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    Quote from Xweetok_II

    Now notice that sunlight is a light level of fifteen, and the sun isn't low enough to be a lower level of light.

    Maybe it's because there are three extra, useless bits of redstone on the other side. Are they leeching the power from the full twelve the the sad, sad nine we have here? This could be interesting!
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    Wow, that looks amazing, but I have a question. Are the server settings necessary to play it? Or do you only need them when playing with two people? Are bats going to ruin everything if I try to play it un-altered single-player? Do I have to make a server in order to play it?
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    Normally diamond blocks look like crap in buildings... but this actually looks pretty good! Nice job!
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V


    Well, if you're nice, you might as well click it!


    EDIT: Ooh, page claim!
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    posted a message on Skyrim style dungeon with loot system
    That should really be "Tim and I" in that first note, not "Me and Tim." :)
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    posted a message on R.I.P MineCraft After 1.2.5
    This should really be in Support...
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    posted a message on Pigs breeding via carrots is stupid and breaks my farms
    So you absolutely NEED porkchops? You can't just be satisfied with Bread, Steak, Apples, Fish, Chicken, Pumpkin Pie, Potatoes, Mushroom Stew, Pumpkin Pie, Cookies, Cake, or even Rotten Flesh? Honestly, there are enough food items in the game. Go get yourself some and stop complaining.
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    posted a message on Farms in 1.4 too over stocked.
    Quote from The_Fool76

    I have a fix for the OP's worries. Use the custom flatmap settings in 1.4 and set it to a biome where villages don't spawn. (Forest, Mountain, Tundra, etc.) The custom settings give you a lot of control over just how hard you want things to be.

    If he didn't want villages, he could just turn structures off... We want villages, just not with the ridiculous amounts of food they give.
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    posted a message on Snapshot Halloween decorating.
    Quote from Voyager_John

    So you do cheat...

    KyoShinda isn't the same person as KingTrygon...
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    posted a message on How good are you at minecraft
    Quote from _Xaie_

    Wow, 7 seems to be a popular choice. That's pretty interesting actually... :)

    If you ask someone to pick a random number from 1 to 10, they'll usually pick 7.
    My theory is that people tend to try to pick numbers that their subconscious judges harder to guess, and so shy away from "obvious" numbers like 1, and 10. They would pick 5, but that is smack in the middle of everything. In between seems to be the logical choice, leaving 3 and 7. I guess people just have a natural tendency to choose the higher number.
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    posted a message on Infinate items and their epic lore!
    Wow, that's awesome! Will that work to make infinite dispensers, too?
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    posted a message on There is no use arguing about what should and should not be implemented into the game...
    Quote from ZephyrZV

    When it comes down to it, Mojang does whatever the ­ they want, so please stop making posts about your hipster, elitist views on new updates.

    That might have been true of Notch, but Jeb_ and Dinnerbone seem to listen to what the community say quite a bit. Take emerald ore, for instance.
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    posted a message on (32x) (1.4.1) Baristacraft - A Collaborative Texture Pack
    Looks pretty good, (better than anything I can do) but I don't think Id use it for a few reasons:
    The grass and several other textures are still quite a bit too noisy.
    That stone doesn't look like it tiles at all.
    Also, that diamond looks a bit over exposed. Maybe darken it a little or something so that we can see more than a big blue-white blob.
    Other that that, though, it looks pretty good. Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on [Dedicated] [150 Slots] [24/7] Looking for Staff! Builders, and players to Test!
    *ignore this post, had a minute of complete failure there...*
    (I swear you used to be able to delete posts...)
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    posted a message on [Dedicated] [150 Slots] [24/7] Looking for Staff! Builders, and players to Test!
    I find that there is a lot of prejudice towards youth, especially on the internet. (That's not without good reason, I guess) People are often judged by their age. All I ask is that you assess me by my maturity, not the arbitary number of years I've been on this planet. If I seem mature, that's all you need to know.
    Position applying for:
    I can be anything you want me to be. The higher up I am, the more good I can do, but if you want to give me a lower position, I understand, and I can do that too. I have plenty of experience as a moderator and an admin, and while I'm not capable of the awe-inspiring builds I sometimes like to drool over in the screenshots section, I'm a pretty decent builder.
    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):
    To put it simply: I love being an admin. I love showing new people around. I love answering questions. I love helping everyone on the server out. I love planning out public buildings. I just love being that paternal figure who keeps the server running. It seems like this server would be a good place to get that.
    Experience (details):
    I have held a staff position on about {number} servers. In order: I was a ordinary player and then a mod specializing in building on a small private server for a while. I was a full admin on a faction server called Kardunui. Most recently, I helped to get a warzone server off the ground for quite a while.
    Contact info:
    My skype name is LavaAndDiamond.
    Dedicated time:
    I can guarantee about an hour per day (obviously with exceptions), but may be able to squeeze in more, depending on my schedule.
    What you can bring:
    I am a great-to-moderate builder, an extremely experienced player, and most importantly, a kind and helpful person. (Not to mention that I’m extremely humble)
    Proof of work:
    If by that you mean screenshots/map download of something I’ve made, that could be a little difficult, as most of the work I’ve done has been on servers that are now shut down. Give me a while to look through my screenshots and I’ll get back to you.

    EDIT: I found one pic, a giant ship I was building for a warzone server. It's not quite finished, (as you can see, the underside of the hull is still just a skeleton) but it's done enough to get an idea of how the final version ended up.

    EDIT 2: Okay, I failed. HOW do you post an image again? *sigh...
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