

    On a serious note, my result is hfks dggjdsdkjhdsfjlh jfsdsdhj. Woo. My head hurts a bit now.
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