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    posted a message on Challenge - Tree Spirit
    This is a novel idea. I like it much better than the 404 challenge or something similar. I'd really like to make the tree... a tree. I've seen pics of people just building large wood houses. Off to the seed generator.

    Seed: Tree Spirit
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    posted a message on League of Legends
    Hey all,

    Any Minecraft players play League of legends? Personally, I play LeBlanc and Xin Zhou.

    If you don't Know: It's a free RTS game which prioritizes teamwork. 5v5 or 3v3 for most matches. What I like is that it doesn't give any power advantage for people who pay. Sign up is free if you'd like to give it a try.

    If anyone is interested in playing here's a link to sign up:
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    posted a message on The Sky Lagoon [Beta 1.5.2 version]
    Went to the Sky Lagoon looking to build something. After I passed all that snow to find this incredible landscape I thought. I'm going to build a temple to a greek god. So I started, but I didn't know which god I'd dedicate it to. Then a lightning bolt hit me:


    I'm going to travel around building more in cool places.
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    posted a message on ◄ The Plague: Reborn™ ►
    Minecraft Username: lauesa
    Age: 21
    Gender (Male/Female): Male
    Country of Residence: USA

    Your Character's Background (Roleplaying)(5 Sent. Min.): After hearing after the outbreak, Master Lauesa (Law-E-sa) came down from the highlands, wielding his sword to deal with the menace. Rob Roy, his friend and master, had fallen as the menace spread to the Northern reaches of England. As the highlanders fell to the hoard they rose. Seeking a calmer place, Lauesa moved south to the heart of England, hoping they had found an answer to the menace. His sword and bow were strapped to his back, and on the horizon stands the castles of his long remembered foe. Now friend?
    An Image of your Character (as you imagine them): A tall, muscular man. His head and mouth are covered with a black rag to prevent the smell of death. He is a quiet man with little to say with anyone, but those he trusts.

    Why do you want to join OUR server? (3 Sent. Min.): I love zombie movies and games. I've played several survival servers and this one has an interesting premise. Minecraft with a hardcore idea like this seems to be truly great.
    What can you bring to the community? (2 Sent. Min.): I can bring fun and respect. I enjoy working with a team to fulfill a goal, and I think this type of play brings a community closer.

    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No): No
    Will you be active on our Ventrillo (Yes/No): Yes, I'll listen in and type.

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No): Yes
    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No): Yes
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Yes/No): Yes
    Have you downloaded and installed our custom texturepack? (Yes/No): Yes

    Any other information you would like us to know about you:

    Do You Have a Referral, if so who? (Leave blank if none):

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    posted a message on Minecraft Nations [PvP] [Large Scale Warfare] [Teamspeak Reccomended] [Active Community & Responsible]
    Did you register at our website (MANDATORY)? Yes
    In Game Name(CaSe-SENsitIVE): lauesa
    Age: 21
    Location/Time Zone: CST
    Choose Your Nation: Kirishi Empire
    How could you contribute to the community?: By actively participating in the dynamics of the server and the nation.
    What real life skills to do you have? Your profession?: I'm currently a student working on two bachelors degrees: History and English
    What other servers have you played on?: PAOW, The Nations, etc
    How often can you play?: daily
    Do you have a mic/teamspeak? If not, are you able to get them?: Yeah, I have both, but I have a roomate with odd hours so it'll be difficult to get on sometimes.
    Any extra info you want to give us: This server sounds like a great idea.
    Did you make sure that your forum name is your minecraft account name? (If not change it here http://minecraftnati...rea=displayname ) : Yes
    Can you think of any loopholes or problems with the documentation? List them if so: Reliability of Mods, but beyond that I can't think of anything fundamentally wrong.
    Do you understand that this server is community run and is completely 100% funded by players like you?: Yeah. If there server lives up to its ethos, I'd love to help out.
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    posted a message on An SMP Map Project: Capture the Flag!
    Google: Bukkit War Mod
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    posted a message on Corrupt a wish MINECRAFT VERSION
    Granted, but the update corrupts all saved worlds.

    I wish we could hide names in SMP.
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    posted a message on [Open Source, Abandoned] Pchan3's Mods
    Make this... It must be done.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Mine Guardsmen || Better Zombies and Skeletons
    Perhaps you could denote a patrol path like the delivery man of Minecolony does. If I build a gatehouse and want the gate patrolled at night I could put a 1 on one side and a 2 on the other. He would then walk back and forth till he is challenged.

    Any chance of archers?
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    posted a message on [Project Art of War] The Armageddon Knights (hiatus)
    In Game Name:
    Tell us a little about yourself:
    Working on two bachelors degrees, English and History. I'm interested in tactics, traps, warfare of the ancient world. Which basically translates to Minecraft. I'm not a grammar nazi, standardized spelling was a relatively recent invention. I want to hang out and play with friends on a game I really enjoy.
    Have you joined Project Art of War? If so, how long have you been a member?:
    Just applied, I hope to be accepted soon.
    Have you been banned before?:
    Why you want to join the clan:
    I like the concept of intermittent outposts aside from a main fortress that can be used to expand influence over a region.
    Will you establish an outpost?:
    Yes, or if no more are needed I'll help maintain an outpost with someone else.
    If you didn't answer the above question, what can you contribute to the clan?:

    What role are you planning to take on?:


    I was just accepted.
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    posted a message on ☼Project Art of War☼Organized war server|Tournements|125Slot
    In-game name:
    Country you live in:
    Where did you hear about this server?:
    Browsing Survival-Beta Forum
    Why do you want to join this server?:
    I wanted a server where no one has superpowers and gives things to their friends and where I can actually play the game.
    Did you read my post through?:
    Yes, *cough*Cupcake*cough*.
    Experience in Minecraft?:
    SP for 6-7 months, then I tried a few online servers that fell through due to corruption.
    Banned before?:
    Tell us about yourself:
    IRL I'm working on two bachelors degrees. I've always liked minecraft for the reason I liked legos as a child, infinite possibilities
    Did you, or will you vote for us each day on
    Yes, if you'd like me to.
    Which rule is your favorite, and why?
    You must NOT perform any attacks in a "Neutral City". - I tried implementing a similar idea in one of my older servers, but it fell through with the server. I really like the idea.
    Have you signed up, and will you be active on our forum/website?
    I will be.
    Are you in a clan already?
    No, I'm not. I wanted to know if I was accepted and begin talking to people before deciding.
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    posted a message on The Nations: The Revolution of Monarchy (Factions,Whitelist)
    Quote from Penguin6412 »
    Quote from kukkeli528 »
    This is the main reason I'm a nomad. Nomads have no loyalty... just to honor everyone. I'm never gonna go on a rampage and destroy a castle or burn down the pirate ship. I'm gonna go look and explore each and even steal from them if i get the chance (done it before) but with the towny mod there's no point in even trying anymore. I might as well just stick to my mining and underground building because returning to the nations capitals is useless to me. If you wanna protect your stuff then bury it or hide it or encase it in obsidian or something. That or maybe LWC with only an allowance of like 1 chest per person or something like that. giving people the ability to store their most valuable items in confidence but not everything they can get their hands on.

    I'm a nomad for much the same reasons Penguin6412. I wanted a server where I could play a survival mode type of game with other people. That means playing with, and against, other people. That means theft. (I'm not condoning large scale destruction.) If someone's got a piece of dirt sitting on top of their box, it's like their not even trying. I hide my stuff through layers and layers of walls and subterfuge. As a nomad, people come after me often because they won't have Towny to deal with. I know I'm not safe, but if I wanted safe I'd play SP.

    If the premise of this server is an almost constant war between nations, Towny defeats the purpose.
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    posted a message on [REQUEST]Hide SMP Player Names
    I was searching forums and came across this request. Any Modder out there think it can be done? It would become a "cannot play without" mod.
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    posted a message on [V1.6.6] MineColony v0.5 (Simple Economy + fixes)
    Quote from rzork »
    zan's minimap works fine

    The farmer doesn't take picaxes.

    Why would he though?
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    posted a message on The Nations: The Revolution of Monarchy (Factions,Whitelist)
    Quote from ticklethis275 »
    Quote from ArcturusLight »
    Cool I'm in!! What's the IP? :iapprove:

    Server is down!

    Though the big sign on the front saying, "Online" is quite misleading.
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