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    posted a message on Rabbits - A mob with a purpose!
    Quote from WoodBlock

    Who would want to drink a potion full of wet rabbit fur?

    I don't really think that it should be fur that creates the potion but something else. I also don't think they should drop carrots, or anything really. I that it would just be cool to have them in minecraft.

    I would drink rabbit fur if it made me jump higher.
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    posted a message on List of ideas
    But, but, but... Sky Dimension :(
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    posted a message on Unbreakable chests or highly durable chests
    Pick a random patch of ground and bury your chest.

    No one will ever find.
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    posted a message on There shall be WAR!
    Quote from Jusey1

    Just wanna say I'm against guns in general, including muskets, cause I find Minecraft as a fantasy game, not a steampunk game, modern-life game, or futuristic.

    I would totally and honestly quit Minecraft if guns are officially added actually...

    I already quit Fable when they did same stupid crap with Fable II.

    So you're fine with the TNT, Redstone and all that other stuff.

    But as soon as somebody uses gunpowder in a logical way you flip a table and quit?
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    posted a message on Play w/ Kinect
    I would probably use occasionally if I had kinect.
    Half support.
    I suppose if you have trouble you could just have the controller in your hand.
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    posted a message on MCX360: Skyrim Mash-Up Comes Out Today!
    Did somebody steal your sweet roll?
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    posted a message on Guns...nuff said.
    Quote from EnderRulesMC

    Minecraft is more of a medical game, and guns would not fit in to MC. If you want guns, buy the PC version and get ferullo's gun mod. (or something like that.)

    Sorry. NO SUPPORT.

    Flint locks were a specialist weapon bearing their heads during the end of the medieval times.
    You could think of them as an anti tank weapon almost considering their use against heavy only armoured soldiers.
    Even though things like lever action rifles and revolvers were easily available by the time we saw TNT come to be I'd say flintlocks are the most advanced firearm I'd like to see.
    If we see anything like guns in a texture pack then please 4J make a new item that isn't a retextured bow.
    Quote from Apathy

    Guns would kill the minecraft vibe imo. Plus, this game Is rated E. They jump the gun when it comes down to things like this.
    sorry man, no support

    Explosives, burning, drowning and being hacked to death are less violent than being shot? Wow, the Geneva Convention means nothing.
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    posted a message on aliens?
    To put it as softly as possible No.
    Or atleast not the ones you describe.
    You could think of endermen as aliens if you want though, they're from a different dimension.
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    posted a message on Realistic Water X1
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix

    Wow, it's like people are taking the bad suggestion examples in my pinned topic and posting them here....
    Two in one day, forums, well done.
    If you mean what I think, then no. Realistic water would end up causing quite a bit of lag.

    #1 have a sense of compassion
    #2 he/ she said on Xbox one which is easily capable of supporting such features.
    Water shaders would be the best IMO they should have a texture pack available from the get go with advanced shaders and textures.
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    posted a message on Inter-Swapping Duel Wielding.
    Quote from Goodcreeper64

    This would help a lot as I'm mining,because zombies and creepers always catch me off guard

    It should be enabled as a option

    Yes, options are always for the best.
    Many people don't like the smallest of changes to gameplay *cough* *BloodyPhoenix* *cough* *cough*
    I like many might like the prospect of my/ others ideas, but I can't exactly be sure untill it's in the game physically so I can see how it really works, just like some more negative people can't be sure either *cough* *cough* BloodyPhoenix *cough*
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