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    posted a message on New Biomes? cool, but then again...
    Minecraft must be the only game in existence that has a portion of the fan base that actively complains about having more things to explore.
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    This is supposed to be fixed in 13w36b. Try updating.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Quote from JohnnyAwesome323

    Ty for release!

    Is there emc in the game yet?

    Are you really that incapable of going and reading the changelog for yourself? No either go read it or shut your mouth and stop being an impatient, whiny, little brat. It's obnoxious and no one needs to see it.
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    posted a message on What is your opinion on Horses?
    I don't understand how any one can have an opinion on a feature that we know almost nothing about. Except that it exists.

    With that said I have this opinion to put forth:

    What will be will be, and all we can do is wait to see how it turns out.
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    posted a message on Oh God no...
    Quote from MAXIMUSSPRIME

    I just wish they would add useful stuff to the game, or give the game some sort of storyline.

    For now, here's the story line:




    ...kill the enderdragon.

    Thank god we have multiplayer and mods.

    That was a joke, they used that for the 'Minecraft 2.0' joke.

    Do you really trust anyone at Mojang to write a decent story for this game. Considering even a company as large as Bethesda has a very hard time writing a good story for arguably their biggest franchise which is also a 'sandbox' style game.

    Quote from Alshain01

    So I see two outcomes here:
    1. The horse is nothing more than a saddled pig and pointless to add.
    2. The horse has better control than a saddled pig making the saddled pig pointless.
    While I don't really care all that much, I don't understand the need for redundancy and I would much rather see them put their efforts into more significant changes. I agree that new mobs are good, but again it's redundant.

    Pigs currently are a food source. If Mojang is smart horses will be like bats and not actually drop anything when killed.

    Quote from CaptainSandbox

    I horses are added I'm going to stop updating...

    Seriously? A you five years old? Because right now what you are doing is the equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum. All because Mojang is adding in a single mob. One that you know almost nothing about. As if you have some thing against the very thought of horses in the game. Grow up.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)

    i meant some kind of spirit or demon like Calcifer :) you know .. to keep me company in my lab.

    It would be interesting to see this take shape as some kind of new research branch I think. One involving learning to communicate with magical creatures and how to summon them. Perhaps a sub-branch of some kind of Eldritch magic.
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    posted a message on Is the Wither some Unholy offspring/mutation of the ghast?
    No. The wither is born of fell magics and is the embodiment of the Nether's true evil.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    Quote from LightSapfier

    3.0.4 is the best choice for everyone.For ex i can't play with my friends because my olad 1.4.7 server got bugged(Mystcraft went wrong) so i had to update to 1.5.1. Now we are waiting 1.5. update because we dont want to loose our researches :D

    Oh and can you tell the aproximate time? i mean "tomorrow" or after a week.

    When it's done. Or when Azanor feels confident that he can set a release date and meet it.

    Quote from Final272

    I still like the thuamcraft 2 setup better.. using vis for objects storage etc. is a lot better to me than the wands. I will admit the new wands are nice, but actually fighting the taint before it spreads in the land/making vis production is a lot more exciting.. Hope you continue to do thuamcraft 2 work as well.. (call it Thuamcraft classic! :D )

    Also make 2 multiplayer :D

    Azanor intends to add 'taint' back in some form. But TC2 will never gett updated. Period. And maintaining it while developing TC3 is the worst idea ever. Azanor would have to develop two completely separate mods. And that's only after dropping every thing just to commit himself to the nightmare that it would be to update the mod past 1.3, which thoroughly wrecked more than a few mods.

    So put the thought from your mind.

    Quote from Colormeblack

    Do you have to have an older version of Minecraft to get the mod to work? cause i've done everything correctly and i'm getting a black screen.

    The mod has not been updated to MC version 1.5.1 yet. Which you would know if you took three seconds to READ THE OP!

    Quote from juanitierno


    Couldnt find the info in the original post so ill ask

    Is Thaumcraft 3 open source?

    I would love to see how its done, just out of curiosity!


    No. It isn't.
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    posted a message on Vote For The King Of Minecraft Right Here
    You list is horribly biased.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    Quote from kol999

    Dude, motivation to have multiplayer experience is good! If you play alone, you will have to read your thaumanomicon, think what to chose, and use your brain, and on a server, you can just ask someone to share experience in wizardry. You can hold your "Research Pages" with discovery description, until you unlock all the different pathes, and chose one, that you like more. It's just absolutley NO fun to race with your friends on a server on who will unlock all the stuff faster, cuz most of people remember all the research aspects after first time. Yes, it's fun when you are the only wizzard on a server, but there should be wizzard coopiration! And if you are so archivement-hunty and want to catch 'em all, there probably should be an end-game research to allow "Double-Specialization", and research all the things, but it should be DEEP in the research tree, so noone can simply go rush through everything to it, and then research anything you want.

    And about all the "complicated spells and asking people WUT DO ME DO??", one human don't have so many time to make so many spells and archvements, so there should be a few, like 3 times more then now, and they should all be descripted to you, so you don't need to google things like "how do me do magic lazor in da taumkrafft in miencrapht????!!111!1". Thaumcraft does a pretty good job with making player able to play without google, and I think Azanor can do all the chosing your destiny stuff.

    Yes because god forbid some one in this day and age actually have to learn how to do something themselves by doing the evil task of thinking for their damned selves. Or even worse have to preform the pagan ritual of reading. We can't have any of those elitest tasks being preformed in this game.

    And no mod should try to force people into a certain play style. MInecraft is not CoD. The main draw of it has never been the actual multiplayer aspect. This is why PvP is sub par, and why every other system in the game is balanced based on the single player experience first. And Thaumcraft is not a mod designed specifically for multiplayer.

    Quote from tubera

    Many single player games use specialization choices. There is absolutely no reason why minecraft should be different, you already make specialization choices by choosing which mods you install.

    I can give a perfectly valid reason. Right here and now.

    Minecraft is a sandbox game. Which allows you to do anything you want. And is not a narrative driven game where choosing a specialization is important.
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